Image of Year 5 - Holy Communion
16 Apr

Year 5 - Holy Communion

Year 5 enjoyed Holy Communion and then had dinner with Rev Kevin and the congregation at St James' parish.

Image of Easter Competition Winners
28 Mar

Easter Competition Winners

A huge well done to the winners of this years Easter competition! Rev Kev and Miss Greenwood had the difficult decision of selecting 3 winners form each class. We had over 20 family entries too, which was great! Congratulations to those winners.

Image of Year 3 and 4 Easter Performance - Roll Back the Stone
27 Mar

Year 3 and 4 Easter Performance - Roll Back the Stone

Today in Church Year 3 and 4 performed our annual Easter performance in Church today,  Roll Back the Stone.The children told the story of Easter through acting and song, and they did a marvellous job.Thank you to everyone who came along and supported them this morning.

Image of St James over Darwen Church - Easter Activities
25 Mar

St James over Darwen Church - Easter Activities

There are lots of things happening at Church over Easter, check them out here! All are welcome to attend.

Image of Year 6 - Holy Communion
19 Mar

Year 6 - Holy Communion

Year 6 were lucky enough to attend Holy Communion this morning at Church. Behaviour was excellent, and Rev Kev called us a credit to the school! Well done Year 6. Aaliyah did the reading perfectly, even the name of the place Bethsaida!

Image of Pupil Worship Conference
28 Feb

Pupil Worship Conference

Two of our Year 6 pupils attended the Pupil Worship Conference today. They explored Easter story through taste looked at crosses across the world after lunch. Here you can see that we have made an Ethiopian cross. They all look brilliant!

Image of Year 4 - Holy Communion
22 Feb

Year 4 - Holy Communion

Year 4 enjoyed Holy Communion on Thursday. Behavior and respect was impeccable with excellent feedback from Rev Kevin and the congregation at St James' parish.

25 Jan

Minecraft Church

Minecraft Church communities are made up of people of all ages who love meeting up together to play Minecraft, exploring faith in Christ at the same time. There are a number of Minecraft Churches, but there are also resources for those looking to start a community of their own. Rev Kev runs a Minecraft Church at St James' over Darwen, and they recently had a team from the Church of England head office come and make a film about Minecraft Church! Very exciting! Check out the video below, you might recognise some familiar faces!

Image of Y4 RE - Places of Worship Around the World
16 May

Y4 RE - Places of Worship Around the World

Today in R.E, we have been looking at different places of worship around the world. We have made a presentation showing the different ones we found.

Image of Y2 Spirituality Day
4 Apr

Y2 Spirituality Day

For Spirituality Day, Year 2 learned about the Taizé cross. The Taizé cross is covered with a collage of different people for whom Christ died, and Jesus is often in the centre. The children designed their own cross before looking at the parable of The Great Feast. After learning about this parable, they thought about what kind of qualities they would like in people and what sort of menu they would draw up for their ideal party.

Image of Remembrance Day
11 Nov

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day poppies at Darwen St James'

Image of Reception - Class Worship
3 Nov

Reception - Class Worship

During class worship we have been looking at the biblical story of Ruth and Naomi. We worked together in two teams to 'stick together' as Ruth and Naomi did. Our task was to carry a balloon around the classroom without using our hands. The children came up with some very good ideas on how to transport the balloon.

Image of Nursery - Toddle Tots
3 Nov

Nursery - Toddle Tots

This morning both pre school and two’s class walked up to church to attend the playgroup. We had lots of fun meeting new friends and playing with the different toys.

Image of Y4 Cathedral and Mosque Trip
1 Nov

Y4 Cathedral and Mosque Trip

What an exciting first day back at school year 4 have had today, visiting two places of worship, Blackburn Cathedral and Jaame Masjid (Central Mosque). We have learnt so many interesting facts and have definitely been “wowed” by lots of things. Well done year 4, you have made us very proud today.

Image of Toddle Tots is Back!
17 Oct

Toddle Tots is Back!

Toddle Tots is back! Every Thursday starting 3rd November at St James Church, Over Darwen. 9.30 - 11am.

Image of Tributes to the Queen
17 Sep

Tributes to the Queen

Mrs Ashcroft-Gardner is in London today and has taken down all the tributes that the children have made this week for the Queen. The children's thoughtful messages, pictures and prayers now lay alongside thousands of others as a mark of respect and celebration of the Queens remarkable life. A huge thank you to Mrs Ashcroft-Gardner for taking them for us and to the children and staff for their hardwork and meaningful messages. Rest in Peace your Majesty and thank you for your service.

Image of Reception Class Worship
15 Sep

Reception Class Worship

Today in class worship some of the children have drawn pictures to remember the Queen. Mrs Ashcroft-Gardner is going to take them to Buckingham Palace on Saturday.

Image of Minecraft Church
11 Sep

Minecraft Church

Fun, faith and a brew. For children aged 3 upwards - children must be accompanied by an adult.

Image of St James over Darwen Church - Book of Commemoration
11 Sep

St James over Darwen Church - Book of Commemoration

The loss of Queen Elizabeth profoundly saddens us although we are heartened by the news of our new King. St James’ over Darwen church will be open each morning this week Monday to Saturday from 8.30am to 9.30am for anyone who wishes to come and pay their respects to the Queen, pray and write in the Commemoration book.

Image of Y6 Church Visit - Eucharist Service
14 Jun

Y6 Church Visit - Eucharist Service

Year 6 had a great time in church this morning learning all about the Eucharist service with Rev Kev. We helped to set up the church, tried the unblessed wafers to see what they taste like, and then stayed for the service - Rev Kev even asked us to help out with a Bible reading! Well done Mark and Amy! And very well done to all the children, your behaviour was wonderful and so respectful, and I was very proud

Image of Worship - Wednesday 18/5/22
18 May

Worship - Wednesday 18/5/22

We had our first Worship with Rev Kev today. He showed us the story of Jesus in the tomb through Minecraft. He taught us about how Christian’s have changed the world through their faith. We are looking forward to more of his teachings in Worship!

Image of Wednesday Worship - Achieving our Goals.
20 Oct

Wednesday Worship - Achieving our Goals.

Our Worship this morning was lead by Rev Rebecca. She showed us that it is easier to reach our goals if we have help. This help may come from God, our family, our teachers or our friends.

Image of Welcome Back Worship.
2 Sep

Welcome Back Worship.

It was a wonderful sight to see all of the children back together in the hall today for Worship.