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Wellbeing At Darwen St James.

Miss Earp

Pupil Wellbeing Coordinator

Mrs Mountain

Pupil Wellbeing Assistant

Our Wellbeing Champions.

Mrs Gettins
Miss Davidson
Mrs Corbally
Mrs Adamson
Mrs Mountain

Welling Champions 

Our Academy has a team of five Wellbeing Champions who work together to provide a safe, caring and nurturing environment for all staff. 

Part of the wellbeing team is to support our members of staff in the work environment. 

Two members of the Wellbeing Champions are mental health first aiders and  another staff member is  a coaching mentor, with two years experience. 

Our key role is to ensure that we keep staff members up to date with relevant information and be there when someone wants to talk and voice any issues they may have. As a Wellbeing Champion we are able to signpost guidance on a subject and where to find information that will support them. 

Confidentiality is key to show support and that all issues discussed are handled sensitively. Putting the trust into the Wellbeing Champions is important in order to address the issues that have been raised. All information is anonymous to respect members of staff wishes. 

Achievements and positive comments are given to boost staff morale, along with a staff appreciation board where staff can comment on the support or help they have been given from another member of staff that has put a smile on their face. 

The Wellbeing Champions organise events to build on teamwork to make the working environment a positive place, which then supports home life. 

Building staff morale is very important to our role. Developing a positive atmosphere for all staff to feel comfortable, happy and secure to help them to fulfill their role. 

Questionnaires are developed for staff to voice their opinions and express how they feel so if they are not comfortable addressing issues they may have they can use this method of communication. 

We have drop in sessions that staff can attend as well as ourselves having regular well being meetings.

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