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Music Curriculum.

The subject lead for Music at Darwen St James is Miss Lawson.

Music is a highly valued aspect of the curriculum at Darwen St James. Our music curriculum engages and inspires children to develop a love of music and showcase their talents as musicians.

Our music curriculum is divided into six main steps throughout the year and children focus on a specific genre each half term. The activities and games cover the music dimensions through singing and playing instruments, and listening and creating music which is based around a specific song. Children have the opportunity to play tuned and untuned instruments and develop an understanding of musical composition.

We follow the Charanga Musical School programme. Each Unit of Work comprises the of strands of musical learning which correspond with the national curriculum for music:

  1. Listening and Appraising
  2. Musical Activities
    a. Warm-up Games
    b. Optional Flexible Games
    c. Singing
    d. Playing instruments
    e. Improvisation
    f. Composition
  3. Performing

As an Academy, we equip pupils with the necessary skills to apply their learning within the curriculum and beyond through enrichment opportunities that naturally shapes their character muscles and prepares our pupils to play active roles as citizens now and in the future. In particular, there are a number of opportunities for children to perform as part of  our Academy choir.

Festive Showcase

Makaton Christmas Songs!

Due to Covid-19 rues we have been unable to sing, so instead we ave learned a Makaton song, that all children can appreciate and enjoy.

Reception Class.

Year 5.

Year 6

Great news! We were informed that we could now sing, so pleas enjoy each classes Christmas song.

Reception Class

Year 6

Charanga Autumn 2 Showcase!

Music week and showcase WC 19/10/20

Throughout the week all the classes participated in completing their Charanga unit for Autumn term 1.

Then each class showcased something they had learnt from listening and appraising, using sign language, improvisation, body percussion and using instruments.

Check out the videos and photographs!

As you will see all the children, including the teachers had a fantastic time.

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

Whole School Music Showcase

Receiving our Artistic Expression Award at The Last Choir Singing, 2019.
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