Image of Wake Up Wednesday - Encouraging Healthy Friendships
22 May

Wake Up Wednesday - Encouraging Healthy Friendships

It’s common for young people to have comparatively less of an understanding of social conventions. While children can benefit from this to some degree – making friends at the drop of a hat – this can also generate a good deal of confusion regarding certain aspects of any relationships that they form.

Image of Nursery - PSED - Understanding Feelings
22 May

Nursery - PSED - Understanding Feelings

The children in Nursery class have been exploring facial expressions and feelings this week. During story time we have discussed the different characters and how they might be feeling, some children were also able to give a reason why the pirates were sad. The children were able to group together pictures of sad and happy expressions and displayed these in our emotions area.

Image of Year 5 Researching Greta Thunberg
22 May

Year 5 Researching Greta Thunberg

In Year 5 the children were researching Greta Thunberg for our Courageous Advocacy day. The children were amazed at the accomplishments she has made in changing people's mindset on climate change.

Image of Year 1 Picture News  - Special Objects
17 May

Year 1 Picture News - Special Objects

Year 1 talked about the people who are special in their lives or a special time they have experienced. We discussed how simple objects can remind us of a person or an event. The children drew their special objects and shared their thoughts with the class.

Image of St James Rainbows and Brownies
16 May

St James Rainbows and Brownies

St James Rainbows and Brownies have spaces available. They meet each week at St James Over Darwen Church. Rainbows is for girls aged 4 - 7 and Brownies is for girls aged 7 - 9. The children earn different badges, they bake, craft, raise money and have lots of fun! Please contact Lisa on 07895023147 for more information.

Image of School Avoidance
15 May

School Avoidance

School avoidance is a sharply increasing phenomenon, with tangible negative effects on children’s wellbeing and education. The factors that come together to make a child consciously avoid seeing their classmates and teachers can be much more complicated than is often assumed. A careful, mindful approach from parents, carers and educators is required to help children return to an environment that may be causing them intense anxiety. Our guide aims to help you understand the issue of school avoidance – not only its potential roots and ramifications, but also what you can do to help children and young people navigate these obstacles and continue their education. Sources Pellegrini, School non‐attendance: definitions, meanings, responses, interventions, 2007 Gregory and Purcell, Out of school: a phenomenological exploration of extended non-attendance, 2014 Hughes, E K, Gullone, E, Dudley, A and Tonge, B (2010). A case-control study of emotion regulation and school refusal in children and adolescents; Journal of Early Adolescence, 30, 691–706., 2010 Lyon and Cotler, Toward reduced bias and increased utility in the assessment of school refusal behaviour: The case for diverse samples and evaluations of context, 2007 Children’s Commissioner, Attendance is everyone’s business, 2023

Image of Year 5 PSHE  Rosa Parks Story
15 May

Year 5 PSHE Rosa Parks Story

The children looked at discrimination within our PSHE . They watched a clip and discussed how the children felt then they read the story of Rosa Parks. Afterwards they looked at how to treat people with respect.

Image of Year 2 - Fire Safety Visit
15 May

Year 2 - Fire Safety Visit

Today we had a visit from Darwen Fire Brigade. They taught us all about how to stay safe around fires and how it's important to have a get out plan at home.

Image of Year 2 Fire Plan Reenactment
15 May

Year 2 Fire Plan Reenactment

Year 2 acted out what they had learned about a fire plan at home.

Image of Nursery Class - PSED - Can You Dress The Pirates?
14 May

Nursery Class - PSED - Can You Dress The Pirates?

Nursery Class have been exploring all about pirates this week. The children were tasked with choosing some clothing and dressing the pirates. We spoke about the name of the item of clothing and where on the body it would go.

Image of Year  6 British Values
9 May

Year 6 British Values

In our Class worship Year 6 asked and talked about the question 'Can the past help us learn about modern life?'

Image of Year 5 PSHE
9 May

Year 5 PSHE

In PSHE the children were learning the importance of listening. During the lesson they played a lsitening game, they had to work with a partner to tell and listen to a story. They then had to feedback what had been said.

Image of Online Safety - Helldivers 2
8 May

Online Safety - Helldivers 2

Within the last few months, Helldivers 2 has propelled to immense popularity in the gaming community, with players of all ages enjoying its frenetic combat, humorous presentation, and challenging gameplay. Whether they’re cooperating with friends or competing with strangers, the game has attracted many young players despite its higher age rating. As can be expected from an online game – especially one rated 18+ – there are several inherent online safety risks posed to children and young people who play Helldivers 2; from the content of the game itself to the dangers of interacting with strangers online. Our guide highlights the most prominent hazards of Helldivers 2 and provides you with top tips for keeping its younger players safe.

