WC: 4.12.2023

Story:The Fagradalsfjall volcano is thought to be the cause of a series of recent earthquakes and Iceland has declared a state of emergency as inhabitants from the nearby town of Grindavik are evacuated.
Question: What is it like to live through an uncertain time?

WC: 27.11.2023

Story:Scientists have found more flowering plants, moss, and algae in Antarctica in the last 10 years than usually grow in 50 years, and the extent of floating sea ice there has hit record lows.

Question: Who is responsible for Antarctica?


Story:Community centres, libraries, businesses, and churches across the UK have been set up as free warm spaces to help provide warmth and companionship during the winter months.

Question:How can we show compassion to others?


Story:  A study, conducted by the government and backed by the Money and Pensions Service, has estimated that around 5.4 million children in the UK do not have the money skills they will need in adulthood.

Question:How important is it to understand money?

WC: 30.10.2023

Story:Kenyan long-distance runner, Kelvin Kiptum, has crossed the line in a new world record time of 2:00:35 at this year’s Chicago Marathon, wearing Nike Alphafly 3 ‘super shoes’.

Question:Should ‘super shoes’ be allowed in races?


Story: The tree at the centre of the world-famous 'Sycamore Gap' on Hadrian's Wall, England, has reportedly been ‘deliberately felled’ on the night of 28th September.

Question:How can we remember things that were important to us?


Story:October is Black History Month in the UK. This year’s theme is ‘Saluting our Sisters’, highlighting the role Black women have played in shaping history, inspiring change, and building communities in the UK

Question:How does change happen?

WC: 02.10.2023

Story:The 2024 edition of the Guinness World Records, featuring more than 80% new and updated records and with a total of 2,638 records, has been released.

Question:Can anyone break a world record?

WC: 25.09.2023

Story:In recent weeks, both India and Russia's space agencies have ​tried to send unmanned missions to the Moon. They were ​heading to the lunar South Pole, which is a less explored ​part of the Moon. 

Question:How important is space exploration?

WC: 18.09.2023

Story:More than 100 schools across the UK have been affected by a potentially dangerous concrete (RAAC) used in their construction between the 1950s and the mid-90s. It’s not just schools affected; more than 30 hospitals are also believed to be at risk, according to experts.

Question:Is a school more than just a building?

WC: 11.09.2023

Story:In Canada, the government in the province of Ontario is set to pass a new law that would make it compulsory for children aged 12 and under to wear lifejackets on boats.

Question: Should lifejackets be compulsory for all on open water?


WC: 10.07.2023

Story:The world-famous Wimbledon tennis tournament is currently underway.

Question:Should you always want to win?


Story:A new UK government campaign hopes to encourage people to ‘respect, protect and enjoy’ the countryside.

Question:Should everyone learn the Countryside Code?

WC: 26.06.2023

Story:  Within the next ten years, people may be able to travel between London and Sydney in just two hours by travelling through space on a sub-orbital flight.

Question:How has travel changed our lives?


Story:Within the next ten years, people may be able to travel between London and Sydney in just two hours by travelling through space on a sub-orbital flight.

Question:How has travel changed our lives?


Story:13-year-old Max Woosey - also known as the ‘Boy in the Tent’ - has recently set a Guinness World Record for the most money raised by camping, after spending three years sleeping in tents.

Question:What is the best way to show your support?


Story:30 years ago, on 30th April 1993, Swiss science company CERN opened up the World Wide Web to the world, free-of-charge.

Question:Has being online changed things for the better?


Story: Blackpool Zoo is looking to hire a team of people to scare away nuisance seagulls - by dressing them in bird costumes.

Question:Should all animals be treated equally?


Story:For the first time since 1998, the United Kingdom will play host to the Eurovision Song Contest and will do so on behalf of last year’s winners, Ukraine.

Question:Do you think music has a positive impact on the world?


Story:The coronation of King Charles III will take place at Westminster Abbey on Saturday 6th May.

Question:How do you choose to celebrate significant events?


Story:An educational television programme for young people, banned from schools in Afghanistan, has been launched by the BBC World Service.

Question:How do you learn best?


Story: Loud siren-like sounds will be triggered on mobile phones on 23rd April as part of a UK Government test of its new emergency alerts system.

