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EYFS Learning In Autumn 2.

In Nursery this week we have been exploring the Gruffalo story. The children created a house for the Gruffalo to live in. Using the blocks to balance on top of each other and make them secure. As a group we discussed where the other characters lived when looking through the book. 

On this weeks welly walk, the children have  even collecting different sticks to create their own stick man. We compared the sizes and discussed the different textures of the sticks. Some of the children were very interested in the moss that had grown on some of the twigs.

Reception Class had lots of fun playing swat the graphemes, this game is great for helping the children identify the different graphemes they have been learning in phonics.

Expressive Arts – Mixing Colours

Nursery have explored primary colours, blue, red and yellow. The children watched what happened to the water when it was mixed with another colour. The children were then able to mix their own colours together in the water tray to watch the colours change again.

Expressive Arts – Vincent Van Gogh

The children in Reception have been learning about Vincent Van Gogh. Here are their representations of his Starry Night painting. They expeimented with bold brush strokes and swirls.

Lots of fun and learning happened in EYFS over our first half term, take a look!

Reception Class have been identifying initial sounds in words.
Reception Class have been blending CVC words.
Reception Class have been writing the graphemes they know.
Pre-School have been learning all about community helpers.
Reception Class have enjoyed their guided reading sessions.
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