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Physical Education (PE) is taught throughout all Key Stages, from Early Years to Year 6. Children in Years 1 to 6 are provided with two sessions of PE per week through either their class teacher or Progressive Sports.Children in Early YEars ave one PE session per week with Progrssiv Sports and lots of other physical development opportunities provided through continuous provision and outdoor play. These sessions follow the overview which explores a variety of sporting disciplines, focusing on the skills needed to be successful and the application to larger, competitive games.

Children are given the opportunity to access a wealth of Physical activity, through their taught sessions, break and lunch times plus extra curricular opportunities. Extra curricular opportunities are both competitive and for enjoyment, with the aim of providing the children opportunities to explore activities they may not have previously had the chance to experience. 


Junior Jam 

Junior Jam teach PE once a week for all year groups. The instructors are specialists, with a passion for their sport which makes the sessions unique and exciting for the children. They cover a range of mainstream sports, from football to gymnastics. 


Progressive Sports

Progressive Sports is a local company who work alongside teaching staff in school to provide the children with high quality PE lessons. The team teach approach enables staff to have access to training on a weekly basis and learn different approaches to teaching mainstream sport from a qualified instructor. 


PE Curriculum 

PE Curriculum

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