Worship at Darwen St James

Collective Worship Policy

Worship at Darwen St James’ is integral to our daily academy life.  It is a time that brings us all together, be it remotely, in the hall or as class groups.  We use this time to reflect, discuss, talk to God and praise him through song.

Worship is planned by Miss Peckson, our worship lead and the Worship team have input into the planning and also the delivery of some of the worships.  For our worship overview for this year please see below.  From that document you will see that our worship is planned in themes, which are not value specific. This enables us to focus on all of our values throughout the year in many different ways.

Through Worship we look at our values, bible stories, Christian festivals, world news events and how that relates to God and Jesus, multi-cultural and different faiths festivals, Remembrance and a huge amount more.  Worship is led by all of the teachers at Darwen St James’ who embrace the experience that Worshiping with the children gives them.

This is what our daily collective Worship looks like –

Monday Worship through song.
Tuesday Whole school Worship.
Wednesday Whole school Worship with Rev. Rebecca
Thursday Class Worship.
Friday Whole school Celebration Worship.


Our Worship area in the school hall.

At the start of our worship we say the Trinity and light three candles in the name of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. We then say our opening words together. To signal the end of our worship we say our closing words together as we put out the candles.

As we are a church school each classroom or base has its own worship/ reflective area. Each area contains various resources suitable for the age of the children who use the room. Examples of resources include Bibles or Bible story books, crosses, candles, a book to record class prayers, prayer dice and prayer formats which can be used to write prayers for collective worship.

Classroom Worship Areas

Each of our classrooms has a Worship area.


Prayer At Darwen St James

The Lord’s Prayer.

Our Father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name;
thy kingdom come;
thy will be done;
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive those who trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation;
but deliver us from evil.
For thine is the kingdom,
the power and the glory,
for ever and ever.

Our Action Prayer.

May the grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ,
And the love of God our Father.
And the fellowship of the Holy Spirit,
Be with us all evermore.

These are our prayer cards, available in all of our Worship areas, allowing the chlldren to write their own prayers.

Here are our wonderful Worship team members, these children put themselves forward as something that they wanted to be a part of. The group starts at Year 3 and goes up to Year 6. The children meet with Miss Peckson once a fortnight to go through new ideas, articles for the newsletter, competitions and planning Worships for the school.



Year Three


Year Three


Year Four


Year Four


Year Five


Year Five


Year Six


Year Six

Summer 2022

Creative Worship - 24/5/22.

Our Worship Team planned a fabulous creative Worship for all of School. We took part in the activities they had created for usd and learned al about Jesus and his ascension to Heaven.

Worship Team Meeting 28/4/22

Updated: 03/05/2022 28 KB


Spring 2022

Our Worship Team took us on a journey through Easter today using our senses. They did a fabulous job, well done to you all!

Worship Team Worship through Easter

Updated: 05/04/2022 698 KB


Here are the prayers our Worship team have written and shared during our whole school Worship.



Autumn 2021

Here are the prayers our Worship team have written and shared during our whole school Worship.

Worship Team Meeting Minutes

Updated: 31/01/2022 32 KB
Updated: 30/11/2021 31 KB
Updated: 30/11/2021 28 KB

Worship Team – ABC of Christmas.

On 14/12/20 our Worship Team presented The ABC of Christmas. They did a wonderful job, here is the video so that you can enjoy watching it too!

Throughout the ages, God’s people have gathered before Him in song. Worship music has been and continues to be the enduring and imaginative expression of God’s people in praise, celebration, lament, and longing. There is beauty in the act of a multitude of voices combining in unified glory to God. Chck out our weekly worship songs.

Spring 2 Worship Through Song

Every Move I Make

Sing Sing Sing

Won't Let Go

Way Maker

Our God

Deep Cries Out

Spring 1 Worship Through Song

Every Move I Make


God is Watching Over You

Give me a J E S U S


You Will Never Run Away

Autumn 2 Worship Through Song

Little Donkey

Mary Had a Baby

Away in a Manger

See Him Lying on a Bed of Straw

We Three Kings

Little Drummer Boy

Shine Jesus Shine

Praise Ye the Lord

This Little Light of Mine

Jesus Loves Me

Autumn 1 Worship Through Song


Every Move I Make

Praise Ye The Lord

Harvest Samba

Harvest Song

Deep Cries Out


You Will Never Run Away

My Lighthouse


St. James Over Darwen church is our local church and is just up the road from our academy. We have strong links with our Church, we visit them on a regular basis for worship and celebrations including Easter, Harvest and Christmas. Our Reverand, Rebecca leads our worship every Wednesday. You can contact Rev Rebecca via email [email protected]
Click here to get more information on the work at St James Over Darwen Church