The subject lead for PE at Darwen St James is Mrs Heald.

PE Curriculum

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In Nursery, we have had lots of fun doing PE. We have been learning how to follow simple instructions. Finding a space, sitting,  jumping and walking.


Reception Class have really been enjoying our new PE scheme, Get Set 4 PE. 

This half term we have been learning about moving safely and finding a safe space.

Year 1

In Year 1 we are learning ball skills.  We are learning to control the  ball using a racket.  We have balanced the ball on the racket while we have been stood still, while we have been moving and while we have been stepping forward, backwards and sideways.  It was tricky but we persevered.

Year 2

Our topic in Year 2 is Gymnastics and we are looking at balance and co-ordination. We are finding different ways to travel and learning some new balances which we have to try and hold for 3 seconds without wobbling. We are then trying to create our own short sequences using these skills. 

Year 3

In Year 3 our first topic is Gym. Our first lesson was all about moving and changing directions.We focused on three moves which we showed one another. Then we had to do a variety of jumps for our warm ups.We thought about how different animal jumps would look like. We had a lot of laughs!

Year 4

We are looking forward to starting our swimming lessons very soon. 

Year 5

We have been completing work within gymnastics, looking at balancing in a variety of ways. The children have learnt how to create tension in their bodies and then use this to balance more securely. 

Year 6

We have enjoyed being taught gymnastics by a teacher from DACA this half term.