Physical Education (PE) is taught throughout all Key Stages, from Early Years to Year 6. Children are provided with one session with Junior Jam and one session is taught with their class teacher and Progressive Sports. These sessions follow the overview which explores a variety of sporting disciplines, focusing on the skills needed to be successful and the application to larger, competitive games. In addition, EYFS are part of the whole school scheme with Junior Jam which provides them with an opportunity to explore sports whilst Progressive Sports have worked alongside school to develop a bespoke programme which aids to help the children developmentally. 

Children are given the opportunity to access a wealth of Physical activity, through their taught sessions, break and lunch times plus extra curricular opportunities. Extra curricular opportunities are both competitive and for enjoyment, with the aim of providing the children opportunities to explore activities they may not have previously had the chance to experience. 


Junior Jam 

Junior Jam teach PE once a week for all year groups. The instructors are specialists, with a passion for their sport which makes the sessions unique and exciting for the children. They cover a range of mainstream sports, from football to gymnastics. 


Progressive Sports

Progressive Sports is a local company who work alongside teaching staff in school to provide the children with high quality PE lessons. The team teach approach enables staff to have access to training on a weekly basis and learn different approaches to teaching mainstream sport from a qualified instructor. 


PE Curriculum 

PE Curriculum

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Over the course of the Summer term the children have focused on Athletics with both Progressive Sports and Junior Jam. They have thoroughly enjoyed this topic and were sad not to be able to show off their skills at the Witton Park event, which was called off due to poor weather! The children have also worked with Progressive Sports on their teamwork skills in Orienteering, by completing team challenges each week. 

Reception have been getting ready for Year 1 by visiting some of the fundamental skills taught across the year, such as throwing, catching and jumping. 


Year 1 have enjoyed their sessions and work extremely well as a team! 


Year 2 have enjoyed having their first sessions with Progressive Sports, as well as continuing with Mrs Heald too! 


Year 3 have worked as a team to battle against each other to collect items for points- they needed to think tactically as well as quick! 


Year 4 have continued their swimming lessons and ended up a super surprise of Mrs Burges and Miss Meagher joining them in the pool! 


Year 5 have enjoyed working together as a team to compete against each other in relay races. 


Year 6 have enjoyed their sessions with Progressive Sports, demonstrating excellent communication and teamwork. 


We were very lucky to have a Zumba instructor come to school for the day. Each class had their own Zumba session and enjoyed both the dance moves and the music! 

This year we continued to raise money for Sports for Champions who fundraise to help upcoming athletes. We held a day for Matha Harris, a footballer from Birmingham City FC. She joined us for an assembly where she held a training race between staff and children! 

Martha then spent the day working with the children in a fitness class which she uses as part of her training. Everyone had a great time- Martha even managed to play a game of football at break time with years 5 and 6! 

We raised over £900 for Sports for Champions, leaving school with nearly £300 to spend. We are looking forward to setting up a sporty activity in the Autumn term! 

Pre School

The children have been busy developing their core strength, balancing and listening skills in P.E with Tom. The children have been balancing bean bags on their heads and playing bumper cars with the hoops. In sessions we have been developing our fine motor skills with dough disco skills, squashing dough, rolling into a ball and making pizzas.


Reception have been working on their body awareness in PE - climbing, balancing and crawling. We have been learning how to safely move around the hall and how to find a space.

The children have also been practising their ball skills; throwing, bouncing and kicking.

Year 1

This half term Year 1 have been learning about balance and movement.  They have learned how to balance on different parts of their body, travel in different ways and travel along a bench.  The photos show Year 1 playing place the object on the tree and  sitting, standing and walking around without dropping the cone that was on their head!

Year 2

In Year 2 we have been developing our skills in gymnastics. We have been travelling in different ways, balancing, rolling and jumping. We have put together simple sequences in a group and transferred our skills onto the large gymnastic equipment.

Year 3

In P.E this half term, Year 3 have been looking at a range of shapes and movements. To add to this they then added different types of balances to their sequence. To further develop their skills, the children then worked in pairs to create a sequence of shapes, movements and balances.

Year 4

Year 5

Year 5 have been looking at gymnastics this half term. They have been looking at a range of movements to develop into a sequence.They included stationary poses, jumps, travelling and balancing.

Year 6