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Design and Technology Curriculum.

The subject lead for Design Technology at Darwen St James is Miss Sanders.

Design & Technology in the Summer Term 2021

Key Stage 2 are busy working on their Design and Technology projects this term.

Year 3 - Moving Story Books

Year 4 - Light Up Signs

Year 5 - Moving Toys

Year 6 - Fairground Rides

Design & Technology in the Autumn Term 2020

In the Autumn term, we were all busy working on our Design and Technology projects!

Year 1 - Moving Minibeasts

Year 1 explored how to construct a sliding mechanism, a lever and pivot mechanism, and finally a wheel mechanism. They then applied their knowledge and understanding to design and make a moving minibeast picture for an author who was writing a book about minibeasts.

Year 2 - Fire Engines

Year 2 learnt all about fire engines. The class explored modern fire engines and their features, and explored, designed, created and evaluated their own model fire engine using wheels, axles and chassis. This fitted in with Year 2’s History topic ‘Great Fire of London’ by also looking at 17th century fire engines.

Year 3 - Seasonal Stockings

Year 3 got ready for Christmas! The year 3s developed and used their knowledge and skills by using a variety of sewing techniques. They joined and decorated fabric in order to design and make their very own Christmas stocking!

Year 4 - Making Mini Greenhouses

Year 4 children became aspiring engineers and architects with this fun DT scheme of work!

Children in Year 4 found out the purpose of a greenhouse and how it works, before they moved on to exploring how structures like these can be made stable, and what materials would be the most appropriate to use. Children then applied this knowledge and understanding when they designed, made and evaluated their very own mini greenhouse!

Year 5 - Funky Fashions

Year 5 took a look at how textiles are used in the fashion industry. They were challenged to design, cut, stitch and decorate a stylish drawstring bag!

Year 6 - Building Bridges

Year 6 investigated types of bridges and the structures that support them. This topic included lots of practical activities with a challenge for the year 6s to build their own bridge.

Using readily-available materials such as card, paper or art straws, children explored ways in which forces act on bridge structures, how they are constructed and how they are strengthened. 

Working well as part of a team was crucial, too – as children got to grips with designing, making and evaluating a variety of bridge designs!

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