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PE Curriculum.

The subject leads for PE at Darwen St James are Mrs Heald and Mrs Simms.

Blended Learning

We have been fortunate to set up a Sports Festival with Sports Inspired to end our term. The children in all classes, and some at home, enjoyed a full afternoon of physical activities including:

  • Stretching
  • Multi-sports ball skills
  • Martial Arts
  • Multi-sports games

As part of our work with the teams at Sport Inspired, the children take part in a weekly virtual sports session which takes place each Friday.

All children in school join in a 45 minute stretching session and those at home who want to join in do so online too. 

What a great way to help keep the children active whilst focusing on their wellbeing.

Although we have some children working from home at present whilst others are in school, PE and physical activity is  playing a vital role in our teaching and learning; particularly to promote children’s mental health and wellbeing. 

The children in school are continuing with their weekly Ipep lessons and some classes are supplementing these with daily wake and shake sessions or mindful activities such as yoga.

At home, we have also been using the ‘Fitfun’ activities from Sports Inspired, Yoga, Joe Wicks and a variety of Wake and Shake or Brain Break activities. 

Sports Inspired are starting a live online sports club consisting of a weekly virtual, interactive sports session which we will be joining both at home and in school. We will also be participating in their online multi-sports festival in the coming weeks. 

 Why don’t you try some of the activities at home! Click on the images to visit the websites.

Also, Andrew Mercer from Blackburn with Darwen has sent the following leaflet, there are some good links on here for you to try at home.

PE around school during Spring Term


The children in Reception have been developing their ball skills. They have been throwing and catching, bouncing, rolling and pushing

Year 1

Year 1 have also been working on their ball control. They have been dribbling the ball around the cones and practising their aim and throwing skills.

Year 3

Year 3 have been looking at ‘Passing for Possession’ in their iPEP lessons. They have also enjoyed warming up their bodies at the start of the lesson following the online class.

We have 2 PE sessions each week and are using Active Maths and Ipep (Interactive PE lesson planner) at Darwen St James this year. Active Maths is aimed at helping the children embed their mathematics in a fun and creative way. We have taken up the challenge of being more active and this allows us to improve our maths skills and our confidence at the same time.

Ipep ensures teachers deliver high quality PE lessons with its interactive lesson planner and assessment tools. We use this from Reception through to Year 6 for teaching.

Each class at Darwen St James complete the 1 kilometer a day running challenge by running laps of either the Key Stage 1 or Key Stage 2 playground. 

This year, to coincide with this we are completing the Lancashire Active Mile Challenge. The children continue to run their 1K a day to reach landmarks around the different towns. Each landmark they reach awards them stickers for their Class Challenge Diary. The children learn fun facts at each landmark and their aim is to reach all the landmarks around Lancashire by the ned of the year.

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