Question:Can you prepare for emergency situations?


Story:Schools in earthquake-hit parts of Turkey and Syria have been reopening in the weeks since the devastating earthquakes, many in the form of makeshift tents.

Question:How do communities support each other in difficult times?


Story:Sight loss charity The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, has launched an appeal for volunteers to help raise and foster guide dogs as the Covid 19 pandemic caused a backlog of people waiting for partnerships.

Question:How important are guide dogs for those in need?


Story:Book publisher, Puffin, has announced that stories by famous author Roald Dahl, who died in 1990, are being changed, making them more suitable for modern times.

Question:Should Roald Dahl’s books be changed for modern times?

WC: 06.03.2023

Story:It has been suggested that hazel dormice numbers in the UK have dropped by nearly 80% in almost 30 years and some researchers say people should be more worried for them.

Question:Could you do more to protect your local area?


Story:The government has said that a safe, digital pound is likely to be needed in the future. Users could spend the currency online and for payments made in shops or restaurants in person.

Question:Will the world become cashless in the future?

WC 06.02.2023

Story: The Welsh Football Association has announced that the national men and women's football teams will be paid equally moving forward.

Question:Should men and women’s sports teams be paid the same?

WC 30.01.2023

Story:Brazil's new President, Luiz Inácio da Silva (also known as Lula), has said he aims to reduce deforestation and help protect the Amazon rainforest.

Question:Does the natural world have rights?

WC 23.01.2023

Story: A drink called ‘Prime Hydration’, sold, and promoted by online influencers, has arrived in the UK and as quickly as it arrived, it sold out.

Question: How much control do influencers have over our choices?

WC 16.01.2023

Story:The Repair Café in Wales, believes that because of the cost-of-living crisis, many of us are increasingly repairing, and upcycling items, instead of throwing them away.

Question:Do we throw things away too easily?

WC 9.01.2023

Story: 18-year-old Andrea Spendolini-Sirieix was recently named as a BBC Young Sports Personality of the Year finalist.

Question:Can you learn how to manage under pressure?

WC 3.01.2023

Story: A flatpack wind turbine, invented by then 15-year-old Douglas Macartney from Scotland, has now been developed into a working prototype to help provide power to communities in need.

Question:Should all the energy we use be renewable?

WC 12.12.2022

Story:Nasa officials have recently announced that humans could live on the Moon during this decade.

Question:What would it be like to live on the Moon?

WC 5.12.2022

Story:This year, the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) marks 100 years of broadcasting. Lord John Reith, the BBC’s first boss said the BBC should ‘inform, educate, entertain’.

Question:Are television channels as important as they once were?

WC 28.11.2022

Story:Nurses in the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) union have voted for the union’s first UK-wide strike in its 106-year history.

Question: Are some jobs more important than others?

WC 21.11.2022

Story:  On Sunday, the men’s FIFA World Cup 2022 starts in Qatar and will run until 18th December. It is the 22nd edition of the competition, and the first ever held in the Middle East.

Question:What can football teach us about the wider world?

WC 14.11.2022

Story:Pupils in schools should not be unfairly singled out for having afro hair, the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has said in new guidelines for schools.

Question:Should we ever have to change our appearance?

WC 7.11.2022

Story:Animal rescue groups around the world are seeing a jump in the number of animals being brought to their shelters, as household finances are squeezed.

Question:Should more be done to help rescue pets?


Story:A robot named Ai-Da has become the first robot to speak in the House of Lords in Westminster, London. The robot spoke to the House about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the future of arts, fashion, and music.

Question:Will robots make the world a better place?

WC 17.10.2022

Story:All Lidl chocolate bunnies are to be melted following the Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland’s ruling, agreeing that they are similar to Lindt’s own bunny-shaped chocolate treat.

Question:If we do something wrong, who should decide the consequences?

WC 10.10.2022

Story:Serena Williams, and Roger Federer, who have dominated tennis tournaments all over the world and won 43 Grand Slam titles between them, both announced their retirements recently.

Question:  Should we all aim to be the best?

WC 3.10.2022

Story:Popular dance competition, Strictly Come Dancing, has returned to Blackpool Tower’s refurbished ballroom.

Question:Do we achieve more when there is competition?

