Stuck by Oliver Jeffers

This week in English, we have been enjoying stories by the author Oliver Jeffers.

Here is one of our favourites called Stuck.

You can enjoy it here:

After we heard the story, we wrote our own stories. Here are some that we wrote at home- prepare to laugh as they are very entertaining!

Alfie’s Story – Stuck

I was flying my kite and a gust of wind blew it high into the tree.

I tried throwing a bucket of paint at the tree but it got stuck!

Then I tried the sink but it got stuck!

And then i tried the house next door and it got stuck!

Then I tried the window and it got stuck! 

Then a big truck was driving down my street so I flagged it down and threw that at the tree!


Ethan’s Story – Stuck

Ethan was playing with his kite and caught it in the tree. It was stuck.

He used the tv remote and threw it at the tree but that got stuck.

He threw his favorite pillow up but that also got caught.

Then he grabbed the mop bucket and threw it up to get the pillow which also got stuck.

Quickly thinking he got his favorite curtains and made a lasso but he was too small to reach the end once he had thrown it up. Then he had an idea he would get his cat, hold her up and she would reach the end of the lasso and everything would fall free. But this didn’t happen, instead the cat climbed the curtains and sat on his favorite pillow. 

Then Ethan threw his bed up which was now stuck with everything else. 

Ethan thought clowns are scary. It will scare the cat out of the tree and she will be free.

The clown was stuck but landed comfortably on the bed. 

Ethan threw his nans house up but now that was stuck with his nana inside.

Finally Ethan found a really big axe that would certainly bring the tree down. 

The blade was super sharp and would easily solve this big problem.

Ethan threw the axe up high landing in the tree freeing his kite.

Ethan was very happy but very tired and it was getting dark. 

Ethan went up to his room but some things were missing…


Damola’s story – Stuck

It all began when Riley got his football stuck on the tree, he tried pulling and swinging but it wouldn’t come off. Then the trouble began when he threw a log of wood to knock the ball but it wouldn’t come down,  then he threw a hammer to get the log down but it also got stuck as well. In order to get the hammer down, Riley got his mum to help get the hammer down but mum got stuck too. He threw the water tank to get mum down but the water tank got stuck too. He threw the church to unstuck the water tank but it also got stuck. He threw the car to bring down the church but the car got stuck too. This was becoming frustrating he thought, he got a chair and threw it up and the ball got unstuck and Riley was happy and started playing with his ball.


Logan’s Story – Stuck

Once upon a polar time there was a little boy called Logan. His coat was stuck in a tree. He threw a ladder,  and chair,  and a computer,  and a box,   a door and  a table. His coat came down  but the tree stayed up!

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