19 Jan

National Online Safety #WakeupWednesday - Horror Games

Terrific entertainment … or just plain terrifying? Our #WakeUpWednesday guide checks the doors are locked, turns on all the lights, and tells a chilling tale of #OnlineSafety threats that children could encounter in horror games. .

17 Nov

National Online Safety #WakeUpWednesday Pokemon GO!

Don’t fall when you're catching ‘em all! ⚡️

19 Oct

Y2 - Computing Lesson

The children started by working in pairs during our Computing lesson this week and spent time using google to search the answer to a number of questions about dinosaurs. They then signed on to Purple Mash and completed a quiz based on the information they found.

5 Oct

Y4 Computing

Today in our computing lesson, Y4 learnt about plagiarism. We looked at a report about a man called Tim Berners Lee and found that it had been copied from Wikipedia! We then all scored really well in a plagiarism quiz. Great work year 4!