5 Jul

Year 6 - DT

Year 6 have spent all day working hard to make veggie burgers and 3 different sauces (tzatziki, salsa and barbecue). Everyone has had a great day, and everyone tried the food they made! Well done Year 6!

30 Jun

Y5 - Making Bread

In DT today, year 5 made bread with Mellors. They made lavish bread and had a go at needing pitta bread dough before trying one with garlic butter and another with hummus!

29 Jun

Y2 - Pizza Making

On Wednesday, Y2 had a pizza making session with Mellors Catering. The children discussed the nutritional value of the ingredients, and chose a selection of toppings for their pizza.

27 Apr

Y4 - Design Technology, Circuits.

In Design and Technology, Y4 have been investigating circuits. We made some fantastic light up pictures advertising a circus!

23 Mar

Year 1 - DT - Structures.

Year 1 have been completing our stable structures. We have made car garages, rabbit hutches and houses for LOL dolls. All of our structures have a ramp and a door.

21 Jan

Year 2 - DT

Year 2 have made their own finger puppets in DT.

10 Dec

Year 6 Design Technology

This afternoon Year 6 are making suspension bridges in their Design and Technology lesson.

21 Oct

Y2 Designing and Making Fire Engines.

Year 2 have been busy making their fire engines. They have followed their design and added features including hoses and ladders.