16 Jan

Year 6 - Science

Year 6 are studying Light in science, and created investigations to prove that light travels in a straight line. Can you see the torchlight shining through all the holes in the cards? We discovered that the holes have to be lined up for this to occur - light doesn’t travel around corners!

12 Jan

Year 3 - Science

In Science today we have been comparing different types of soil to see how much water they absorb for a farmer. The clay loam was the best at absorbing water. We used our measuring skills to work out the volume in millilitres.

9 Dec

Year 6 Science

Year 6 have been carrying out a scientific investigation to test their predictions that the heart rate will rise even if you are doing a stationary exercise like the plank or a yoga balance pose.

8 Dec

Year 4 Science

Today we looked at sound waves in science. We can demonstrate a sound wave by acting it out. What happened when Alfred banged the drum?

1 Dec

Y3 - Making Fossils

Year 3 have been making their own fossils during science.

21 Oct

Y2 Light Investigation

We completed a light investigation in science this week. We received an email from a scientist explaining his methods and his results, however we found he had made a few mistakes. We then explored the resources and completed the test ourselves before writing an e-mail back to him with some ideas to help in complete a fair test in the future.

20 Oct

Y4 - Creating Board Games

Year 4 are busy making their earthquakes and volcanoes board games.

19 Oct

Nursery - Exploring Autumn

Nursery have had lots of fun exploring Autumn this half term. There has been lots of outdoor learning.

6 Oct

Y2 Science

Another week, another Science investigation for Y2. This week the children looked at different plastic bottles to see which was the most flexible. They found that the ketchup bottle was easier to squeeze and the water from the ketchup bottle travelled the furthest. It travelled 440cm in total whereas the water in a water bottle only travelled 110cm. They other bottles they tested were a fruit shoot bottle, fairy liquid bottle and a shampoo bottle.

30 Sep

Y1 Science

In Year 1 we have been exploring rain and making rain gauges in Science.

28 Sep

Science in Y2

In Y2, we did a Science investigation after receiving a message from Henry saying he had a hole in his bucket and needed help to stop it leaking. We tested different materials and found that glue was the best, as no water leaked through, whereas playdough let 84ml water through!

22 Sep

Y3 Science

Year 3 have been learning about the functions of skeletons in humans and animals. Here are some of the skeletons they assembled.

13 Sep

Y4 Classifying Animals

Some great work in year 4, classifying animals. They sorted them into vertebrates and invertebrates, and then into mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish and birds.