The subject lead for PSHE at Darwen St James is Mrs Corbally.

PSHE Curriculum

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Wellbeing Champions 

Our Academy has a team of Wellbeing Champions who work together to provide a safe, caring and nurturing environment for all staff. 

Two members of the Wellbeing Champions are mental health first aiders and  another staff member is  a coaching mentor, with two years experience. 

Our key role is to ensure that we keep staff members up to date with relevant information and be there when someone wants to talk and voice any issues they may have. As a Wellbeing Champion we are able to signpost guidance on a subject and where to find information that will support them. 

Confidentiality is key to show support and that all issues discussed are handled sensitively. Putting the trust into the Wellbeing Champions is important in order to address the issues that have been raised. All information is anonymous to respect members of staff wishes. 

Achievements and positive comments are given to boost staff morale, along with a staff appreciation board where staff can comment on the support or help they have been given from another member of staff that has put a smile on their face. 


WC 23.05.2022

Story: 2022 marks 70 years of Queen Elizabeth II’s service and Buckingham Palace has revealed the celebration line-up marking the Platinum Jubilee that will occur during June’s four-day Bank Holiday weekend.

Question:How important is it for us to have a sense of duty?

WC 16.05.2022

Story:Cereal company Kellogg's is taking the UK government to court over new rules that would stop some of its cereals being put at the forefront of supermarket shelves, due to their high sugar content.

Question:Should you always be allowed to choose your own breakfast?

WC 09.05.2022

Story: Danielle Webb, who is 23 and lives with dwarfism, recently wrote a children’s book and regularly visits schools to help educate others about her condition in a bid to stamp out prejudice.

Question:What makes us unique?

WC 03.05.2022

Story:Chief executive of Tesla and richest person in the world, Elon Musk, has struck a deal to buy social media giant, Twitter. He has raised questions about Twitter’s handling of free speech.

Question:Should we have the right to say whatever we choose?

WC 25.04.2022

Story: Access to a new scheme offering free pet healthcare across 38 European countries, is now available to Ukrainian refugees who have left the country with their pets to avoid the conflict.

Question:Should pets be protected more than other animals?

WC 23.03.2022

Story:The shipwreck of Sir Ernest Shackleton's ship, Endurance, has been found 107 years after it became trapped in ice and sank off the coast of Antarctica.

Question:If you keep trying, will you always succeed?

WC 21.03.2022

Story:Royal Mail has announced that both 1st and 2nd class stamp prices are to go up. The cost of a 1st class stamp will rise to 95p on 4th April. The cost of a 2nd class stamp will rise to 68p.

Question:Is there still a place for letters in today's world?

WC 14.03.2022

Story:  Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is being called a hero by many as he is remains in his country as it endures an attack by neighbouring Russia.

Question:How important is it to show bravery as a leader?

WC 07.03.2022

Story: The BBC has reported that an increasing number of children in Afghanistan are having to work to help support themselves and their families, instead of going to school.

Question: How might your life be different if you weren’t able to go to school?

WC 28.02.2022

Story: Australia has announced that koalas are now listed as an endangered species across most of its east coast, after a huge drop in numbers.

Question:Whose responsibility is it to help endangered animals?

WC 21.02.2022

Story:Following his admission that he attended a socially distanced event in the garden of Downing Street during the first lockdown, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has apologised.

Question: If someone says sorry, should we always forgive them?

WC 7.02.2022

Story:An update to the Highway Code has introduced a hierarchy of road users, which creates ‘clearer and stronger priorities’ for pedestrians to improve safety for pedestrians, cyclists, and horse riders.

Question: Should everyone using our roads learn the Highway Code?

WC 31.01.2022

Story:Queen Elizabeth II has announced a special competition ahead of her Platinum Jubilee in June and the 70th anniversary of her reign on the 6th of February – the Platinum Pudding Competition.

Question:What type of events do you think deserve a celebration?

WC 24.01.2022

Story:Rose Ayling-Ellis, profoundly deaf winner of Strictly Come Dancing, has called for change regarding BSL’s legal status in the UK and said she had spoken to Labour MP Rosie Cooper about her Bill in Parliament.

Question:Should everyone learn sign language?

WC 17.01.2022

Story: Chinese authorities have banned footballers from getting tattoos and instructed national team players who already have tattoos to remove them or cover them up to set a “good example”.

Question:Is it ever fair to judge others on their appearance?

WC 10.01.2022

Story:The $10bn (£7.45bn) James Webb Space Telescope, thought to be one of the most impressive and ambitious, has been successfully launched into space on top of a huge rocket.