Image of Nursery - PSHE - Our Pets
3 May

Nursery - PSHE - Our Pets

In Nursery class we have been exploring all about our pets. The children have really enjoyed searching behind the doors to find their own pets, showing them off to their friends with pride! They have also enjoyed finding their friends pets and sharing their findings with each other. We have explored the sounds that our pets make, what their names are and how to look after and care for our animals.

Image of Online Safety - Ofcom Media Report 2024
1 May

Online Safety - Ofcom Media Report 2024

On 19th April 2024, Ofcom released their annual Media Use and Attitudes Report, detailing the findings of several surveys and their implications for parents, children and young people in the UK. These statistics often include plenty of thought-provoking information relating to online safety. The report itself is extremely extensive, so instead we've provided a bespoke selection of data gathered by Ofcom about children and young people’s experiences on social media, video games and the like. Check our guide for a thorough breakdown of the headline findings.

Image of Pre-school- PSHE- Me and my friends
24 Apr

Pre-school- PSHE- Me and my friends

PSHE- Me and my friends The children listened to the story of Elmer and Rosie. Within this story the children discussed their friendships and how they like and dislike different things. We talked about who we were friends with at nursery and at home. We discussed how we have similarities and differences between us. The children created Elmer the elephant of their own and talked about how everyone had created different ones.

Image of Energy Drinks - What You Need to Know
17 Apr

Energy Drinks - What You Need to Know

While the short-term benefits of energy drinks can be attractive, it's not wise to ignore the potential health risks. Consuming these beverages regularly can have negative effects on the heart and blood pressure, and even cause dependency on these products to keep users’ energy at a ‘normal’ level. Factoring in that it’s illegal to sell these drinks to under-16s, the rise in children and young people using energy drinks is a cause for concern. This marked increase in young people using highly caffeinated drinks to supplement their energy has heightened the risk of these health issues arising in children – at a time in their lives where such impacts can have greater, longer-lasting consequences. Our guide addresses these possible hazards, letting you know how to minimise them for children and young people who like the occasional can.

Image of Top Tips for Parents & Educators - Managing Exam Stress
10 Apr

Top Tips for Parents & Educators - Managing Exam Stress

Most of us have felt the dread of impending exams. The pressure to succeed and not let our loved ones – or ourselves – down can sometimes manifest in ways that are harmful to children’s mental and emotional wellbeing. Several studies have demonstrated that, in a vicious circle, such anxiety impacts our working memory and actually damages academic performance as result. However, there are various solutions to the pre-exam jitters besides simply “getting on with it” – and a little support can go a long way in boosting young people who are suffering from this type of apprehension. To tie in with National Stress Awareness Month, this week’s #WakeUpWednesday guide has some expert tips for helping children and young people to deal with exam stress.

Image of Henry Program - New Course Available!
8 Apr

Henry Program - New Course Available!

The next Henry 0-5 will be held at Darwen Family Hub (Lord St) starting on Wednesday April 17th from 12.30-2.30. It is an 8 week programme with a creche available for younger children if needed. Parents/carers can self refer by telephone 01254 585000 or by using the new family hub website If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Image of Online Safety - What Parents and Educators Need to Know about Township
3 Apr

Online Safety - What Parents and Educators Need to Know about Township

Potentially addictive online games are nothing new, but the specifics of this kind of media can vary enormously – and, as a consequence, the risks in each individual game are just as diverse. The city-builder Township is no exception: providing its legions of devotees with accessible, satisfying fun … but exposing them to potential hazards at the same time. However, any safeguarding issues that the game might have can (with a little knowhow) be neutralised – allowing young players to have some engrossing fun without adults needing to worry about children’s data, their money or their mental wellbeing. Our guide outlines how to help young gamers enjoy Township safely and responsibly.

