Image of Picture News: Is it Fair to Judge Others on First Impressions?
23 May

Picture News: Is it Fair to Judge Others on First Impressions?

In Picture News today, Reception were learning about a girls' football team who won a tournament against lots of boys. This had been unexpected so the children talked about how we should not judge others because of what they look like. They learnt about the British values that everyone is equal to each other.

Image of Reception Class - A Music Lesson at the Church!
8 May

Reception Class - A Music Lesson at the Church!

Whilst visiting our local Church, we decided to have our music lesson there. We learnt that during services the congregation like to dance around the Church to a lively song when they give their money, so we also danced around the Church! Then the children enjoyed playing the African drums, shakers and tambourines to "King of me!"

Image of A Visit to our Church for our RE Unit on Special Places.
8 May

A Visit to our Church for our RE Unit on Special Places.

As part of our RE unit on Special Places, Reception visited our local church. Rev Kev was there to show us around and the children enjoyed spotting all the crosses in the church. They could also see the font that is used to baptise babies, all the silver cups for communion and a beautiful stained glass window with a picture of Jesus .

Image of Reception Class - Parent Lunch
22 Nov

Reception Class - Parent Lunch

Reception Class enjoyed lunch with their parents today. Thank you for coming, the children were so excitd to share their lunch with you. We will be holding regular parent lunch opportunities over the year for all classes, please keep an eye out for your turn!

Image of Reception Class -Acting out a Story
9 Nov

Reception Class -Acting out a Story

In Reception Class we have been acting out the story of Owl Babies. The children took on the role of different characters, repeating familiar phrases from the story.

Image of Reception Class Pets
15 Mar

Reception Class Pets

Reception Class have had great fun learning about the different pets that their friends and teachers have. We have learned lots of new vocabulary and applied our phonics to write about the pets. If your little one is in Reception and they have a pet, please send a photo via Dojo so we can add them to our wall.

Image of Harold the Giraffe Visit
24 Feb

Harold the Giraffe Visit

This morning, Reception class has had two very special visitors. Steven and Harold from 'life education' came to teach us all about our bodies, our emotions and self care. The children loved learning about a few of their internal organs and what they do to keep our bodies functioning and healthy. We also discussed who we would talk to if we felt sad or unwell and how we could improve our mood by doing different activities. The children also looked after Harold by brushing his hair and brushing his teeth, making sure that he is ready for the day! Harold ended our session by singing a wonderful song all about emotions. I'm sure your little ones will have lots to tell you about Harold and what they have learnt when they get home!

Image of Reception RE - The Wise and Foolish Builders
22 Feb

Reception RE - The Wise and Foolish Builders

This afternoon, some of Reception class have been exploring the story of 'The wise and foolish builders'. The children worked together to build two houses, one on the sand and one on solid ground. Once they had finished building I told the children that we were going to pour lots of water on top to mimic the storm in our bible story. They were very excited about this! But first we made our predictions on what we thought would happen to each house. They all thought the house on solid ground would be the strongest and the house on the sand would fall! So we put their predictions to the test! And sure enough the house on the sand did fall down, it wasn't strong at all. Meanwhile the house on solid ground didn't budge!

Image of Pre-School - Jasper’s Beanstalk
20 Jan

Pre-School - Jasper’s Beanstalk

We have had a very busy week in Pre-School exploring and learning. We have been reading Jasper's Beanstalk and have been taking part in lots of different activities. We even created our very own beanstalk and made our own Jasper the cat masks.

Image of Pre School - Goldilocks and the 3 Bears
13 Jan

Pre School - Goldilocks and the 3 Bears

This week in Pre School we have been looking at Fairy tales, the story we chose was Goldilocks and the three bears. The children came into a crime scene on Monday and had to investigate what had happened. As the week has gone on we have been learning about size and developing our cutting skills.

Image of 2’s Room - Exploring
11 Jan

2’s Room - Exploring

This week in Nursery, we have been having lots of fun painting, creating, looking at books, making loud and quiet sounds with the instruments and singing lots of songs together.

Image of Two’s Room Fun and Learning
11 Nov

Two’s Room Fun and Learning

We have had a fantastic week learning all about people who help us and also Remembrance Day. We took part in a two minute silence today to remember those who fought for us. We have made beautiful poppies and even created a wreath to put on our war grave up at Darwen cemetery. We have had a fantastic week with lots of learning and fun.

