The subject lead for French at Darwen St James is Mrs Davis.

French Curriculum

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A complete curriculum programme for primary French

At Darwen St James we get our classes chatting and singing in French with fun digital activities, animations and games through My Rising Stars French.


  • French is taught to year 3 to 6 every week for 30 to 40 minutes.

  • It includes stories, songs and interactive games to use in class and can be accessed from home when needed.

  • To ensure coherent progression of skills and knowledge from years 3-6, each class learns six units over each stage.

Year 3 - Moi - All About Me

In year 3 we are starting to understand and use greetings in French. Also to understand simple questions in French such as Ça va ? Comment tu t’appelles ? and Quel âge as-tu ? We have been learning to name some members of my family in French: père, mère, frère, sœur and to count from 1 to 10 in French and use numbers to count items.

Year 4 - On Fait La Fait - Celebrations

In year 4 we have learning to understand and answer the questions Qui danse ? and C’est quand ton anniversaire? As well as this we have been practising naming the months of the year in French and put them into the correct order We are going to learn how to write about our own hobbies in French too. 

Year 5 - Portraits

In year 5 we are learning: To understand, name and write colours in French and the names of parts of my body. To know that nouns are split into two groups – masculine and feminine, and that this determines the word for ‘the’ in French. To identify a noun and an adjective in French. To compare the position of an adjective in English and French. To put adjectives after the noun in French. To describe facial features in the first person (j’ai, je suis) and third person (il/elle a, il/elle est). To recognise and say the ‘eu’ sound in French words.

Year 6 - Les Quatre Amis - The Four Friends

In Year 6 we are learning: To understand the names of some animals in French. To listen to and join in with a story in French. To sort words according to gender (masculine and feminine) and sound (eu/ou). To recognise some movement-related verbs in French and show understanding by doing an action. To answer the question C’est de quelle couleur? To decide when to use il or elle for the pronoun ‘it’, depending on the gender of the noun. To write sentences in French about how animals move. To develop strategies to work out the meaning of unfamiliar words. To distinguish between ‘ou’ and ‘eu’ sounds in French