The subject lead for PSHE at Darwen St James is Mrs Corbally.

PSHE Curriculum

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WC 17/10/21

Story:This year’s Nobel Prize winners have been announced and include two American scientists jointly winning the 2021 Nobel Prize for medicine.

Question: Is it important for all our achievements and good deeds to be recognised?

WC 11/10/21

Story:  Children’s TV channel CBeebies has hired George Webster as its first ever presenter with Down’s syndrome. The 20-year-old, from Leeds, is an actor, dancer and ambassador for the disability charity, Mencap.

Question:What does a good role model look like?

WC 04/10/21

Story: Encouraging people to use buses more often is to be a central part of the Government’s plan to reach net zero by 2050. New transport stations, called ‘mobility hubs’, will act as a focal point for cyclists, electric car drivers and rail commuters to switch easily between different modes of transport.

Question: What would encourage you to use public transport?


WC 27/09/21

Story: It is estimated that people in Britain are sending over 1.6 billion non-biodegradable face masks to landfill every single month. In Wales, one company is working to turn hospital waste into new masks with 65% recycled materials.

Question: Should disposable face masks be banned?


WC 20/09/21

Story: Following the trail of devastation left by Hurricane Ida, President Biden declared that ‘historic investment’ is needed to deal with the impact of the climate crisis.

Question: How does facing disasters change us?

WC 13/09/21

Story: As people in Afghanistan are now under Taliban leadership following the collapse of the country's government, the UK has introduced a resettlement scheme for Afghan refugees.                                                                                                                                       

Question: How would you feel if you were forced to leave your home? 

WC 6/9/21

Story: At the start of the Tokyo Paralympics, ParalympicsGB launched a campaign to change perceptions of those with disabilities called, Impossible to Ignore.
Question: Can the Paralympics help us become more inclusive of others?


On October 8th 2021 we will be wearing yellow to raise money for Young Minds. You can find out more information here

Wellbeing Champions 

Our Academy has a team of Wellbeing Champions who work together to provide a safe, caring and nurturing environment for all staff. 

Two members of the Wellbeing Champions are mental health first aiders and  another staff member is  a coaching mentor, with two years experience. 

Our key role is to ensure that we keep staff members up to date with relevant information and be there when someone wants to talk and voice any issues they may have. As a Wellbeing Champion we are able to signpost guidance on a subject and where to find information that will support them. 

Confidentiality is key to show support and that all issues discussed are handled sensitively. Putting the trust into the Wellbeing Champions is important in order to address the issues that have been raised. All information is anonymous to respect members of staff wishes. 

Achievements and positive comments are given to boost staff morale, along with a staff appreciation board where staff can comment on the support or help they have been given from another member of staff that has put a smile on their face. 


At Darwen St James’ we are strong believers in developing the whole child. Alongside our child centred curriculum we offer curriculum enhancements including trips, visitors, bucket list events, challenge sessions for Growth Mindset, curriculum days, Aim High Day, Inspirational speakers, sporting events and many more.  

We are also proud of our Nurture time, 30 mins every week dedicated to an element of wellbeing, global citizenship or entrepreneurship. This year we are spending the autumn term looking at Global Citizenship through the use of Picture News and also throughout the year through our charity work.  More information can be found by clicking our Global Citizens tab and Charities Tab.  The spring term we will be doing Entrepreneurship, this will involve each group setting up their own business, each having their own roles and responsibilities.  The children develop a product that they then make and sell.  They have to have a business plan, a control over finance and a good sales pitch!  The children love doing this and it becomes a healthy competition over the course of the term.  In the Summer, when it is exams and tests and transition time, we focus on wellbeing.  The children learn about the 5 ways to well-being and how they can incorporate these into their daily lives.  

Through Friends of Darwen St James' being extremely hard working they raised enough money for us to turn an underused space into a fantastic nurture room for the children. The children designed it themselves and worked to a budget to get the work completed.  This space is often used for small groups, wellbeing drop-ins, 1-1s with our Pupil Wellbeing team and a relaxing and calming space for children who need it.


The children in Nursery have been developing new friendships and exploring the environment. We have been developing an understanding of our feelings and learning a new routine and boundaries.



This half term the children have building on their friendships and exploring their new environment. The children have been learning new boundaries and developing their routines. 

Year 1

The children have been exploring relationships this half term, sharing their feelings and thinking about how others might feel. 

Year 2

The children have been developing their understanding of being a good friend and why being unfriendly has a negative impact on others. In class the children have discussed how to be a good friend, what might cause an argument between friends and how to resolve them.

Year 3

In class the children had an Academy council election and had a discussion on why they would like to take part in this role. The children took part in Growth Mindset Challenges to settle in to their new classroom and get to know one another. Within the half term the children have developed their knowledge on Relationships and exploring every kind of family and being part of a family unit and what that means. 

Year 4 

In class the children have been discussing positive and negative friendships, creating a positive friend and a negative friend. A group discussion took place of what we can do if we feel lonely or excluded and the children had positive answers. Within friendships Year 4 have also looked at Healthy online friends and as a group the children looked at different scenarios and gave their thoughts on what should happen.

Year 5

This half term the children have been exploring peer pressure, peer approval and how to resolve conflict? The children enjoyed taking part in young minds matter wearing yellow and completing activities on the day.

Year 6 

The children have been developing their understanding of meaningful relationships, worries of different relationships and discussing what love provides and who you love.