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Welcome to Nursery!

Nursery Sports Day July 2021

We have had lots of fun taking part in sports day today. We enjoyed doing all of the fun activities. We had races, goal shooting, throwing balls into the hoop and many more fun things to do.  All of the children tried so hard to do all of the tasks. We are very proud of them. 

Pre School Graduation Party 2021

We have had a wonderful day today celebrating pre school graduation! We had fun playing pass the parcel, dancing, musical statues, musical chairs and lots more.

We had our graduation celebration and we were joined by Miss Peckson, who gave out the special gifts and certificates. We are so proud of each and everyone of our children and we will miss them lots! 


Having fun in nursery 02.07.2021

We have been having lots of fun in nursery. We have been learning all about different sea creatures. We created our own sea creatures using lots of different materials.

We all got in the football spirit and dressed up in our sports clothes. We made England flags and created football pictures.

We have been learning all about opposites. We had big and small, loud and quiet, tall and short and lots of other opposites. We learnt all about looking after our teeth and why this is important. We created our own dirty/clean teeth picture and even used a toothbrush to clean the teeth. 

We have had lots of fun in nursery and we are looking forward to having lots more fun in the next two weeks. 

Exploring the outdoors 16.06.2021

In nursery, we have been having lots of fun exploring our outdoor area. The sun has been shining for us and this has enabled us to have even more fun! We  have been riding on the balance bikes and trikes. We built our very own pirate ship and we even walked the plank! We made a pirate flag for our ship too. 

We have a washing line with numbers pegged onto it. We have been practicing writing our numbers and making marks. We also used water and paint brushes to create marks on the ground. 

We created a reading den and listened to different stories. We drank plenty of water to keep us cool and sang lots of songs together. We have had lots of fun in the sunshine. 


Nursery activities 19.05.2021

In nursery we have be exploring different interests. One of these interests have been, transport vehicles and exploring how they move and work. In the construction area the children made different structures to roll and balance the trucks and cars. The children have been using positional language to describe were the vehicles are under, over, on top and behind in their play.

We have been developing our balancing skills on the bikes and in our P.E lessons and out in the garden popping bubbles. 

The children have loved using the play dough, blocks and tweezers to develop their fine motor skills. Picking beads out of the rice with the tweezers and threading. Building to balance with the small wooden blocks. 

Throughout the week we have used the large buttons to make a pattern or put them into groups by colour.

In the two’s room the children have been busy, exploring spring creating bees and developing their listening skills out in the garden.  We have been planting cress and watching it grow, learning to pour water out of the watering can and taking care of them.  The children have been developing their gross and fine motor skills in P.E and threading tasks.

The children’s interests led to playing with the wild animals and enjoying listening to the story of Dear Zoo. Where we created lion pictures and  played what’s in the box guessing game.

This weeks activities! 23.04.2021

This week the children have been exploring the garden. Developing their physical development skills. Climbing different equipment, learning to ride the bikes and balancing on logs. Popping bubbles and having our P.E lessons outdoors.

Indoors we have used our imagination and created robots and lego dinosaurs. The children have also taken an interest in police so we created badges and wrote on incident sheets. The children then created a jail with the large blocks outside.

Easter Fun! 1.04.2021

Today the children have taken part in a Easter egg hunt in the garden. Finding different coloured eggs with numbers on. As the children were searching the garden the Easter bunny arrived to meet the children and collect some  eggs with them. 

Welcome Back To Nursery!

We have welcomed our children back to nursery and we have had an amazing time. The children are all happy to be back playing and learning together. We have been doing lots of fun activities to promote well-being for our children, including making a den for our outdoor area. We rolled the tyres over to our den and used them for sitting on. We sang songs and read stories in our den. We have had lots of fun outdoors playing in the sunshine and the rain, splashing in muddy puddles!

We have explored the book, Jasper’s Beanstalk. We did lots of fun activities. We had fun creating our own beanstalks using spaghetti and cheerios. We  explored the different sizes of the beanstalk and tried placing them in size order  from small to big. We looked at what our beanstalk would need to have in order to grow too.  

This week, we have been learning all about The Hungry Caterpillar and his journey from being a caterpillar to a butterfly. We had fun learning all about the different foods he ate and we created our own plate of healthy and unhealthy food. We made butterfly paintings and had lots of fun! We have also had red nose day this week and we had so much fun! We dressed up as superheros, made masks and capes. We also created our very own superhero using tissue paper and lots of glue. 

It has been a great start back in nursery and we have all worked hard and settled back in so well. It is so nice to have everyone back together again. 


Home Learning 2021

Celebration Winners of the Week!

This week, we have had lots of fun in nursery. We have added some flowers to our outdoor area. We talked about what flowers need for them to be able to grow and how we look after them. First we poured some soil into the tub and then we made holes with our fingers and planted the plants. We all took it in turns to plant the flowers. We then used the watering can to water the flowers. We will continue to watch our flowers grow over the next few weeks. 

We have been looking again at the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff. We talked about what could have happened to the troll when he was pushed into the water. The children had lots of wonderful ideas. Some thought that the troll went to the zoo, some thought he could have been picked up by a helicopter. We had lots of great ideas and the children created a picture to show what happened to him. 

We looked at sinking and floating in the water tray. We took different objects from around our classroom and tested them to see if they would sink or float. We had lots of fun doing this.

On Thursday it was World Book Day. We could dress up as any word we liked. We had lots of different ideas. We had a fun day making bookmarks and listening to stories. We even had a special story read by Mrs Skinner who was dressed up as an elephant. 

W/C  01.03.2021


Celebration Winners of the Week!

This week, we have been looking at the story, The Three Billy Goats Gruff. We enjoyed listening to the story and doing lots of fun activities. We created our own troll puppet and used our puppets to re-tell the story.  We created a bridge for the goats to cross using different materials and used positional language to show where our troll was hiding.  We have used paint and other materials to create the characters from the story.

