The subject lead for Design Technology at Darwen St James is Mr Twist.

Design and Technology Curriculum

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Year 1 have been looking at  different types of fruit and vegetables. We then tasted different fruits and described them in our writing. Then we designed a fruit salad and ordered some instructions on how to make it. After that we used our cooking skills to create our delicious fruit salads. We ate our fruit salads in the sunshine with Miss Peckson and talked about them.

In DT, Year 2 have been looking at different types of puppets. We have made finger puppets and designed and made our own glove puppets. We even had a try at sewing but we found it very difficult!

In DT Year 3 has been looking at different types of bread. They also got to taste the different breads and used their vocab list to discuss its texture,smell, taste and appearance. The children then designed a sandwich for a particular purpose and then made their sandwiches. The children had a great time. Some children couldn’t wait to eat their sandwiches, others took theirs home so they could share their sandwich.

Year 5 have been looking at mechanisms and applying these to moving toys. They have evaluated mechanisms which already exist in toys before analysing their effectiveness. Then we made prototype versions of the mechanisms, like wheels, sliders and levers. The children worked hard to design their own moving toy for reception class and then made them using cardboard boxes. They did a fantastic job!