Image of Online Safety - Disney +
7 Dec

Online Safety - Disney +

‘Tis the season for family movie nights  Many parents will be turning to Disney+ for exactly that reason – but how free from #OnlineSafety risks is the House of Mouse’s streaming service? Our #WakeUpWednesday guide delves into Disney+ 

Image of Year 5 French - Snakes and Ladders
7 Dec

Year 5 French - Snakes and Ladders

Year 5 enjoyed playing Snakes and Ladders in French today. When they landed on certain squares they had to make up french sentences connected to our topic on musical instruments. It was wonderful to hear such lovely French accents around the room!

Image of Nursery - Decorating the Tree
1 Dec

Nursery - Decorating the Tree

We have had so much fun today decorating our Christmas trees! We decorated one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The children learnt lots of skills including turn taking and teamwork. They developed their fine motor skills hanging up the baubles. I think you will agree that they both look amazing!

Image of Reception - Scavenger Sort
30 Nov

Reception - Scavenger Sort

Yesterday we went on a scavenger hunt around the school grounds to see what we could find in nature! The children found an array of items including leaves, berries and ice. The children sorted all of the objects into groups before we took a look at our haul! We spoke about why the leaves were on the ground instead of in the trees. What animals may need the berries as a food source. How the ice was formed. Why it is important to put our rubbish in the bin. Reception class did a great job working scientifically and they had lots of ideas and comments about what we had found.

Image of Online Safety - The Online Safety Act
29 Nov

Online Safety - The Online Safety Act

After a lengthy gestation period, the UK Government’s wide-ranging changes to the legislation around digital safeguarding have become enshrined in law as the Online Safety Act. The first of its kind in Britain, the act aims to improve protection for children online and clamp down on illegal material. Regulated by Ofcom, it will primarily impact social media platforms and companies which host user-generated content. The new legislation, however, also carries implications for schools and their staff. Although further developments are expected, our #WakeUpWednesday guide summarises the main points of the act that schools need to be aware of so far – outlining some specific areas that the new laws address and what effect, in practical terms, this will have on education providers.

Image of 2’s Room - Dinosaur Art
28 Nov

2’s Room - Dinosaur Art

We have been very creative today making big dinosaurs together, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. We used natural materials to create our dinosaurs.

Image of Nursery PE - Throwing and Passing
24 Nov

Nursery PE - Throwing and Passing

This week in P.E the children have been developing their throwing and catching skills, passing the bean bags to each other and developing our core strength.

Image of Year 4 Science - Sounds and Vibrations
24 Nov

Year 4 Science - Sounds and Vibrations

In science this afternoon we have been exploring how sounds are made and associating them with vibrations.

Image of Year 6 DT - Bridges
23 Nov

Year 6 DT - Bridges

In our DT lessons we have been learning about bridges. These photos show us investigating how much weight an arch will hold, and also the amazing suspension bridges we designed and created.

Image of Online Safety - Black Friday and Cyber Monday
22 Nov

Online Safety - Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Gone are the days of Black Friday only existing in the physical environs of the high street. Now, both this retail landmark and its sister event, Cyber Monday, see deals and discounts displayed across almost every online retailer. The array of reductions makes this an ideal moment to treat a loved one (or yourself!) to those treasured items for considerably less than their usual cost. The frantic dash for the best bargains online, however, also harbours several risks: chiefly, cybercriminals hoping to exploit people’s excitement and hoodwink them out of their hard-earned cash. Our #WakeUpWednesday has some expert pointers on keeping your both your money and your personal information safe while still making the most of the spectacular sales.

Image of Reception Class - Parent Lunch
22 Nov

Reception Class - Parent Lunch

Reception Class enjoyed lunch with their parents today. Thank you for coming, the children were so excitd to share their lunch with you. We will be holding regular parent lunch opportunities over the year for all classes, please keep an eye out for your turn!

Image of Year 4 Computing - Spreadsheets
22 Nov

Year 4 Computing - Spreadsheets

Year 4 have been busy using spreadsheets to create a budget party using formulas and amending their wish list to their given budget.