WC 26.09.2022

Story:The United Nation's (UN) Secretary General Antonio Guterres has urged the world to help Pakistan, after floodwater covered a third of the country following the heaviest rainfall the country’s seen in decades.

Question:How can we help those in need who are far away?

WC 19.09.2022

Story:A housing association has built Europe’s first virtually plastic-free housing development in the UK, consisting of 12 affordable one-bedroom homes built using plastic-free alternatives.

Question:Could we live our lives without plastic?


Who was Queen Elizabeth ll ?

WC 12.09.2022

Story:The UK is seeing different workers taking strike action, with rail workers, barristers, call centre staff and postal workers all exercising their right to strike over low pay or poor working conditions.

Question: What can we do if we feel something isn’t fair?

WC 05.09.2022

Story:Strictly Come Dancing 2021 winner, Rose Ayling-Ellis, has teamed up with Barbie to unveil their first doll with behind-the-ear hearing aids.

Question:Can toys help us celebrate our differences?

WC 11.07.2022

Story:An island of wet wipes has 'changed the course of the Thames’ river in London. The large island has prompted campaigners to fight for them to be banned.

Question:Should wet wipes be banned?

WC 04.07.2022

Story:Requests to join the Scouts and Girlguiding groups have reached the highest levels for over 80 years, with the Scout Association reporting 90,000 young people currently on waiting lists.

Question:Is it important for everyone to have a hobby?

WC 27.06.2022

Story:A new study, from the University of Montpellier, France, has found that fish species voted less attractive are more likely to be threatened with extinction than their more ‘beautiful’ counterparts.

Question:How important are appearances?

WC 20.06.2022

Story:During a recent conference, huge technology company, Google, announced the introduction of the ‘Monk Skin Tone Scale’ to improve representation in online searches and photo search results.

Question: How can we make sure that everyone is included?

WC 13.06.2022

Story:FIFA has announced that for the first time ever three female referees will officiate at the men’s football World Cup tournament this November in Qatar.

Question:Does sport have a part to play in making the world a fairer place?

WC 23.05.2022

Story: 2022 marks 70 years of Queen Elizabeth II’s service and Buckingham Palace has revealed the celebration line-up marking the Platinum Jubilee that will occur during June’s four-day Bank Holiday weekend.

Question:How important is it for us to have a sense of duty?

WC 16.05.2022

Story:Cereal company Kellogg's is taking the UK government to court over new rules that would stop some of its cereals being put at the forefront of supermarket shelves, due to their high sugar content.

Question:Should you always be allowed to choose your own breakfast?

WC 09.05.2022

Story: Danielle Webb, who is 23 and lives with dwarfism, recently wrote a children’s book and regularly visits schools to help educate others about her condition in a bid to stamp out prejudice.

Question:What makes us unique?

WC 03.05.2022

Story:Chief executive of Tesla and richest person in the world, Elon Musk, has struck a deal to buy social media giant, Twitter. He has raised questions about Twitter’s handling of free speech.

Question:Should we have the right to say whatever we choose?

WC 25.04.2022

Story: Access to a new scheme offering free pet healthcare across 38 European countries, is now available to Ukrainian refugees who have left the country with their pets to avoid the conflict.

Question:Should pets be protected more than other animals?

WC 23.03.2022

Story:The shipwreck of Sir Ernest Shackleton's ship, Endurance, has been found 107 years after it became trapped in ice and sank off the coast of Antarctica.

Question:If you keep trying, will you always succeed?

WC 21.03.2022

Story:Royal Mail has announced that both 1st and 2nd class stamp prices are to go up. The cost of a 1st class stamp will rise to 95p on 4th April. The cost of a 2nd class stamp will rise to 68p.

Question:Is there still a place for letters in today's world?

WC 14.03.2022

Story:  Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is being called a hero by many as he is remains in his country as it endures an attack by neighbouring Russia.

Question:How important is it to show bravery as a leader?

WC 07.03.2022

Story: The BBC has reported that an increasing number of children in Afghanistan are having to work to help support themselves and their families, instead of going to school.

Question: How might your life be different if you weren’t able to go to school?

WC 28.02.2022

Story: Australia has announced that koalas are now listed as an endangered species across most of its east coast, after a huge drop in numbers.

Question:Whose responsibility is it to help endangered animals?

