The subject lead for Religious Education at Darwen St James is Mrs Simms.

New RE policy and appendix

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The Christian vision for the academy is ‘to treasure and love every individual, for pupils to have a thirst for learning, love for life and embrace the future with Christian hope and confidence’. Its mission statement is ‘working together, to love, to learn, to live’. These two impressive statements of intent are at the very heart of the academy’s work. Pastoral support through Christian love and care is exemplary.

SIAMS Inspection Report 2017



In nursery, we have been talking about why we are special and what makes us special. We created our beautiful pictures by drawing around our hands and then using ink to print our unique fingerprints. We talked about God and how he made us all different and how being different is a good thing.

We have also been learning about harvest and we used different fruits and vegetables to create our very own paintings. We had lots of fun doing this and enjoyed learning about what harvest is and why it is important.



In Reception we have been looking at our favourite foods, then we looked at Harvest and how we thank God for what he has given us. We created fruit kebabs and ate them together - thanking God. We have also been making thank you baskets.


Year 1

In Year 1 we are learning all about Harvest.  We have looked at different foods and where in the world they come from.  We have also thought about people in the world who may not have a good harvest and what we could do to help them.  For our school Harvest Festival we have talked about the Yam Festival in Ghana.  We decorated yams and tasted them for the first time.  On the whole we thought they were yummy!


Year 2

In RE this term, Year 2 have been learning about the Bible and how it is important to Christians. Rob came to school to talk about how the Bible is special to him, about different stories in the Old and New Testament and to answer some of our questions. 

Throughout the unit we will be learning about people who struggled to have a Bible, including Mary Jones and the impact this has had on society and also about the Qumran scrolls, known as the Dead Sea Scrolls.

We will progress onto learning about Holy Books from other faiths and look at similarities and differences between The Bible and other Holy Books, including the Qur’an.


Year 3

In our topic, Called by God we discussed the things we might be asked to do and not really want to do! We had some funny answers. Not wanting to tidy our room and not wanting to share our toys.

We then looked at how God called upon people to do important tasks. We looked at Moses who was afraid at first but believed in God and carried out his wishes. As a class we then thought of questions we would like to ask Moses.

Next we looked at the story of Abraham and Isaac. It started off really sad, but again Abraham believed in God and in the end he didn’t have to sacrifice his son. Then we took part in some drama depicting the story of Abraham and Jesus. It was our first time doing drama and we were all a little nervous and some of us had the giggles but we really enjoyed the lesson and learnt that we need to believe in God as he is always there for us.


Year 4

In Year 4 we have been learning all about a boy called David. We have learned how he has been chosen to be the King of Israel and how he defeated a huge warrior called Goliath. In one lesson we learned about the strong friendship between David and Jonathan. We learned how Jonathan showed his friendship to David by giving him a gift of a robe and a sword. Jonathan’s father was King Saul and he was jealous of David and wanted him killed but Jonathan begged his father not to hurt David. His father agreed for a short time but he grew jealous and angry again and ordered David to be killed. Jonathan warned Daivd and helped him escape so he could be safe. Although they were apart they remained best of friends. We talked about the friendship between David and Jonathan then discussed our own friendships. We decided on the qualities a good friend should have and the times our friends have been there for us. We then wrote some recipes for a friend!


Year 5

In year 5 we have been looking at the Indonesian Rice Festival, in Bali, as part of our Harvest around the world work. We looked the Karapan Sapi which is a bull race that takes places in the festival. The bulls are decorated in gold, fabrics and sequins before racing through the festival parade. We have made our own headdresses using images from the bull race as reference


Year 6

In Year 6 we have been looking at life being a journey.  We began by thinking about what a journey is and why people might take a journey. Then we thought about the similarities and differences between life and journeys before moving on to thinking about what a Christian’s life journey might be like, and if this is easy or hard, and why. Rev Rebecca came into class to answer some of our questions about the life journey of a Christian. 

We visited Church for the first time in over 18 months and what a lovely celebration it was.

Each class has been learning about different Harvest Festivals from around the world and the children spoke and sang with such courage in front of the whole school.

Our new choir also sang a Harvest song and it sounded amazing! We are looking forward to our next celebration in Church already!