Image of Online Safety - Wake up Wednesday - Clickbait
27 Mar

Online Safety - Wake up Wednesday - Clickbait

While scrolling online, you’ll almost inevitably have come across posts or links with headlines like “You Won’t Believe These 10 Crazy Facts about …”. Such lurid language – and the often-dubious nature of the content it promotes – has become something of a running joke on the internet. Yet while these articles are often laughed at by communities online, they can have an insidious side. Clickbait, as it’s known, can frequently function as part of a trap: intended to draw users in for the sake of advertising revenue or, in worse cases, masking an attempting to collect their personal information. This #WakeUpWednesday guide explores the various risks of clickbait and offers some top tips for evading the pitfalls of this controversial marketing technique.

Image of Toileting Drop In Support Group
21 Mar

Toileting Drop In Support Group

Lord St Family Hub are running a number of sessions to help and support you with toilet training your little one. Please see the dates and times listed in the photo, these sessions are ideal for ensuring your little one is ready for school in September.

Image of 10 Top Tips for Parents and Educators: Encouraging Open Conversations at Home
20 Mar

10 Top Tips for Parents and Educators: Encouraging Open Conversations at Home

Cultural and technological changes have made the experiences of today’s children vastly different to our own childhoods; it can be challenging to engage youngsters in open, honest conversation – especially about more sensitive topics. This, combined with many children’s instinct to avoid “rocking the boat”, can make it difficult to stay up to date with the goings on in their lives. However, it’s hugely important that trusted adults still offer an empathetic ear and feel able to encourage young people to open up about their day-to-day activities. This #WakeUpWednesday guide provides ten top tips for promoting open conversations with children – helping to make sure there’s someone they know they can turn to in times of need.

Image of Developing Healhy Sleeping Patterns
13 Mar

Developing Healhy Sleeping Patterns

For children and young people, low-quality sleep can become a serious issue. It has been theorised that poor sleep can have a significant impact on children’s brain development, affecting them for the rest of their lives. A healthy – and consistent – sleeping pattern, therefore, is incredibly important for children and young people’s wellbeing. With the stresses and distractions that can present themselves to youngsters, it can be tricky to ensure they’re in the best mindset to wind down in the evenings for the rejuvenating rest that they need. The right approach, however, can give them a better chance of cultivating a healthy sleeping pattern. Our guide has some practical tips on helping them to achieve exactly that.

Image of Year 2 - PSHE - Online Safety
11 Mar

Year 2 - PSHE - Online Safety

In PSHE today, we had a discussion about what the internet is and how we can stay safe online. We focussed on staying safe when playing games and only playing with people we know. If we don't feel safe we TAG it - tell a grown up!

Image of Pre School - Keeping Ourselves Safe
1 Mar

Pre School - Keeping Ourselves Safe

Today in PSHE we have been looking at keeping ourselves safe looking at safe and unsafe things to put on our bodies and in our bodies. We looked at different medicines and shampoos. We talked about sand and mud and how we have to try and not get it in our eyes and make sure we wash our eyes.

Image of Supporting Children who are Being Bullied
28 Feb

Supporting Children who are Being Bullied

The latest bullying research from the DfE makes for upsetting reading

Image of Online Safety - Self Regulation
21 Feb

Online Safety - Self Regulation

As infants, we all rely completely on adults to help us resolve situations that are causing us to become upset or stressed. This is known as co-regulation. The next phase, once autonomy has begun to develop, is called self-regulation: this is when children start to become capable of exercising more control over their impulses and behaviour, and managing their own emotions. This vital developmental milestone, however, isn’t reached spontaneously. Learning to self-regulate requires sensitive guidance from trusted adults – simply talking with children about their thoughts and feelings, for instance, can ease the route to self-regulation. This #WakeUpWednesday guide has some expert tips for supporting children to reach this goal.

Image of Reception Class - Things that Matter to us
8 Feb

Reception Class - Things that Matter to us

This afternoon the children have been discussing what matters to them. They transferred these thoughts on to paper and they are bringing them home.

Image of Online Safety - Monkey
7 Feb

Online Safety - Monkey

With Omegle finally shutting down in late 2023, the top spot among video chat services is up for grabs – and Monkey has its eyes set on the crown. Randomly matching its users for 15-second conversations, the platform’s developers claim to have created a dynamic online space for people to make new connections and, potentially, even some new friends. Despite these innocuous-sounding intentions, however, Monkey has been criticised for moderation which may not be comprehensive enough to defend against the obvious dangers that unregulated, random video calls pose to the younger element of the site’s userbase. Our #WakeUpWednesday guide tells trusted adults what they need to know about Monkey.

