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Religious Education Curriculum.

The subject lead for Religious Education at Darwen St James is Mrs Simms.


The Christian vision for the academy is ‘to treasure and love every individual, for pupils to have a thirst for learning,
love for life and embrace the future with Christian hope and confidence’. Its mission statement is ‘working together,
to love, to learn, to live’. These two impressive statements of intent are at the very heart of the academy’s work.
Pastoral support through Christian love and care is exemplary. 

SIAMS Inspection Report 2017

It's Christmas!

Rob, from St James’ Church, came to school to talk to the children about Advent and Christmas. He met with each class from Reception – Year 6, answering questions and spreading the news of Jesus’ birth in such a beautiful way. He also explained to the children what a Christmas cracker symbolises – the Crown represents Jesus as the King of the World, a toy represents the gifts given by the Three Wise Men…

The children thoroughly enjoyed Rob’s visit and learned some important facts too.

RE around school during Autumn Term 2

RE in Nursery

The Good Samaritan

The children in Nursery have been learning about the Bible story ‘The Good Samaritan’ and thinking about what a good friend looks like. They then thought about their friends in class why they liked them and what makes them a good friend. 

This links to our School Value – Friendship

Advent and Christmas

The children have been learning about Advent and Christmas. They have spent time learning the Nativity story and the names of the characters. They have also learned some lovely Christmas songs, including Away in a Manger and a special Makaton song too. Have a look at the videos on our Music page. 

RE in Reception


The children in reception have been learning about how and why Christians celebrate Christmas. The have explored our Chatterbox, looked at the different characters and sequenced the story.


The Reception class have been learning about the Hindu festival of Diwali. They watched a video showing how Hindus celebrate Diwali by spring cleaning their homes, wearing new clothes, exchanging gifts, decorating buildings with lights, watching firework displays and drawing rangoli patterns on the floor. The children then chose their own rangoli pattern to decorate with coloured rice.

How does the Church celebrate Christmas?

Rob came into school to talk about Christmas. He asked the children questions and re-told the Nativity story. He then spoke to the children about the Christingle service and what the different aspects of the Christingle represent.

He finished by talking to the children about how the Church will be celebrating Christmas this year; with Mary and Joseph travelling around the streets on a donkey whilst talking to people in the local community and singing Christmas songs. They are encouraging people to dress up based on different people from the Nativity then ending with a Christingle service outside the Community centre.

RE in Year 2

Christmas - Why was the birth of Jesus such good news?

Year 2 have spent a lot of time this term thinking about the importance of Christmas and what it means to Christians. They have been focusing on the question ‘Why was the birth of Jesus such good news?’ They have also learned about how Elizabeth also had a son called John and wrote an e-mail to Zechariah. They ended this unit by thinking about Angels, what they are and what they look like.

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