Our Advent Attendance and Punctuality Extravaganza begins on 1st December and runs until 18th December.

Children who are in school and have arrived on time will have the opportunity to win an advent attendance prize. We are very excited, by this, it will be like a attendance advent calendar! We hope that this will help improve our overall attendance per week.

As well as this, we will be hosting our usual 100% attendance and punctuality, family voucher raffle. However, this time we will be increasing the raffle as not only will families get the vouchers to help with the Christmas treats, but the children themselves will each receive a brand new tablet to keep. We will be drawing our raffle on the 18th Dec 2020, so only 3 weeks to go!

So to be in with a chance of winning all these great prizes, please make sure that your child is in school, every day and that they are here on time.