14 Jun

Y6 Church Visit - Eucharist Service

Year 6 had a great time in church this morning learning all about the Eucharist service with Rev Kev. We helped to set up the church, tried the unblessed wafers to see what they taste like, and then stayed for the service - Rev Kev even asked us to help out with a Bible reading! Well done Mark and Amy! And very well done to all the children, your behaviour was wonderful and so respectful, and I was very proud

5 Apr

Easter Competition.

Our classes have been extremely busy creating their Easter entries for our competition, and what a fabulous job they have done! Miss Earp and Mrs Gettins have had the difficult job of judging the entries and choosing a first, second and third place for each class. The lucky winners will be announced in our Easter Worship tomorrow afternoon.

22 Mar

Y1 - RE - Palm Sunday

Year 1 learned all about Palm Sunday. We talked about Jesus riding on a donkey and the crowd waving palm leaves. We all made palm leaves and acted out the events from that day long ago.

17 Mar

Y5 - RE, The Easter Story

In RE today the children have been looking at versions of the Easter Story and the similarities and differences within them. We looked at Easter Angels, The garden, the cross and the curtain, and a YouTube adapted cartoon. We then discussed if the adaptations showed Easter as a time of victory. The children had some great ideas and worked brilliantly together, demonstrating their teamwork skills from Skills Builder too.

26 Feb

Year 2 RE

In RE this week we have been learning about The Last Supper and how Jesus shared bread and wine with his 12 disciples and washed their feet before he died.

2 Feb

Reception Class - RE.

This half term in RE Reception Class have been learning about stories Jesus heard. This week the story ws Noah's Ark. The children created their own loypop stick Arks and colourful rainbows.

3 Nov

Making Shoes - Y1

Year 1 had a great afternoon making shoes that could have been worn in Jesus’ time.