Question:Do you think it is important for us to know the history of our universe?

WC 29.11.2021

Story:  Brazil's indigenous people came together at COP26 earlier this month to share their message: the world needs their expertise in protecting the Amazon rainforest to solve the global warming crisis.

Question:Is the world a better place if we live more natural lives?

WC 22.11.2021

Story:Travel company, Expedia, has announced a ban on sales of holidays involving captive marine animals following calls led by public figures such as Joanna Lumley.

Question:Should we be allowed to swim with dolphins?

WC 15.11.2021

Story:Professor Rolf Schwarz, of Karlsruhe College of Schooling in Germany, believes that secure playgrounds prevent young people from finding out important dangers during their early years.

Question: Do we need to experience danger to learn how to be safe?

WC 8.11.2021

Story: A new study published in a science magazine found that in Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique, a rare genetic condition that causes tuskless elephants has become increasingly common.

Question:Should we do more to protect elephants?

WC 1.11.2021

Story:The COP26 climate summit, one of the biggest ever world meetings on how to tackle climate change, is taking place between 31st October and 12th November 2021 and is being held in Glasgow.

Question:What are the best ways to tackle climate change?

WC 17/10/21

Story:This year’s Nobel Prize winners have been announced and include two American scientists jointly winning the 2021 Nobel Prize for medicine.

Question: Is it important for all our achievements and good deeds to be recognised?

WC 11/10/21

Story:  Children’s TV channel CBeebies has hired George Webster as its first ever presenter with Down’s syndrome. The 20-year-old, from Leeds, is an actor, dancer and ambassador for the disability charity, Mencap.

Question:What does a good role model look like?

WC 04/10/21

Story: Encouraging people to use buses more often is to be a central part of the Government’s plan to reach net zero by 2050. New transport stations, called ‘mobility hubs’, will act as a focal point for cyclists, electric car drivers and rail commuters to switch easily between different modes of transport.

Question: What would encourage you to use public transport?


WC 27/09/21

Story: It is estimated that people in Britain are sending over 1.6 billion non-biodegradable face masks to landfill every single month. In Wales, one company is working to turn hospital waste into new masks with 65% recycled materials.

Question: Should disposable face masks be banned?


WC 20/09/21

Story: Following the trail of devastation left by Hurricane Ida, President Biden declared that ‘historic investment’ is needed to deal with the impact of the climate crisis.

Question: How does facing disasters change us?

WC 13/09/21

Story: As people in Afghanistan are now under Taliban leadership following the collapse of the country's government, the UK has introduced a resettlement scheme for Afghan refugees.                                                                                                                                       

Question: How would you feel if you were forced to leave your home? 

WC 6/9/21

Story: At the start of the Tokyo Paralympics, ParalympicsGB launched a campaign to change perceptions of those with disabilities called, Impossible to Ignore.
Question: Can the Paralympics help us become more inclusive of others?




On October 8th 2021 we will be wearing yellow to raise money for Young Minds. You can find out more information here

Thank you for all you support we raised a final total of £269.86.

On Friday 19th November the school enjoyed fundraising for Children in Need.  We dressed in bright colours, cheered on our class ducks in the Duck Race and won prizes for designing our own ducks.  Well done to all our winners!  Thank to all our parents, staff and children for your support, we raised an amazing  £168.44.


Friday 3rd December saw the return of our school Christmas Fayre.  A big thank you to everyone that came along and supported the event and the PTFA for organising it.  We even managed to get a visit from Father Christmas.  The total raised was an amazing £636.61.  Thank you!

Last week the school collected for the local food bank, Community Helping Hands.  Thank you for all your donations they were very much appreciated.

At Darwen St James’ we are strong believers in developing the whole child. Alongside our child centred curriculum we offer curriculum enhancements including trips, visitors, bucket list events, challenge sessions for Growth Mindset, curriculum days, Aim High Day, Inspirational speakers, sporting events and many more.  

We are also proud of our Nurture time, 30 mins every week dedicated to an element of wellbeing, global citizenship or entrepreneurship. This year we are spending the autumn term looking at Global Citizenship through the use of Picture News and also throughout the year through our charity work.  More information can be found by clicking our Global Citizens tab and Charities Tab.  The spring term we will be doing Entrepreneurship, this will involve each group setting up their own business, each having their own roles and responsibilities.  The children develop a product that they then make and sell.  They have to have a business plan, a control over finance and a good sales pitch!  The children love doing this and it becomes a healthy competition over the course of the term.  In the Summer, when it is exams and tests and transition time, we focus on wellbeing.  The children learn about the 5 ways to well-being and how they can incorporate these into their daily lives.  

