Geography Curriculum

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Geography Work Across School!

Year 4 have been learning all about Italy, a region in Europe this term. This is the fantastic display in their classroom!

Year 6 have collaborated to create a cultural display map of the United Kingdom!

Year 2 could name and locate on a map several different countries in Europe. They could also tell me how many countries there are in total in Europe – 44!


As part of their Understanding the World topic, Reception class have been looking at their houses and homes.  They have been discussing and exploring their own homes, and different types of houses.  This photo shows some pictures they have collected of their front doors!

Year 4

Year 4 are the only class doing Geography this half term, and they have been really excited to learn all about volcanoes and earthquakes!  These photos show some work they have been doing all about the different features of a volcano, and what happens when a volcano erupts!

Year 4 have been hard at work this week designing their own board games which will show their learning all about Volcanoes and Earthquakes.  Next week they're going to make the board games and play them! 

The subject lead for Geography at Darwen St James is Mrs Thompson.