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Academy Councillors 2020/21

Reception Class
Aaron and Dylilah
Year One
Emily and Oscar
Year Two
Isaac and Eleanor
Year Three
Lilly and Awesome
Year Four
Tyrese and Amelia
Year Five
Kyra and Jackson
Year Six
Kayden and Chloe


April 2021

We have had an academy meeting and we discussed well-being and what we could do to help others with their well-being. We had lot’s of great idea’s and one of the idea’s was to create well-being posters. 

Once they were made,  they were taken down to the residents of St James’ House. 

In our next meeting, we will be looking at how we can do more to help well-being for everyone.

Our Christmas Cheer Idea

November 2020

We have had an academy meeting and decided that it would be a nice idea to bring some Christmas joy to the residents of St James’ House. Our councillors had some great ideas of what we could do as a school to do this. These are some of the ideas, making Christmas cards, sending virtual hugs, making a video with special messages on for them and more. Each class will create something that we can give to the residents and this will hopefully bring them some much needed Christmas cheer. 


December 2020

Every class made a little gift for each resident in St James’ House. Here are some photos of some of the work produced and also the residents receiving them. We had lots of fun creating our very special gifts. 


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