Screen reader

Screen Reading Options

Built-in speech-to-text features come with most computer operating systems (Windows, Mac or Linux). Unfortunately, other than Mac OS X's VoiceOver these programs don't offer a complete solution for those with low vision or other assistive issues. 

If you are blind or partially sighted and in need of an effective program for accessing Web browsing, word processing and other programmes, a screenreader may be suitable.

Google Chrome is compatible with many commercial screen readers and magnifiers, such as JAWS (version 12 or higher) NVDA, or Mac VoiceOver. For best results, we recommend one of these options over a Chrome extension or plugin. Further information on Chrome and accessibility can be found on the Assistive technology support Chrome group, or Google's page on accessibility

If you are using Firefox and none of the above options are appropriate for you, the Fangs addon can be downloaded for free from the Firefox extensions library.

Safari for Mac has a text-to-speech plugin listed under the Services menu. To use it, highlight the text you want read aloud and click “Start Speaking.”

For Windows systems, Microsoft Narrator can be used instead of any of the commercial programs listed above.

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