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PHSE Curriculum.

The subject lead for PHSE at Darwen St James is Mrs Corbally.

PSHE Work Across School

PSHE Mental Health Week 1-7th February 2021

 Year 3 discussed the meaning of the words ‘Mental Health.’

After some discussion we fed back what we thought and then watched a video clip of some primary school children looking after a girl called Jan.

After this we discussed how we could express ourselves through positive means to help keep our minds a happy place. We talked about drawing, dancing and even singing in the shower!

We completed our activity on how we are feeling today. 

Supporting the children’s mental health throughout lockdown has been very important. The children have been able to express themselves through painting and drawing activities, playing games with each other, developing listening skills and talking to each other. We have developed a calming environment listening to relaxation music to help calm our feelings. 

Year 1 children have been discussing friendships in class. Looking at the similarities and differences with their families and people they live with. The children discussed and completed a activity to see if this was different to their friend.

In Reception class the children have been developing their relationships with their peers. Engaging in games and learning to take turns and sharing. Building on communication skills and learning from one another. The children are learning to be respectful of other children’s feelings and work together.

In Nursery we have been developing our understanding of our feelings. Using the emotion monsters we expressed how we feel and discussed why we may feel that way.

Year 6 PSHE task

In Year 6 the children have been discussing their feelings regarding the news. The children looked at positive and negative comments and how they can make you feel.

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