Image of Online Safety - MYLOL
24 Jan

Online Safety - MYLOL

Teenagers’ blossoming interest in romantic relationships and their devotion to online networking is a potent combination – and, regrettably, not always a safe one. It raises all kind of worries about the possibility of sharing intimate images or deeply personal information; and that’s simply with contacts their own age – to say nothing of the chance of connecting with an older stranger. MyLOL – a site which specifically facilitates interaction between 13 to 19-year-olds – has amassed around a million users worldwide, but sadly its safeguarding protocols can’t match that level of success. The ease with which an adult could pose as a teen under a bogus birthdate makes grooming a realistic threat – and that’s far from the platform’s only risk, as our guide explains.

Image of Pre School - PSHE - Feelings
19 Jan

Pre School - PSHE - Feelings

Today in PSHE we talked about our feelings, exploring happy and sad and what makes us feel like this. We talked about who we would go to if we felt sad and who we would share our happy news with. The children then explored different textures that link to how we would feel in our tummy when we are happy and sad. The children had some fantastic answers and loved touching all the different objects and discussing how that made them feel.

Image of Online Safety - Smartphones
17 Jan

Online Safety - Smartphones

According to Ofcom, 69% of under-18s use a smartphone as their main method of going online. Additionally, 49% of children use them for online gaming – putting smartphones only behind consoles (59%) as the device of choice for playing games on. Most people won’t require such statistical evidence, however, to acknowledge the huge importance of phones to young people. Given that Santa’s recent visit is likely to have bestowed smartphones on an even greater number of young people, it’s a particularly opportune moment to ensure that children are able to use their handsets responsibly – and, above all, safely. From passcodes to parental controls, and from screen time to scams, our #WakeUpWednesday guide has the essential advice.

Image of Online Safety - Freedom of Speech
10 Jan

Online Safety - Freedom of Speech

Freedom of expression is enshrined in international law. Some individuals, however, misunderstand the right to share their opinions as a license to target others with the most horrendous prejudice. So how do we balance people’s prerogative to have their voice heard against everyone’s right to live in a respectful, inclusive society? This conflict frequently unfolds in the digital world. Online posters can be falsely accused of hate speech, while actual hate is often defended as merely being ‘free speech’. To help children and young people learn to identify the boundaries and recognise genuine hate speech when they see it, our #WakeUpWednesday guide provides some helpful definitions and guidelines.

Image of Online Safety - Settng Up Parental Controls
20 Dec

Online Safety - Settng Up Parental Controls

At this time of year, it’s highly possible that you have a new phone, games console or other digital device stashed somewhere at home, ready to be unwrapped. Many parents also prefer to place some protective measures on those gifts – to keep their child shielded from potential #OnlineSafety risks – while others would like to, but aren’t sure where to begin. Our guide shepherds you through the process of establishing parental controls on new internet-enabled devices, from smartphones to laptops to consoles. Simply find the device in question and read on to find out what options you have and how to enable them – letting children enjoy their shiny new gadget, without so much of the worry over where it might lead them.

Image of Online Safety - Tech Free Christmas
13 Dec

Online Safety - Tech Free Christmas

With Christmas right around the corner, millions of families are excitedly anticipating the chance to spend some quality time with each other over the festive season. When everyone’s engrossed in their phones or glued to their games consoles, however, genuinely meaningful moments with loved ones can often be difficult to orchestrate. Our Christmas #WakeUpWednesday guide will lend a hand: providing some advice on helping young people to set aside their devices for a while and live in the moment. Even if going full tech cold turkey feels unrealistic, implementing just a few of these tips could still decrease the amount of screen time in your home this festive season – enabling everyone to make the most of it.

Image of Online Safety - Disney +
7 Dec

Online Safety - Disney +

‘Tis the season for family movie nights  Many parents will be turning to Disney+ for exactly that reason – but how free from #OnlineSafety risks is the House of Mouse’s streaming service? Our #WakeUpWednesday guide delves into Disney+ 

Image of Online Safety - The Online Safety Act
29 Nov

Online Safety - The Online Safety Act

After a lengthy gestation period, the UK Government’s wide-ranging changes to the legislation around digital safeguarding have become enshrined in law as the Online Safety Act. The first of its kind in Britain, the act aims to improve protection for children online and clamp down on illegal material. Regulated by Ofcom, it will primarily impact social media platforms and companies which host user-generated content. The new legislation, however, also carries implications for schools and their staff. Although further developments are expected, our #WakeUpWednesday guide summarises the main points of the act that schools need to be aware of so far – outlining some specific areas that the new laws address and what effect, in practical terms, this will have on education providers.

