13 Jul

Y2 - Trip to Bowland Wild Boar Park

Year 2 had a fantastic time at Bowland Wild Boar Park.

5 Jul

Y4 - Science

Today Y4 were scientists investigating which type of chocolate melts the fastest!

5 Jul

Y2 - Science; Plants and Trees

The children had a wonderful time on our walk around Bold Venture park this morning. We looked at different plants and trees and thought about which were wild plants and which had been planted. We also thought about how seeds are dispersed.

5 Jul

Two’s Room - Planting Seeds

Last week in the two’s room afternoon group, we planted some cress seeds. We talked about what the seeds needed in order for them to grow and we used a watering can to water our own seeds. We have been watching them grow and when we checked on them today, they had grown so much!

4 Jul

Reception - Science Experiment

Yesterday the children participated in a science experiment. We had to choose some materials that would keep Incy Wincy dry. We used water to check if the material was waterproof and discussed the different properties of each item.

22 Jun

Y2 - Little Zoo

Last week, Gemma from Little Zoo to you visited school with a selection of animals and spoke to the children about their habitats. The children had a wonderful time and learned lots of different facts!

18 May

Year 3 - Science.

In Science this afternoon, we have been testing to see which shoes have the best grip. We planned and set up our own fair tests.

16 May

Year 5 - Science Experiement Which sugar dissolves the fastest?

Year 5 observing different types of sugar using the digital microscopes. Which might take the longest to dissolve? Which sugar dissolves the fastest? Year 5 has devised their own fair tests.

9 May

Year 5 Science

Year 5 have been finding out which materials are conductors or insulators of electricity.

4 May

Y1 - Science.

Today year 1 tested different materials for transparency in Science.

31 Mar

Y6 - Electrical Circuits

Year 6 science investigation to discover whether adding more bulbs into an electrical circuit will affect the brightness of the bulb.

30 Mar

Y4 Science, The Digestive System

Today we continued to learn about the digestive system in Science. We worked in groups to make posters of the different parts of the digestive system, drawing and explaining and what each part does. Ask us all about it!

18 Mar

Y4 - Working Scientifically

Year 4 have been learning about teeth in our science lessons so we wanted to investigate the affect different liquids have on teeth. We used hard boiled eggs to represent teeth. We put each egg into a plastic cup and covered it with a different liquid. We used coco-cola, orange juice, milk, a sports drink, vinegar and water. We predicted what will happen to each egg but we will wait one week to find out!

11 Mar

2's Room - Minibeasts.

The Two's Room have been busy exploring Mini Beasts this week. Creating caterpillars with the play dough and using Mini Mash to create a garden centre adding flowers and bugs to go.

11 Mar

Pre School - Minibeasts

This week Pre-School have been exploring mini beasts and have created houses for the bugs to live in. They have discussed where they live and what they like to eat and created snails, spiders and caterpillars at the workshop table.

9 Mar

Reception Class - Browning Apples

Reception Class have been exploring change over time. They have added different liquids to apples; lemon juice, vinegar, milk, water and some apples with no liquid. The children had to predict which liquid they thought would turn the apple brown first and explain their thoughts. The children checked the apples and different liquids at regular intervals throughout the day, discussing the changes they had witnessed.

23 Feb

Year 3 -Science

Year 3 have been investigating what happens to the size of a shadow when the angle of the light source changes

4 Feb

Y4 - Science, Learning about Teeth.

In our Science lessons Y4 have been learning about teeth! We have learnt about the different types of teeth, what they are called and what they are used for. We then tried to make a model of our own teeth! Here are some of our teeth models!

31 Jan

Y5 - Science, Collecting Data.

Year 5 have been measuring meteor craters and creating charts with the data.

31 Jan

Pre-School - Planting and Growing.

This week we are continuing with our story of Jasper’s Beanstalk. The children have planting cress today to explore how it grows and what it needs to grow. The children are so excited to see what happens next.

26 Jan

Y3 - Science, Exploring Light.

This afternoon year 3 have started their new Science topic called Light. We have been investigating how we need light in order to see and the absence of light is dark.

16 Jan

Year 6 - Science

Year 6 are studying Light in science, and created investigations to prove that light travels in a straight line. Can you see the torchlight shining through all the holes in the cards? We discovered that the holes have to be lined up for this to occur - light doesn’t travel around corners!

12 Jan

Year 3 - Science

In Science today we have been comparing different types of soil to see how much water they absorb for a farmer. The clay loam was the best at absorbing water. We used our measuring skills to work out the volume in millilitres.

9 Dec

Year 6 Science

Year 6 have been carrying out a scientific investigation to test their predictions that the heart rate will rise even if you are doing a stationary exercise like the plank or a yoga balance pose.

8 Dec

Year 4 Science

Today we looked at sound waves in science. We can demonstrate a sound wave by acting it out. What happened when Alfred banged the drum?

1 Dec

Y3 - Making Fossils

Year 3 have been making their own fossils during science.

21 Oct

Y2 Light Investigation

We completed a light investigation in science this week. We received an email from a scientist explaining his methods and his results, however we found he had made a few mistakes. We then explored the resources and completed the test ourselves before writing an e-mail back to him with some ideas to help in complete a fair test in the future.

20 Oct

Y4 - Creating Board Games

Year 4 are busy making their earthquakes and volcanoes board games.

19 Oct

Nursery - Exploring Autumn

Nursery have had lots of fun exploring Autumn this half term. There has been lots of outdoor learning.

6 Oct

Y2 Science

Another week, another Science investigation for Y2. This week the children looked at different plastic bottles to see which was the most flexible. They found that the ketchup bottle was easier to squeeze and the water from the ketchup bottle travelled the furthest. It travelled 440cm in total whereas the water in a water bottle only travelled 110cm. They other bottles they tested were a fruit shoot bottle, fairy liquid bottle and a shampoo bottle.

30 Sep

Y1 Science

In Year 1 we have been exploring rain and making rain gauges in Science.

28 Sep

Science in Y2

In Y2, we did a Science investigation after receiving a message from Henry saying he had a hole in his bucket and needed help to stop it leaking. We tested different materials and found that glue was the best, as no water leaked through, whereas playdough let 84ml water through!

22 Sep

Y3 Science

Year 3 have been learning about the functions of skeletons in humans and animals. Here are some of the skeletons they assembled.

13 Sep

Y4 Classifying Animals

Some great work in year 4, classifying animals. They sorted them into vertebrates and invertebrates, and then into mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish and birds.