The subject lead for French at Darwen St James is Mrs Davis.

French Curriculum

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Reception - I like and I don't like

Reception has been learning how to give their opinions on the vocabulary that they have already learnt, 
namely animals and fruit, and they have also been introduced to new food vocabulary. 
They have practised using what they’ve learnt in real-life, role-play situations.

Year 1 - Family, stories and conversation

Year 1 have been learning about the family and how to introduce members of their 
family, they have also watched several French stories. The pupils have also listened
to native speakers and work in pairs to ask each other questions, thus practising 
having conversations in French.

Year 3 - Family, stories and conversation

Pupils will be introduced to vocabulary on different family members and how to describe 
them. Pupils will then build on what they have learnt in previous units by learning larger 
numbers and new questions, before using new vocabulary to hold longer and more 
complex conversations. Pupils will also learn how to conjugate the verbs ‘to be’ and ‘to 
have’ in the present tense.

Year 4 and 5 - Weather and Transport

Year 4/5 have been learning the vocabulary for the weather and different items of clothing. They have been  
building written sentences and presenting their work on what clothing is appropriate for different 
types of weather. Year 4/5 have also been introduced to different methods of transport. They have
played a range of games and work through reading and writing tasks to consolidate their 

Year 6 - Leisure, sport and time

Year 6 have been learning the vocabulary for a range of sports and free time through crafts, games and 
reading activities. They have learnt the correct verb to use for which sports they play, and which 
sports they like or dislike. Also they have practised this new vocabulary by writing about what 
sports and leisure activities they like and dislike, the reasons for their opinions, and what 
time the activity starts and finishes.

Reception - My Body

Pupils have learned the names of some body parts. They have played games such as 
memory and bingo to practise these words and reinforce their learning. They have also
also begun to combine the use of body parts and colours.

Year 1 - Cultural diversity and revision

Pupils have learned about French culture and life in France. They have 
also continued to practise numbers and colours, whilst revising everything that 
they’ve learnt so far this year. 

Year 3 - Cultural diversity and revision

Pupils have learned about French/Spanish culture, school in France and the 
French speaking world. They have also revised all the vocabulary that they have 
covered in previous units such as animals, colours and numbers. Pupils have practised asking 
and answering all the questions that they have been introduced to in the previous units. 
Pupils have used these questions to practice speaking in full sentences.

Year 4 and 5 - Clothing and shops

Pupils have learned more items of clothing and how to conjugate the verb ‘to wear’ for 
different pronouns in the present tense. Pupils have written whilst describing what they are wearing, 
as well as talking and asking about what other people are wearing. Pupils have also learned the 
names for different shops and practised asking how much something costs in role-play 

Year 6 - Friendship and Personalities

Pupils have learned how to describe physical and non-physical characteristics such as hair, eye 
colour, height, weight, clothing and personalities. Pupils have practised conjugating familiar 
verbs in the present tense in order to describe themselves, someone they are talking to, 
and someone they are talking about. Pupils have practiced what they learned in this unit 
through writing tasks and a big, active game.


Year 3

Topic this half term has been “All about me!” The children have been learning how to greet others, how to say who they are and their ages.They have been also practising their counting up to 10 and even been doing some simple maths calculations in french. WE have been using songs, games and simple role-plays with our talk partners

Year 4

The children have been learning how to say how they travel to school. To do this we have been learning the days of the week, modes of transport and how to describe the weather on each day.

Year 5 and 6

The topic this half term has been healthy eating. The children have been learning the French words  for different foods and drinks and whether they are healthy or not. They have also been making and performing role-plays, asking for different fillings and flavours in either a baguette, pizza or ice-cream shop.