WC 21.02.2022

Story:Following his admission that he attended a socially distanced event in the garden of Downing Street during the first lockdown, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has apologised.

Question: If someone says sorry, should we always forgive them?

WC 7.02.2022

Story:An update to the Highway Code has introduced a hierarchy of road users, which creates ‘clearer and stronger priorities’ for pedestrians to improve safety for pedestrians, cyclists, and horse riders.

Question: Should everyone using our roads learn the Highway Code?

WC 31.01.2022

Story:Queen Elizabeth II has announced a special competition ahead of her Platinum Jubilee in June and the 70th anniversary of her reign on the 6th of February – the Platinum Pudding Competition.

Question:What type of events do you think deserve a celebration?

WC 24.01.2022

Story:Rose Ayling-Ellis, profoundly deaf winner of Strictly Come Dancing, has called for change regarding BSL’s legal status in the UK and said she had spoken to Labour MP Rosie Cooper about her Bill in Parliament.

Question:Should everyone learn sign language?

WC 17.01.2022

Story: Chinese authorities have banned footballers from getting tattoos and instructed national team players who already have tattoos to remove them or cover them up to set a “good example”.

Question:Is it ever fair to judge others on their appearance?

WC 10.01.2022

Story:The $10bn (£7.45bn) James Webb Space Telescope, thought to be one of the most impressive and ambitious, has been successfully launched into space on top of a huge rocket.

Question:Do you think it is important for us to know the history of our universe?

WC 29.11.2021

Story:  Brazil's indigenous people came together at COP26 earlier this month to share their message: the world needs their expertise in protecting the Amazon rainforest to solve the global warming crisis.

Question:Is the world a better place if we live more natural lives?

WC 22.11.2021

Story:Travel company, Expedia, has announced a ban on sales of holidays involving captive marine animals following calls led by public figures such as Joanna Lumley.

Question:Should we be allowed to swim with dolphins?

WC 15.11.2021

Story:Professor Rolf Schwarz, of Karlsruhe College of Schooling in Germany, believes that secure playgrounds prevent young people from finding out important dangers during their early years.

Question: Do we need to experience danger to learn how to be safe?

WC 8.11.2021

Story: A new study published in a science magazine found that in Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique, a rare genetic condition that causes tuskless elephants has become increasingly common.

Question:Should we do more to protect elephants?

WC 1.11.2021

Story:The COP26 climate summit, one of the biggest ever world meetings on how to tackle climate change, is taking place between 31st October and 12th November 2021 and is being held in Glasgow.

Question:What are the best ways to tackle climate change?

WC 17/10/21

Story:This year’s Nobel Prize winners have been announced and include two American scientists jointly winning the 2021 Nobel Prize for medicine.

Question: Is it important for all our achievements and good deeds to be recognised?

WC 11/10/21

Story:  Children’s TV channel CBeebies has hired George Webster as its first ever presenter with Down’s syndrome. The 20-year-old, from Leeds, is an actor, dancer and ambassador for the disability charity, Mencap.

Question:What does a good role model look like?

WC 04/10/21

Story: Encouraging people to use buses more often is to be a central part of the Government’s plan to reach net zero by 2050. New transport stations, called ‘mobility hubs’, will act as a focal point for cyclists, electric car drivers and rail commuters to switch easily between different modes of transport.

Question: What would encourage you to use public transport?


WC 27/09/21

Story: It is estimated that people in Britain are sending over 1.6 billion non-biodegradable face masks to landfill every single month. In Wales, one company is working to turn hospital waste into new masks with 65% recycled materials.

Question: Should disposable face masks be banned?

WC 20/09/21

Story: Following the trail of devastation left by Hurricane Ida, President Biden declared that ‘historic investment’ is needed to deal with the impact of the climate crisis.

Question: How does facing disasters change us?

WC 13/09/21

Story: As people in Afghanistan are now under Taliban leadership following the collapse of the country's government, the UK has introduced a resettlement scheme for Afghan refugees.                                                                                                                                       

Question: How would you feel if you were forced to leave your home? 

WC 6/9/21

Story: At the start of the Tokyo Paralympics, ParalympicsGB launched a campaign to change perceptions of those with disabilities called, Impossible to Ignore.
Question: Can the Paralympics help us become more inclusive of others?