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S.E.N.D at Darwen St James

Miss Tracy Lawson
Special Educational Needs and Disability Coordinator 


Mrs Elaine Gettins
Special Educational Needs and Disability Assistant

A Message From Miss Lawson.

 SEND Report 2021/2022

SEND Policy July 2021

SEND-Policy July 2021

Our Send Local Offer

Local offer July 2021

Further Information and Support.

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Supporting your children during lockdown

As we are now in another lockdown I wanted to share with you some useful links and websites that you can access to gain information on how best to support your SEND child during the lockdown.


Please feel free to ring the school office if you are in need of any advice and Mrs Gettins and I will support you in anyway we can.


Keep smiling and stay safe.

Useful Documents

We are finally out of yet another lockdown and all the children are back in school, which is wonderful to see.

We know that this past year has brought many changes especially to your child’s education.

Below are some useful documents that you can access in order to support your children with things like Speech and Language and Physical Development. 


Motor Skill Activities

Take a look at the activities to develop motor skills.

Jayden and Arthur developing their gross motor skills during one of their sessions.

Try out some of these activities, they will help to develop your motor skills which helps to improve your pencil grip and your writing skills! Click on the links below.

gross motor activity cards

Balloon motor skill





Gross-Motor-Skills-Daily Acitivites




Take a look at the links below which show some of the makaton signs we use in school. Makaton is a visual way to develop communication skills, which helps stimulate sounds and words. The visual way of communicating helps language development, such as putting words together. Makaton helps understanding by giving an extra visual cue to communication.links bewo

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