Mr Laurence Upton

Expiry Date Aug 2022 (Rolling basis) , Chair of Governors
Head and Teachers Pay committee, Safeguarding Governor, Nursery Link Governor. Appointed by Cidari.

Miss Francine Smith

Expiry Date Dec 2021, Vice Chair of Governors
Yr 3 Link Governor, appointed via vote.

Mr Andrew Aspden

Expiry Date Aug 2022, Foundation Governor
Health and Safety Governor, Yr6 link Governor, Has registered a pecuniary interest as he owns his own business.

Mr Andrew Gardner

Expiry Date Apr 2023, Has registered a pecuniary interest as he owns his own business.
Foundation Governor, Headteachers Pay Committee, Marketing Committee, Link Governor for Yr1. Appointed via vote. Mr Gardner is married to our School Business Manager, Mrs Ashcroft-Gardner.

Mrs Liz Riding

Expiry Date Oct 2024
Foundation Governor, Headteachers Pay Committee, Attendance Governor, Link Governor for Yr5

Mrs Janaina Raupp Roberts

Expiry Date July 2025
Parent Governor, Inclusion Governor, Link Governor for Yr2, appointed via vote.

Mrs Tara Maynard

Parent Governor, Expiry Date Nov 2023, Vice Chair
Teachers Pay Committee, Training for Governors, Link Governor for Reception. Registered interest when position became available,

Mr Rob McGibbon

Expiry Date Nov 2023
Church Governor, Pupil Pemium and Poverty Proofing Governor, Link Governor for Y4, appointed via vote.

Miss Laura Peckson


Miss Tracy Lawson

Teacher Governor

Mrs Claire Gonzalez

Teacher Governor

Governors Meetings 2021-2022

6/10/21 - Curriculum LGC - In person/School Apologies - Francine, Andrew A and G, Liz, Janaina

1/12/21 - Resources LGC - Virtual

19/1/22- Curriculum LGC - In person/School

9/3/22- Resources LGC - Virtual

27/4/22 - Curriculum LGC - In person/School

13/7/22 - Resources LGC - Virtual

Governors Meetings 2020-2021 

Business meeting Sept 16th 2020 - Apologies - Francine and Andrew A

LGC 18th Nov 2020 - no apologies

LGC 24th Mar  2021- Apologies - Andrew A

LGC 5th May 2021 - Apologies - Francie, Andrew G, Janaina and Andrew A

LGC 7th Jul 2021- Apologies - Francine

Governors Meetings 2019/20

Sept 11th - Business meeting - Apologies - Claire Wilson and Alice Cole

Oct 2nd 2019  - Curriculum mtg - no apologies

Oct 8th 2019 - Resources mtg- no apologies 

Nov 19th - LGC-Apologies - Andrew Gardner, Janaina Raupp, Liz Riding

Jan 29th 2020 - Curriculum mtg - no apologies

Feb 4th 2020 - Resources mtg - Apologies - Andrew A, Francine S

8th May - Virtual mtg - LGC -Apologies -  Andrew Aspden

Jul 1st - Virtual mtg - LGC -  Apologies - Andrew Aspden

Governors Meetings 2018/19 

26th Sept - Business mtg - Apologies - Andrew Gardner

17th Oct - Resources mtg - Apologies - Alice Cole

8th Nov - LGC -  Apologies - Claire Finney, Claire G, Alice Cole

31st Jan - Curriculum Committee - Apologies - Liz Riding, Janaina Raupp

5th Feb - Resources committee - Apologies - Alice Cole

12th Mar - LGC- Apologies - Alice Cole, Andrew Gardner, Francine Smith, Claire G

9th May -  Curriculum mtg - Apologies - Liz Riding

16th May - Resources mtg - no apologies 

19th Jun - LGC - Apologies - Alice Cole, Andrew Gardner, Liz Riding

(Alice on MAT leave)