Image of Online Safety - Black Friday and Cyber Monday
22 Nov

Online Safety - Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Gone are the days of Black Friday only existing in the physical environs of the high street. Now, both this retail landmark and its sister event, Cyber Monday, see deals and discounts displayed across almost every online retailer. The array of reductions makes this an ideal moment to treat a loved one (or yourself!) to those treasured items for considerably less than their usual cost. The frantic dash for the best bargains online, however, also harbours several risks: chiefly, cybercriminals hoping to exploit people’s excitement and hoodwink them out of their hard-earned cash. Our #WakeUpWednesday has some expert pointers on keeping your both your money and your personal information safe while still making the most of the spectacular sales.

Image of 2’s Room - Dinosaurs
21 Nov

2’s Room - Dinosaurs

We have had lots of fun today cleaning the dirty dinosaurs. We talked about being dirty and how we could get clean. We had so much fun!

Image of Nursery - Children in Need
17 Nov

Nursery - Children in Need

We have had such a fun day celebrating children in Need! We even had Pudsey bear come and see us. Have a look at some of the photos of us all enjoying this special day.

Image of Online Safety - Smart TVs
15 Nov

Online Safety - Smart TVs

Smart TVs have become more affordable in recent years, making them readily available to most consumers. These more advanced systems offer numerous features beyond those of a normal television set – chiefly, the ability to access the internet and interface with popular streaming services without the need for a set-top box or other intermediary device. This increased functionality, however, also brings additional threats to privacy, security and more – as you’d perhaps expect from any device capable of going online. As TV is such a cornerstone of our home lives, these dangers can be uniquely difficult to manage. Our #WakeUpWednesday guide breaks down the major risks, with tips on helping children to enjoy TV … stress free.

Image of Reception Class - Anti Bullying Posters
14 Nov

Reception Class - Anti Bullying Posters

Today the children have been talking about how we can be a kind friend. We discussed what bullying means and what we can do if somebody is unkind to us. W then made some posters to put up in our classroom and around school.

Image of Year 4 Anti Bullying Posters
13 Nov

Year 4 Anti Bullying Posters

As part of their PSHE lessons and in aid of Anti Bullying Week, the children have been designing their own anti bullying posters. Here are Year 4’s entries. We will be displaying the posters around school.

Image of Online Safety Microtransactions
8 Nov

Online Safety Microtransactions

Does “free to play” really mean what it says? Many hit games cost nothing to download but make their money via microtransactions – a growing #OnlineSafety concern for parents of young gamers. Our #WakeUpWednesday guide has the details.

Image of Online Safety X
1 Nov

Online Safety X

Would you get an A for your knowledge of X? This #WakeUpWednesday, our free guide tells parents and carers about the #OnlineSafety risks – both new and familiar – to stay alert for on the platform formerly known as Twitter Download >>

Image of Pre School - Birthdays
29 Sep

Pre School - Birthdays

This week in Pre school we have explored birthdays and how we have celebrated birthdays before. We talked about how many candles we had on our cake, if we received birthday cards and presents and if we had birthday parties. We listened to the story of Kipper's Birthday and explored our objects on the carpet. The children then got to create their own present and wrapping paper on our workshop table.

Image of Year 2 Firefighter Visit
29 Jun

Year 2 Firefighter Visit

Sean and Mark from Darwen Fire Service visited Year 2 last week to talk about how to stay safe in a fire and their role in the community. They taught the children to 'stop, drop and roll', which Dolly did a fabulous job at demonstrating. They also taught us the importance of having a fire alarm and set the children 2 challenges. I 1, to check they have a fire alarm that works in their home. 2, learn their home address in case they ever need to call 999. If you do not have a fire alarm then please call the Fire Service on 01254 702288 and they will fit an alarm, free of charge. The children also had the opportunity to role play a scenario. The family were sleeping when a fire alarm woke them up. They tested the 'door' to make sure it wasn't too hot then dropped to the floor before crawling to wake the rest of the family. They all left the building and called 999. Fire Fighter Bailey and Fire Fighter Delilah entered and put the fire out and rescued the dog. Miss Kausar also demonstrated the fire fighter uniform. She said it was very hot and heavy. Mark told us they also have an extra 20 kilo on their back too.