On Wednesday, we looked at the song, I lost my sheep! We had lots of fun learning about persevering and how the shepherd did not give up on finding his sheep. We decided that we would take it in turns to dress up as the sheep and hide somewhere in nursery. We had lots of fun finding our friends and we didn’t give up until we found them.

W/C – 22.02.2021

Celebration Winners of the Week!

We have been learning all about Chinese new year this week. It is the year of the ox.  We have enjoyed creating our very own Chinese dragons, which involved folding paper and decorating it with lots of colourful materials. We also made some beautiful fans. We made lanterns by using cutting and folding skills. We created our very own dragon pattern for numeracy and had lots of fun doing it.

On Tuesday, it was safer internet day and we learnt all about how to keep safe on the internet. We listened to the story all about Buddy the dog and Ben. The children enjoyed singing a special song to help them to remember to keep safe and ask a grown up for help. Some of us then drew Buddy the dog and some drew a device and what they like to play on their device. 

To end our week, we made valentine’s cards and we did some Chinese food tasting.

W/C – 8.2.2021

Celebration Winners of the Week!

The children had taken a big interest into spiders this week. We had lots of fun, creating spiders, going on a spider hunt, counting legs and eyes and making our very own busy spider with the play dough. The children explored shapes in maths creating a shape spider. The children enjoyed the story of The Very Busy Spider and discussing the characters in the book. W/C- 01.02.2021

Celebration Winners of the week!

Great effort this week from Hattie-Leigh and Archie.

The children enjoyed another week of The Three Little Pigs. We created some 3D pigs using different pieces of materials. The children made a wanted poster for the big bad wolf. We counted different objects that linked to the pig story and tried matching them to a numeral. We also introduced a rhyming story and words. W/C- 25.01.2021

Celebration Winners of the Week!

                                                                        Well done to Elliot and Catherine Rose!

This week we have been learning about The Three Little Pigs. Creating the three houses the pigs made out of straw, sticks and bricks. Following the tracks that the pigs made to help develop fine motor skills. Engaging with funky fingers tasks and lots of singing. The children have challenged themselves by finding objects that blow away and things that do not move, just like the house of bricks. W/C- 18.01.2021 

Celebration Winners of the Week!

                                                                     Well done to Dante, Aaron and Storm!  

In nursery we have been exploring the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The children have been engaging in different activities to support their learning. Designing the bears, making a new chair for baby bear and developing size language finding items that were big, medium and small.W/C- 6.01.2021 and 11.01.2021

Christmas Celebration 2020

Over the past few weeks, we have been working so hard to make this Christmas special. We have had lots of fun doing different activities. Take a look at what we have been up to.

Merry Christmas everyone!

In Nursery this week, we have been developing our knowledge on mixing different colours and creating circular movements. The children have been introduced to the artist Wassily Kandinsky and we explored his method of using circles to create our own christmas tree art work.

This week the children have enjoyed exploring the Gruffalo story. We have been catching the spiders with the tweezers through the web. Making a house for the different characters to live in, learning to balance the different size blocks. We pieced the jigsaw back together to reveal the Gruffalo! 

Children in Need

The children had a full week of fun in nursery. Building a bear cave and making a map to go on a bear hunt. On Friday we went on the bear hunt to find Pudsey in the garden and created masks.

We have limited availability for this academic year. Please contact us to arrange a virtual tour, places are limited and are allocated on a first come first served basis. We are taking bookings for 2021/22.


We will be sending home 3 reading books per week every Monday. Please read with your child each night and sign their reading record to say you have done so. Please encourage your child to talk about the pictures, and ask them questions about the story. It is important your child brings their book bag to school each day, please check it after every session for any letters.


Our PE sessions are every Tuesday afternoon and Thursday morning each week. Please make sure your child wears trainers or pumps on this day.

Outdoor Learning

As part of the EYFS curriculum, your child will have access to the outdoor environment throughout the day, regardless of the weather. Please end your child to school in weather appropriate clothing, including hats and gloves the colder seasons, and sun hats and sun cream during the warmer months. We believe there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.

Labelling Your Little Ones Belongings

Class Dojo

We use Class Dojo as our main form of communication across nursery and school. All you need to do is download the app on your smartphone or tablet, and type in the code we have given you. Please check Class Dojo on a regular basis so that you don't miss any news or information. We also have a class page that we update regularly, showing you all of the fun things we get up to in class!

Attendance And Punctuality

At Darwen St James our aim is to promote good attendance and punctuality in partnership with parents and carers in Early Years, ensuring that good habits are formed early. Our Nursery morning session begins at 8.30 am and finishes at 11.30 am, the afternoon session starts at 12 pm and finishes at 3 pm. Our full day session is 8.30am - 3.00pm. It is vital that your child arrives on time and ready to learn. If your child is unwell,please contact the school office on 01254 703260 to let us know. Please try and arrange appointments around the school day when possible. If your child does have an appointment during school time, please bring their letter or appointment card into Nursery

Worship Through Celebration

Every Friday at 9.20 am we have our online worship through celebration to celebrate the pupils’ achievements throughout the week. All parents/carers will be invited to join us once the restrictions are lifted. Certificates and a green jumper are awarded to pupils from each class to recognise an outstanding achievement that week. We also clap and cheer for anyone who has had a birthday, which is great fun. We hear about the children who have been representing school in sport or music or any special events and we also hear about children who do activities outside of school like dancing or lifesaving. We also see which class has gathered the most Class Dojo points and who has had the highest attendance. There is lots of cheering and clapping at Our worship through celebration. We have a lot to celebrate here at Darwen St James!

Toilet Training Information

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