Through Friends of Darwen St James' being extremely hard working they raised enough money for us to turn an underused space into a fantastic nurture room for the children. The children designed it themselves and worked to a budget to get the work completed.  This space is often used for small groups, wellbeing drop-ins, 1-1s with our Pupil Wellbeing team and a relaxing and calming space for children who need it.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Week 

WC - 07.02.2022

Throughout Nursery and School this week all the children have taken part in this special event. Creating positive thoughts for each day and engaging in different activities to support children's wellbeing and health. Developing positive mindsets and growing together, talking to each other and how we can support one another. Online safety was also included to look at media and social networks and the positive and negative effects  this has on our mental health. Children engaged with mindful colourings and calming music and being able to be themselves with bright colours on Friday.


The children in Nursery have been developing new friendships and exploring the environment. We have been developing an understanding of our feelings and learning a new routine and boundaries.



This half term the children have building on their friendships and exploring their new environment. The children have been learning new boundaries and developing their routines. 

Year 1

The children have been exploring relationships this half term, sharing their feelings and thinking about how others might feel. 

Year 2

The children have been developing their understanding of being a good friend and why being unfriendly has a negative impact on others. In class the children have discussed how to be a good friend, what might cause an argument between friends and how to resolve them.

Year 3

In class the children had an Academy council election and had a discussion on why they would like to take part in this role. The children took part in Growth Mindset Challenges to settle in to their new classroom and get to know one another. Within the half term the children have developed their knowledge on Relationships and exploring every kind of family and being part of a family unit and what that means. 

Year 4 

In class the children have been discussing positive and negative friendships, creating a positive friend and a negative friend. A group discussion took place of what we can do if we feel lonely or excluded and the children had positive answers. Within friendships Year 4 have also looked at Healthy online friends and as a group the children looked at different scenarios and gave their thoughts on what should happen.

Year 5

This half term the children have been exploring peer pressure, peer approval and how to resolve conflict? The children enjoyed taking part in young minds matter wearing yellow and completing activities on the day.

Year 6 

The children have been developing their understanding of meaningful relationships, worries of different relationships and discussing what love provides and who you love.


This half term the children have continued to develop their friendships and sharing skills. The children have taken part in Children in Need and developing how to value one another. 


The children have been developing their friendship skills and valuing each other. The children also enjoyed taking part in the West end friendship workshop learning how to be a good friend. In this term we took part in Children in Need and the children loved dressing up in bright colours to support others that need our help.

Year 1

The children have been developing an understanding of safe relationships, recognising privacy and seeking permission. Along with respecting ourselves and others, looking at being a good listener and respecting one another.

Year 2

This half term the children have been recognising hurtful behaviour which also includes online behaviour and bullying. The children have been developing their knowledge of what to do about a secret that makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe. Looking at questions which include: what is a secret and what are good and bad secrets.

Year 4

The children have been developing their knowledge of the differences between playful dares and dares which put someone at risk. A discussion took place to highlight when it is right to keep or break a secret. Parliament day was enjoyed by the children and they looked into our local MP and then explored the differences between people. 

Year 5

This half term the children have been recognising if a friendship makes you feel safe or uncomfortable. Identify what physical touch is acceptable, wanted or unwanted and how to ask for, give and not give permission for physical contact. The children have been developing their understanding of how we are influenced and to learn how to take control.

Year 6

The children have been developing their knowledge on respecting ourselves and others, what types of loving relationships are? and being able to express their opinions on matters. The children have also thought about the impact Covid has had on them and being in lockdown.


This half term the children have been exploring healthy and unhealthy choices with Alan the Alien. The children selected different food and put them in the correct place. The children also learnt about Chinese New Year and how the 12 animals were selected for each year. We created colourful dragons on the computer, workshop tigers and lanterns.


The children have been exploring the colour monster and what the feelings mean. The children created their own monster and why the monster felt like this. Within the half term the children had a visit from Helen the Teeth in School team, learning how to look after our teeth and how we need to care for them. By eating healthy food we can care for them and bad foods cause damage to them.

Year 1

In year one the children have been developing an understanding of people and the different needs they may have. The children expressed how they could be good friends and support people they know with different needs. The children have looked at the wider world and how we can help look after the environment.

