The subject lead for computing at Darwen St James is Miss Sears and supported by Mrs Meagher.

Computing is taught through Purple Mash in Years 1 -6 for an hour each week. Children in the EYFS  explore computing through Mini Mash.

Computing is also used to support and compliment all other areas of the curriculum.


Computing Curriculum

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Purple Mash can be accessed by ALL children from Nursery to Year 6 should they choose to do so. Some tasks are allocated daily, see ‘2 Do’ list. (top left-hand corner) Some other activities will be allocated weekly. You can access any activities, or games if you choose, even if they have not been allocated.

For the activities allocated, there may be ‘levels’ of difficulty so some levels will be more challenge than others. The children are not expected to complete all levels, it is completely up to them and their stage of learning. Some activities may require adult support to access.

We hope to vary all activities so there is a wide range to choose from. Activities also do not have to be completed on the set date! Worksheets and other resources can be found to download and print, should you choose to do so.

Above all, whatever learning you decide to do with your child, make it simple and keep it fun!!

To access Purple Mash:-

  1. the Purple Mash logo below
  2. log in with the username and password provided by your child’s teacher
  3. If you need a reminder of your child’s log in details, please speak to their class teacher.

Purple Mash

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Year 1.

During our Computing lessons we have been learning how to log in using our password.  We have also been learning how to open a 2Do and save our work.  Last week we coloured in a picture of a teddy bear using the tools in 2Paint.

Year 2.

In Computing this term, Year 2 will complete two units; Effective Searching and Online Safety.

During the Online safety unit, the children used Purple Mash to search, save and share their work onto the digital display board. They learnt how to send a simple e-mail using 2Respond and how to keep their personal data safe on the internet. They also gained an understanding of what a digital footprint is and the type of information they leave online.

Year 4.

In Year 4 we are looking at online safety. We are remembering the SMART rules. We discussed what a digital footprint is and talked about what information should and shouldn’t be shared online. We have practised receiving spam emails and discussed what could happen if we reply to them. We know to report spam emails to a teacher or delete them straight away if we don’t know who the sender is. We have also learnt how to spot a safe website and how to stop viruses attacking our devices. We have made a comic style leaflet called Online Safety Top Tips!

Year 5.

Currently in year 5 we are looking at online safety. So far the children have learnt what SMART stands for and created comic books using Purple Mash to explain the acronym to other children.

Year 6.

Year 6 have been learning about online safety this term, before moving on to learning about blogging.  In online safety we have learned what our digital footprint is, and how it might affect our lives in the future.  We have also learned about our own screen time, by keeping a record for a week and creating a database to show the results.  The photos show screenshots of some of the children’s work in Online Safety, and some of our database results.

Christmas Card Competition 2020!

A huge well done to our Christmas card winners!

We will be taking part in the annual Purple Mash Christmas card competition again this year. Our entries will be sent in by 23rd November, you can find out more here

Computing During Autumn 2 2020

Year 2 have started learnng how to code this half term. Here they are learning how to use 2Code to make their fish swim.

Computing During Autumn 1 2020

Nursery have been familiarising themselves with our technology this half term.

Year 1 have created their own avatars this term using Purple Mash, can you spot yours?

Year 3 have been learning all about coding this half term. Here are some of the different games they have made.

Year 5 have created some online safety leaflets during their computing lessons.

Year 6 have been exploring their digital footprint in computing this half term. A digital footprint is a trail of data you create while using the Internet. It includes the websites you visit, emails you send, and information you submit to online services.