17 May

Year 3 - Art - Sean Scully.

Painting day in Year 3 today, we are starting with investing which colours we can make using primary and secondary colours. We then painted pictures in the style of Sean Scully.

17 May

Nursery - 2's Room and Pre School, Collaborative Art.

The 2's room and Pre-School have had lots of fun today creating a collaborative piece of artwork together.

5 Apr

Easter Competition.

Our classes have been extremely busy creating their Easter entries for our competition, and what a fabulous job they have done! Miss Earp and Mrs Gettins have had the difficult job of judging the entries and choosing a first, second and third place for each class. The lucky winners will be announced in our Easter Worship tomorrow afternoon.

2 Feb

Y1 - Printing

Year 1 have been using a range of different media to create their own print pictures.

21 Jan

Year 5 Art and Design.

Year 5 have been learning how to create African prints. This afternoon we are transferring our prints to blocks ready to use rollers to print our designs into our sketch books! It’s very tricky but the children are applying their growth mindset and persevering.

20 Jan

Year 3 Art and Design.

The children have thoroughly enjoyed their Art lesson today. They had to create positive and negative prints.

26 Nov

Y2 Art

In Art, we listened to the story of 'The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark' then created our own owl painting. We experimented using different tools to try and get the texture of the feathers.

11 Oct

Y3 Art and Design

In Art and Design the children in Year 3 have explored Islamic patterns and then selected a pattern for them to develop. They really enjoyed the lesson, some superstar artists!

11 Oct

Y4 Art - Kandinsky

In art today, Year 4 have started working in the style of Kandinsky.