Image of Reception - Phonics
26 Sep

Reception - Phonics

This afternoon in phonics Reception have been practising writing their graphemes and names, this is something they will do every day. They will be talking about print going from left to right, using the dot on our board to help them. They will also be looking at holding their pens properly.

Image of Reception Class - Junior Jam!
13 Sep

Reception Class - Junior Jam!

We had a very exciting morning in Reception today as we had three new teachers join us from Junior Jam! Miss McDonald is our new music teacher. The children practiced playing the glockenspiel, listening to the high and low pitches that the instrument made. Mr Miakukila will be teaching us French this year. The class practiced how to say 'hello' and 'goodbye' today! And finally Mr B is our p.e teacher. Today we worked on call and response in Mr B's bean game! The children especially liked being 'jelly beans' jiggling across the playground. Junior Jam will hold these lessons every Tuesday morning, we have lots of fun and lots of learning ahead!

Image of First Week in Pre School
9 Sep

First Week in Pre School

We have been very busy this week, making new friends and taking part in different activities in pre school, including Bible day, British values and Growth mindset. Next week we will be starting our activities for All about me and our families.

Image of Reception Class - Painting Day
5 Jul

Reception Class - Painting Day

Today the children have been exploring and mixing primary colours to see what other colours they could make.

Image of Reception - Science Experiment
4 Jul

Reception - Science Experiment

Yesterday the children participated in a science experiment. We had to choose some materials that would keep Incy Wincy dry. We used water to check if the material was waterproof and discussed the different properties of each item.

Image of 2's Room - Nursery.
8 May

2's Room - Nursery.

We have had lots of fun in nursery over the last two weeks. We have been learning all about different transport and exploring the outdoors. We have had lots of fun playing in our new mud kitchen making mud pies and snail soup! We have been doing some amazing letters and sounds work, dough disco to strengthen our fingers, learning different shapes and lots more.

Image of Storytime in Reception - Every Thursday at 3pm.
1 Apr

Storytime in Reception - Every Thursday at 3pm.

Calling all the grown ups of Reception Class children! Our weekly story and rhyme time will be back after the Easter holidays! Join us from 3pm in Reception Class.

Image of Nursery - The Great Outdoors
11 Feb

Nursery - The Great Outdoors

Nursery have been exploring outdoors as part of their learning through play ethos. The children had a fantastic time and burned off lots of energy!

Image of Reception Class - RE.
2 Feb

Reception Class - RE.

This half term in RE Reception Class have been learning about stories Jesus heard. This week the story ws Noah's Ark. The children created their own loypop stick Arks and colourful rainbows.

Image of Pre-School - Building Beanstalks.
1 Feb

Pre-School - Building Beanstalks.

The children have been building their own beanstalks with the blocks and we have explored what we might find at the top.

Image of 2's Room - Developing Fine Motor Skills
31 Jan

2's Room - Developing Fine Motor Skills

In the two’s room the children have been making marks on the chalk boards and developing their fine motor skills with dough disco activities. We have explored the what’s in the box at singing time and used the puppets to sing.

Image of Pre-School - Planting and Growing.
31 Jan

Pre-School - Planting and Growing.

This week we are continuing with our story of Jasper’s Beanstalk. The children have planting cress today to explore how it grows and what it needs to grow. The children are so excited to see what happens next.

Image of Reception Class - Teamwork and Problem Solving.
6 Jan

Reception Class - Teamwork and Problem Solving.

Reception Class have been accessing activities to get their brains busy and to test their problem solving skills.

Image of Nativity Video Link - Jesus' Christmas Party.
16 Dec

Nativity Video Link - Jesus' Christmas Party.

We are very proud of all of our children that have taken part in the KS1 nativity last week, As promised here are links for you to watch the performance. I am sure you will enjoy them as much as we did. Well done to them all!

Image of Nursery - Learning Through Play
15 Nov

Nursery - Learning Through Play

The 2's room and Pre School have been learning new skills through play, including turn taking, learning new vocabulary and developing their physical skills.

Image of Nursery - People Who Help Us
15 Nov

Nursery - People Who Help Us

We have had a fantastic week in nursery. We have been learning all about people who help us. We have looked at police, doctors, postal workers and dentist. The children have had lots of fun doing different activities.

Image of Reception Class - Name Writing
9 Nov

Reception Class - Name Writing

Reception Class have been working hard to write their names, including forming their letters correctly.