At Darwen St James’ we aim to create an attractive, welcoming and stimulating learning environment which encourages children to explore, investigate and learn through first hand experiences. We also aim to make it a place where children feel secure and confident, and are challenged to develop their independence. In Nursery and Reception, children are encouraged to become independent learners and to take some responsibility for initiating their own lines of enquiry and investigation through play. 

EYFS Documents

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Nursery Information

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Reception Class Information

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Take a look at all of the fun things we will be learning this year!
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The Early Learning Goals (ELGs) are the goals or targets for children to achieve at the end of their reception year. They will be working towards these goals throughout the EYFS.

Take a Look at our New Early Years Outdoor Area!

We are absolutely delighted with our new Early Year's outdoor provision, designed and created by Cool Canvas, who create bespoke play areas using natural materials.

Children are naturally drawn to playing outside and there are so many benefits to outdoor play which have a real positive impact on children’s lives. They have the chance to connect with the natural world and have first hand experiences of life and growth. There are endless opportunities for creativity and imagination not to mention improved fitness, developed muscle strength, and coordination.

The outdoor environment is the perfect place to learn through movement, which is one of the four ways through which children can learn (the others being talk, play and sensory experiences). All of these happen more naturally outside, and so it is important that children have lots of space and opportunities to move in different ways. This was a huge consideration for us when the outdoor area was being created. We wanted something that would allow the children to climb, swing, crawl, run, jump, dig and really use those muscles.

There are also clear health benefits associated with outdoor learning and the NHS (2018) guidelines states that children under 5 years old should spend 3 hours a day doing a variety of physical activities spread throughout the day, including active and outdoor play. The more the better.

I am sure you will agree that our new outdoor space will provide the children with endless hours of activity, wonder and awe. With so many spaces to explore, inluding our huge sand pit, a texture kitchen, an amazing water wall and a stage area! With so many things to explore I have a feeling that our indoor area may be quiet for a while!




Here are some things you can do with your little one at home.

Home Learning

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Click here to access Phonics Play, we are currently working in phase 1 and 2.

Royal Tea Party 26/5/22

Reception Class welcomed their grown ups to a Royal Tea Party this afternoon and we had a fantastic time! We played party games, had a Queen's Jubilee scavenger hunt and then enjoyed some wonderful food. It was lovely to see the children and their grown ups having lots of fun!

Sports Day 25/5/22

EYFS have taken part in sports day today, the children had a fantastic time and did really well at all of the activity stations. They cheered each other on and helped each other when needed. A huge well done to everybody!

This half term Reception Class have been busy preparing for the Queen's Jubilee. We have been reading The Queen's Hat as our main text. We had great fun exploring the different types of hats and describing which were our favourites and why. The children have drawn portraits of the Queen and the yhave been preparing for our Royal Tea Party on 26th May.

Smoothie Bike 24/5/22

Reception Class had a visit form Mellors Smoothie Bike! Dean discussed the different fruits with us and how they help us to stay healthy. We had a turn at pedalling the bike to power the blender, creating our own smoothies. Delicious!


Mother's Day Stay and Play.

On Friday 25th March, Reception Class welcomed their Mums, Grannies, Nannas, Aunties and female carers for a stay and play session. It was wonderful to welcome the parent's back into school. 

The children enjoyed showing them their classroom and all of the fun things they get to do. We also did some craft activities and planted some bulbs.

Visit from PC Ros and PC Gail.

Today our EYFS children had a visit from our local Police. They came to discuss how they help to keep us safe, and the different types of jobs that they do. The children had an opportunity to try on different parts of the police uniform and ask questions.

We are taking part in a police colouring competition, we will post the winners when they have been judged.

Science - Browning Apples

Reception Class have been exploring changes over time. They have added different liquids to apples; lemon juice, vinegar, milk and water. They left one apple without any liquid.

The children had to predict which liquid they thought would turn the apple brown first and explain their thoughts.

The children checked the apples at regular intervals throughout the day, disucssing the changes they had witnessed.

Shrove Tuesday.

Today the children in Reception have made pancakes! We discussed the ingredients we would need and followed the recipe. The children had a go at measuring the ingredients, making the batter and cutting up the fruit for their toppings. They watched Miss Sears make the pancakes as it was too hot for us to try, she did a great job of flipping the pancakes and didn't drop one!

The children then selected their toppings and ate their pancakes!

In nursery, we have been very busy learning lots of new things. We have been reading some traditional tales and have enjoyed doing lots of fun activities around this. We had a visit from a police officer and she told us all about what she does for her job. Mrs Corbally then built us a police station to play in and we have all had so much fun pretending to be police officers. We have taken part in online safety awareness and talked about how to be safe when online and who to talk to if we are unsure about something. We have enjoyed playing outside and playing in all the different areas in nursery. We are looking forward to having lots of fun in the coming weeks. 



Today Reception Class had a visit from Helen at Talking Teeth in Schools. She came and talked to us about our teeth and how important it is to look after them. We toook part in lots of fun activities around dental health and we had a healthy snack too.

We have had lots of fun in nursery this term, learning lots of new things. We have been learning all about people who help us such as doctors, dentists, nurses, police officers, fire fighters, postal workers, teachers and more. Along with this, we have been developing our fine and gross motor skills. As we entered December, the children took part in a our nursery nativity, learning the christmas story and enjoy all of the festive activities.

Reception Class.

In Reception Class this half term we have had a lovely time getting to know each other and exploring our new environment. We have been learning the boundaries and routines of the classroom and around school. It has been a very busy first half term, with lots of fun and learning!


Nursery Class.

In nursery this term, we have been learning all about ourselves. The children have explored the environment and engaged in lots of different activities to develop their interests.