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Welcome To Reception Class!

Reception Class Induction Video - Monday 7th June 2021.

Red Nose Day 2021.
Children In Need - Nov 2020.
Christmas Party - Dec 2020.


This year we are starting to allocate home reading books online. These books are exciting and fun and help children practise their phonics sounds that they are learning in school. The books are both fiction and non-fiction books. Every child has their own login so can they can access the reading at home! Please click the lion below to access your child’s reading book.

Here are some phonics videos to help you and your little one with their reading.

Physical Development.

Our PE session is every Tuesday morning and our physical development group is every Friday afternoon, please ensure your child has their full PE kit with them in school. We will send them home at the end of each half term to be washed.

Click here to view.

Welly Walk Wednesday And Outdoor Learning.

We will be running Welly Walk Wednesday every Wednesday afternoon. Please ensure that your child has suitable clothing in school. We will be out in the school grounds regardless of the weather. Please keep an eye on Class Dojo for opportunities to join us on our Welly Walk Wednesday lessons. We learn about the outside world, living things and our local community.

As part of the EYFS curriculum, your child will have access to the outdoor environment throughout the day, every day, regardless of the weather. Please end your child to school in weather appropriate clothing, including hats and gloves the colder seasons, and sun hats and sun cream during the warmer months. We believe there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing

Labelling Belongings.

Please label all of your little ones belongings, this is really important! We encourage the children to be responsible for their own belongings, however our classroom is very busy and it can be very difficult to identify belongigns with no names in them.

Attendance and Punctuality.

At Darwen St James our aim is to promote good attendance and punctuality in partnership with parents and carers in Early Years, ensuring that good habits are formed early. School begins at 9.15am and finishes at 3.20pm for Reception Class and it is vital that your child arrives on time and ready to learn. Our free breakfast club starts at 9.00 am in the school hall, and is available to all of our pupils here at Darwen St James. 

If your child is unwell, please contact the school office on 01254 703260 to let us know. Please try and arrange appointments around the school day when possible. If your child does have an appointment during school time, please bring their letter or appointment card into the school office.

Class Dojo.

We use Class Dojo as our main form of communication across school. All you need to do is download the app on your smartphone or tablet, and type in the code we have given you. Please check Class Dojo on a regular basis so that you don't miss any news or information. We also have a class page that we update regularly, showing you all of the fun things we get up to in school!

Worship Through Celebration.

Every Friday at 9.20 am we have our online worship through celebration to celebrate the pupils’ achievements throughout the week. All parents/carers will be invited to join us once the restrictions are lifted. Certificates and a green jumper are awarded to pupils from each class to recognise an outstanding achievement that week. We also clap and cheer for anyone who has had a birthday, which is great fun. We hear about the children who have been representing school in sport or music or any special events and we also hear about children who do activities outside of school like dancing or lifesaving. We also see which class has gathered the most Class Dojo points and who has had the highest attendance. There is lots of cheering and clapping at Our worship through celebration. We have a lot to celebrate here at Darwen St James!

Green Jumpers.

Green jumpers are given out every Friday at our worship through celebration. If you get a green jumper you must have had an exceptionally great week at school. A green jumper is not just for working hard, but for showing our school values such as friendship, love, hope, courage and perseverance. Maybe you showed an act of kindness when someone was hurt or sad or struggling with their work. Perhaps you didn’t give up with your work even though it was really tricky. Maybe you were a great role model all week or showed courage when something was difficult.  Whatever you did you deserved it!

Our Summer 2 Green Jumper Winners!

Our Summer 1 Green Jumper Winners!

Our Spring 2 Green Jumper Winners!

Our Seeds Turned into Plants! - June 2021

Planting Seeds - May 2021.

Now Press Play - The Weather - May 2021.

Addition and Counting Money - May 2020

Lockdown 3.0!

WC 01/03/21

This Week's Winners!

WC 08/02/21

This Week's Winners!

WC 01/02/21

This week we read The Gingerbread Man, I think it is safe to say that we really enjoyed it too! We have enjoyed playing bingo, creating a story map and decorating our own gingerbread man. At home we have been helping with chores, joining in with blended learning and building cars. We also crossed 2 things off our bucket list, even if we did have to adapt them a little. One thing we wanted to do was visit Hapy Daze, but as this was closed we created our own outdoor soft play centre! We also wanted to visit a farm or zoo so we participated in the Chester Zoo virtual tour. What a busy week we have had!

This Week's Winners!

WC 25/01/21

This week was dinosaur week, and it was a ROARing success!

This Week's Winners!

WC 18/01/21

This week we have been learning about The 3 Litte Pigs. We have explored the feeings of the pigs and the wolf, we have created our own houses and completed a book review. In numeracy we have begun learning bout addition and comparing numbers. RE this week was the story of Jonah and the Whale, we created our own representations of this.
We began our super sentence writing this week,the children did a great job!
Next week is dinosaur week, watch this space!

This Week's Winners!

WC 11/01/21

This week we have been learning about Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. We found out facts about bears and explored different textures in understanding the world. In maths we have been exploring big, medium and small objects.
In Worship we have been discussing what gift we would give to Baby Jesus and in RE we have listened to the story of Daniel in the Lion's Den.
What a busy week we have had, I wonder what we will get up to next week?!

This Week's Winners!

Our Autumn 2 Green Jumper Winners!

Our Autumn 1 Green Jumper Winners!

Christmas 2020.
On this week’s welly walk Reception Class went on a stick hunt. Tomorrow we will be using them to make our own Stick man.
We have been playing swat the grapheme in class. This game is really fun and has helped the children to remember the graphemes they have been learning in phonics.
Comparing Quantities In Power Maths
Exploring Materials – Van Gogh’s Starry Night.
Phonics Fun in Autumn 1!
Learning About Why We Are Special In RE
Exploring The Chronology Of Babies To The Elderly 
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