Image of Harold the Giraffe Visit
24 Feb

Harold the Giraffe Visit

This morning, Reception class has had two very special visitors. Steven and Harold from 'life education' came to teach us all about our bodies, our emotions and self care. The children loved learning about a few of their internal organs and what they do to keep our bodies functioning and healthy. We also discussed who we would talk to if we felt sad or unwell and how we could improve our mood by doing different activities. The children also looked after Harold by brushing his hair and brushing his teeth, making sure that he is ready for the day! Harold ended our session by singing a wonderful song all about emotions. I'm sure your little ones will have lots to tell you about Harold and what they have learnt when they get home!

Image of Y6 - UK Parliament Day
18 Nov

Y6 - UK Parliament Day

Year 6 are enjoying the start of our UK Parliament Day by learning all about Parliament while playing a board game!

Image of Y2 - Hand Washing
14 Nov

Y2 - Hand Washing

This afternoon the children learned the importance of washing their hands. Kasim visited school to teach the children about germs, how they spread and how we can stop them spreading by washing our hands and using hand sanitiser. The children used a special gel on their hands and looked at the ‘germs’ under a UV light. They washed their hands and checked again to see how well they had washed the germs away. The children then thought about the importance of cleaning their nails and in between their fingers when washing as these were the places that the germs remained.

Image of Dealing with Grief
14 Sep

Dealing with Grief

How do you deal with grief? It’s important that trusted adults feel able to help children and young people cope with grief –particularly at the moment, when we are mourning the loss of a public figure who was cherished by so many. This week, our first #WakeUpWednesday guide with The National College has practical tips to support children with the events of recent days.

Image of Wake Up Wednesday - Equality Online
13 Jul

Wake Up Wednesday - Equality Online

The goal is equality. To celebrate a vibrant opening week of #weuro22, our #WakeUpWednesday guide has top tips for helping young fans ensure they know how to remain respectful online … and how to react if they see a red-card offence!

Image of Reception Class Transition Afternoons.
6 Jul

Reception Class Transition Afternoons.

Our new Reception children have joined us for three transition afternoons this week, and what fun we had! The children were able to explore their new environment, meet their new teachers and each other, and take part in lots of fun games and activities. We can’t wait to see you all again in September!

Image of Y2 and 3 Fire Service Visit
9 May

Y2 and 3 Fire Service Visit

Y2 and 3 had a visit from Darwen Fire and Rescue Service this week. They learned all about keeping safe around fires and what the fire service do to help us.

Image of Entrepreneurship at DSJ.
26 Mar

Entrepreneurship at DSJ.

This half term in nurture groups the children have been developing their entrepreneurship skills by making and selling different items. The children have been learning how to budget, spend and record spending. They have created various methods of market research and on Friday we held a market in the hall to begin selling our items.

Image of EYFS - Police Visit
11 Mar

EYFS - Police Visit

This afternoon we had a visit from PC Ros and PC Gail. They came to talk to the children about the jobs that police officers do, and how they help keep us safe.

Image of Y2 - Life Education Visit
4 Mar

Y2 - Life Education Visit

This afternoon, Y2 had a visit from Life Education. Our topic for discussion was 'Feelings'. We had a special visit from Harold and we were lucky enough to give him a stroke.

Image of Year 5 Primary Futures Webinar.
24 Feb

Year 5 Primary Futures Webinar.

Year 5 were very lucky to take part in a Primary Futures webinar about gender stereotypes in the workplace. They met two people from different work places; Cheryl, who was a Delivery Project Manager within the building sector and Tony, who was a Mental Health Nurse for the NHS. The children really enjoyed asking lots of insightful questions to these people and learning all about their careers!

Image of Looking After our Teeth - Reception Class
24 Jan

Looking After our Teeth - Reception Class

Today Reception Class had a visit from Helen at Talking Teeth in Schools. She came and talked to us about our teeth and how important it is to look after them. We toook par tin lots of fun activities around dental health and we had a healthy snack too.

Image of Year 6 - Fire and Road Safety Visit.
14 Jan

Year 6 - Fire and Road Safety Visit.

Year 6 had a fantastic fire and road safety visit from the Darwen Fire Service this afternoon, and were lucky enough to get a guided tour around the fire engine afterwards!

Image of Young Minds - Wear Yellow Day!
5 Oct

Young Minds - Wear Yellow Day!

Friday 8th October we will be holding a #HELLOYELLOW day in aid of Young Minds Charity on World Mental Health Day .