Year 2

This half term the children have been developing their knowledge on belonging to a community. Belonging to a group and looking at all the different groups we can belong to, including, family, friends, school, church, breakfast club and  football teams.  Within these groups the children discussed roles and responsibilities and being good role models and supporting each other making everybody feel included.

Year 3

The children have been developing their understanding on reasons for law and rules in the wider society. The children had group discussions on why they are important and what happens if the rules are not followed. Continuing from this the children looked into human rights and how they protect people. Exploring basic human rights and rights for every child.

Year 4

This half term the children have been developing their understanding on maintaining a balanced lifestyle and how this keeps us alive. The children looked at different parts of the brain that supports our physical health and supports our wellbeing. Within the term the children also explored online safety and SMART ways to keep safe.

Year 5 

The children have been learning the importance of protecting the environment and the actions we make have positive and negative effects. The children had discussions about how we can support the positive effects on the environment and looked at ways of recycling the materials we use.The children have also developed an awareness of how money is spent and how this affects the environment. 

Year 6

This half term the children have been developing their knowledge and understanding of diversity. Discussions have taken place about what kind of people live in our nation, having respect for each other and had a great game of diversity bingo! Year 6 made booklets of different people to discuss appearances and is it fair to judge people on what you see.




In class this half term the children have been developing their skills of taking turns, waiting for a toy or to play with some equipment. The children have been remembering to say please and thank you for when they have received or given something. The children enjoyed the PCSOs coming into nursery and discussing their role and how they help people. The children had a go at trying on the jackets and hats.


The children have been very busy this term, having a visit from the PCOS to talk about their role and how they help people. The children got a go at wearing their jackets and different style hats. The children also celebrated Mother's day by having family members to stay and play and join in with activities. In class the children have developed their responsibilities and have classroom jobs, the children have discussed how they are going to help others. 

Year 1

This half term the children have been exploring people's different strengths, looking our star qualities and of their friends. As the term went on the children developed their understanding of money and the different sources it can come from. The children created pictures of what their families spend money on and discussed how we should look after money.

Year 2

In class the children have been  developing their understanding of information they might read from the internet, from this the children created true or false posters for different information that is correct or incorrect. The children have started exploring their understanding of what money is and what different forms money can come in.

Year 3

The children have been looking at positive and negative effects from using the internet. The children were given scenarios and asked how they would deal with them. The children experienced the Life Education programme and learnt about the brain and how it works.


Year 4

We have been looking at being unique! We discussed how friends can have different opinions, likes and dislikes and what to do if we sometimes disagree. We talked about our different skills and talents and discussed what the world would be like if everyone was the same---boring! We met Harold the giraffe who was really pleased with our answers and mature discussions that we had in class.

Year 5 

The children have been looking at Life and how it is full of opportunities. The children created a piece of writing to explain what they would like to do as they get older. A conversation was had about the many different roles both men and women can do and they commented on these roles.


The children in nursery have been developing safety rules on crossing the road and what to do when we are out on the pavement. The children role played crossing the road and what to do if a car came along. We talked about crossing the road with an adult and if there is a lolly pop person near the road side. We also revisited our emotions, feeling happy and sad and why we might feel like this. The children created their own monster and we now use these at calendar time to discuss how we might be feeling.

Reception Class

This half term the children have been developing their knowledge on what makes a good nights sleep. First looking through the investigation box to discover objects to talk about and why we use them at night time. Reception have looked at growing and changing and observed the life cycle of a frog and watched the changes. The children have also been learning about seasons and what happens in these seasons.  

Year 1

The children have been very busy this half term developing their understanding of eating well, recognising people have different tastes and what is a healthy lunch box. The children continued with daily hygiene routines with brushing and washing making a sequence of what you do first before going to bed. We also looked at the importance of Catch it, Bin it and Kill it and made posters to make people aware of how important it is.

Year 3

Within class the children have been building on their knowledge of healthy eating and together developed a party food planner list of a mixture of healthy and unhealthy food.The children looked at the body and how it works, naming major internal body parts and labeling organs and how they work. As the term continued the children learnt about pets and why we might like to have a pet and were able to draw a pet that they would like to have. 

Year 4

In class the children have been learning safety rules regarding alcohol and smoking, ground rules, risks to health, what we know so far and reasons behind people smoking and drinking alcohol. The children listened to a case study and commented their thoughts. The children developed their knowledge on growing and changing, expressing our feeling bank and what positive and negative changes might be happening to ourselves. Developing this knowledge the children looked at how our bodies are changing.  Discussing puberty, what changes we see on our body and developed an understanding of what girls and boys will experience.