The subject lead for Art and Design at Darwen St James is Miss Sanders


EYFS - Nursery Autumn 2021

In Nursery, we have been very busy exploring different materials. We have been painting, drawing, sticking and cutting. We also used ink to print our very own fingerprints to show that we are all unique.


EYFS - Nursery Spring 2022

EYFS - Reception Autumn 2021

Reception Class have been exploring their creative environment. They have loved the play dough area.

As we have been learning about houses and homes, some of the children have drawn who lives in their home.


EYFS - Reception Spring 2022

Reception Class have been exploring Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. They have used different media including paint, glue and matchsticks to create Goldilocks, the bears and their cottage.

Some of the children used the Lego to build the bears cottage, chairs and beds.


EYFS - Reception- Spring 2022


Reception Class have been looking at Vincent Van Gogh! They have tried to paint in his style

Years 1 -6 cover 'Drawing' in the Autumn term.


Year 1 Autumn 2021

Our first topic in Year 1 is ‘Drawing’.  We have explored different mark making tools such as charcoal, pastels and pencils.  This week we make our own mark making tools using things from nature.  We used twigs, leaves, conkers and their shells.  We used masking tape to put our mark making tool together.


Year 2 Autumn 2021

In Art, we have been focusing on improving our drawing skills. We have been trying out a range of marks and mediums on different surfaces. We have listened to the story ‘The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark’ and used our imaginations to paint an owl picture. We have also looked closely at some toys and drawn them whilst investigating different viewpoints.


Year 3 Autumn 2021

In our first lesson we looked at the artist Vincent Van Gogh. We looked after some of his pieces. He was a very talented man. We then looked at how he created his artwork looking at different pencil strokes. In the next lesson we used these pencil strokes to explore different ways of shading. We all particul;ary loved the cross hatch technique. In another  lesson we listened to a really cool poem about a Hippocrump. We had no idea what this creature was but we used clues from the poem to draw what we thought it would look like. Some looked really scary!


Year 4 Autumn 2021

In Year 4 we have been developing our skill of drawing. We enjoyed making marks while responding to a story about Jeffrey the Maggot. 

Here is a part of the story - ‘When Jeffrey woke up, he didn’t know where he was! There were large spikes on both sides of hundreds of zigzag branches, some were thick spikes and some were thin spikes. Each branch was covered in spikes.’

We moved around the tables in the classroom to use different mark makers. We used graphite crayons, oil pastels, sketching pencils, charcoal and wax crayons to make our marks.


Year 5 Autumn 2021

In year 5 we began looking at the work of Hundertwasser. His art uses patterns and wavy lines to mirror the unevenness of the world around us- he hated the use of straight lines! The children have used viewfinders to focus on aspects of his work and replicate them. We have then enlarged them before using a layering technique with acetate to transfer the designs.


Year 6 Autumn 2021

Years 1, 3 and 5 look at printmaking.


Year 1 Spring 2022

Year 1 have been exploring objects they can use for printing. They also used clay to make their own printing blocks!


Year 3 Spring 2022

Year 3 have been exploring positive and negative spaces. They used stencils to make positive and negative prints.

Year 5 Spring 2022

Year 5 are looking at using printing to create prints inspired by African clothing. The children have looked at the colours and patterns used, designed their own print and then used this to print in a range of ways.

Spring Term!

Years 2,4 and 6 work with 3D Sculpture in their Art and Design Lessons

Year 2 Spring 2022

Year 2 have loved looking at sculptures. First we made our own sculptures using PE equipment:


We then looked at the work by Andy Goldsworthy. Inspired by his work, we went outside and created our own sculptures using natural objects.

Year 4 Spring 2022

Year 4 enjoyed making artists bowls in the style of Kandinski!

First we had to cover a balloon with tissue paper and then paint it white. After that we cut the balloon (now hard) in half to make a bowl. Finally we painted the bowl in the style of Kandinski's concentric circles.

Year 6 Spring 2022

Year 6 are looking at the sculptures of Alberto Giacommeti in Art this term. We produced our own sculptures in his style. They really are amazing!

We began this topic by sketching each other at a distance in different poses!

Years 1,3 and 5 look at textiles.

Years 2,4 and 6 make collages.

The whole school look at painting on a whole school Painting Day!

Year 6 have been looking at tone

Year 5 have been looking at Hundertwasser

Year 4 have been looking at Kandinky

Year 3 have been making lace patterns

Year 2 have been listening to and responding to music

Year 1 have made their own mark makers

Reception Class have been learning new skills

The subject lead for Art and Design at Darwen St James is Miss Sanders.

Art and Design Curriculum

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