Image of Pre School - Keeping Ourselves Safe
1 Mar

Pre School - Keeping Ourselves Safe

Today in PSHE we have been looking at keeping ourselves safe looking at safe and unsafe things to put on our bodies and in our bodies. We looked at different medicines and shampoos. We talked about sand and mud and how we have to try and not get it in our eyes and make sure we wash our eyes.

Image of Two’s Room - Minibeasts
1 Mar

Two’s Room - Minibeasts

We have had a fantastic week in nursery this week. We have been learning all about minibeasts and creating our own bees. We had lots of fun during rhyme time with our family members. We had fun playing in the water with the ducks. We looked at the word sitting and what it means to us. We all practiced doing this and we also showed this with other objects. We enjoyed playing a colour matching game where we had to match the different colours to the different coloured objects. We have spent time exploring the outdoors and we even found some worms.

Image of Supporting your Bilingual Child
27 Feb

Supporting your Bilingual Child

Speaking two languages is an amazing skill to have! So if you're raising a bilingual child here are a few ways to support them

Image of Two’s Room - Rhyme Time
27 Feb

Two’s Room - Rhyme Time

The parents and children in the Two’s room had a fantastic time during our rhyme time today. Thank you to all of the parents who could make it. Please don't worry if you couldn't make it this week as it will be running it every week.

Image of Nursery - Story and Rhyme Time
25 Feb

Nursery - Story and Rhyme Time

We are pleased to announce our new story and rhyme time sessions in nursery. Tuesday for the Two's class children Thursday for Pre School children Parents are welcome to come to the session from 11.00 am for morning children. 2.30 pm for afternoon children. In this time we will have a lovely story/ rhyme session and before we finish you will be able to change your child's reading book with them before you go. We will now be changing books on Tuesday for Two's class children and Thursday for Pre School.

Image of Reception Class - Group Reading
22 Feb

Reception Class - Group Reading

Reception have been working hard to apply their phonics knowledge to their reading. They have been working on ‘speedy reading’ breaking down the word into sounds and blending together to read the words.

Image of Pre School - Katie’s Sunflowers
22 Feb

Pre School - Katie’s Sunflowers

In literacy this week we have started a new story called Katie and the sunflowers. Katie goes to a gallery and sees a beautiful picture of some sunflowers. We discussed what we would see in a gallery and learnt some new words from Grandma Fantastic. We decided to create our very own sunflowers.

Image of Two’s Room Fun!
22 Feb

Two’s Room Fun!

We have had lots of fun today. We have started looking at a new book this week, which is all about being a good friend. In our book, there are lots of different things to look at. We had a picnic together sharing all of our yummy food with our friends, just like in our story. We also created beautiful butterflies using lots of different materials. We had fun in the tuff tray making caterpillars and spiders by threading the cereal and pasta onto the pipe cleaners.

Image of Reception Class - Things that Matter to us
8 Feb

Reception Class - Things that Matter to us

This afternoon the children have been discussing what matters to them. They transferred these thoughts on to paper and they are bringing them home.

Image of Pre School - Chinese New Year
7 Feb

Pre School - Chinese New Year

In Understanding the world we celebrated the Chinese New Year. In class we learnt that it is the year of the Dragon and how it is celebrated. We created dragon masks, lanterns and noodle dishes. We had lots of fun dancing to music with our masks and ribbon.

Image of Two’s Room - Dear Zoo
5 Feb

Two’s Room - Dear Zoo

We have had a good week so far in nursery. We have been looking at our story, Dear Zoo. We dressed up like the different animals and moved our bodies and made noises like the animals. We made animal footprints using the different coloured paints. We also made elephants which have long trunks and big ears! In our physical development room we have been practising our crawling and climbing skills. More fun to come!

Image of Reception Class - Bug Hunt
5 Feb

Reception Class - Bug Hunt

This afternoon, Reception class went on a bug hunt around the school grounds. We found an array of bugs including slugs, worms and a millipede. We observed the environment and explored under stones and equipment to find dark warm places that the bugs might like to live in. The children really thought about where the bugs might be and gave some great observational comments about what they discovered.

Image of Reception Class - Our Local Area
29 Jan

Reception Class - Our Local Area

This afternoon the children have continued to develop their geographical knowledge by exploring their homes and the local area on Google Maps. The children loved directing me to their houses and pointing out familiar landmarks.

Image of Pre School - Little Red Riding Hood
26 Jan

Pre School - Little Red Riding Hood

This week the children have been learning about the fairy tale Little Red riding hood. We have developed our fine motor skills using the tweezers to get the pom poms out of the forest. We developed our skills for maths with Grandma's cakes, giving a plate to Red riding hood, Grandma and wood cutter, even though we gave out the cakes the total remained the same. We played a game of hide and seek with Grandma and revisited a lesson on our senses.

Image of 2’s Room - Exploring light and dark
25 Jan

2’s Room - Exploring light and dark

We have had lots of fun this week, taking part in lots of different activities. We had fun exploring light and dark. We switched all the lights off in our classroom and used a torch to look around. We talked about what happens at night time and the stars and the moon shine in the sky.

Image of Reception RE - The Walls of Jericho
24 Jan

Reception RE - The Walls of Jericho

In RE, Reception used their amazing acting skills to learn the story of Joshua and the walls of Jericho. Some children built the city of Jericho and then others followed Joshua with their trumpets and walked around the city 7 times. The walls came down with a lot of noise!

Image of Pre School - PSHE - Feelings
19 Jan

Pre School - PSHE - Feelings

Today in PSHE we talked about our feelings, exploring happy and sad and what makes us feel like this. We talked about who we would go to if we felt sad and who we would share our happy news with. The children then explored different textures that link to how we would feel in our tummy when we are happy and sad. The children had some fantastic answers and loved touching all the different objects and discussing how that made them feel.

Image of Reception Class - English - Writing about Penguins
19 Jan

Reception Class - English - Writing about Penguins

Reception class have been learning all about penguins this half term. During our English lesson the children wrote the sentence ‘the daddy penguin hugs his baby.’ The children applied their phonetic knowledge, identifying tricky words and using their segmenting skills. Great effort everyone!

Image of Reception Class - Phonics and Early Reading
16 Jan

Reception Class - Phonics and Early Reading

Reception Class have been settling into their new routine of guided reading and phonics. We are developing our blending, segmenting and writing skills.

Image of Pre School RE Epiphany
16 Jan

Pre School RE Epiphany

We have had a great first week in nursery and today we have had our R.E session. We have explored the meaning of Epiphany. The children played with the three kings and went to meet Baby Jesus in the stable. We had to think about what we would give baby Jesus if we went to see him.

Image of Two’s Room - Kitchen Disco
15 Jan

Two’s Room - Kitchen Disco

We have started looking at our new book, Kitchen disco! It has lots of fruits and vegetables inside the book and so we have been exploring the different kinds of fruits and vegetables today. We touched and smelt the fruits and vegetables and talked about what they were called. We also played with the carrots and the lettuce in the water. We have lots of fun activities planned for this week. Here are some photos of what we have been up to today.

Image of Reception - Playdough Christmas Trees
12 Dec

Reception - Playdough Christmas Trees

This morning we have been creating some christmas trees at our playdough table. The children have moulded their playdough into tree shapes and used lots of materials to decorate them, including gems, beads, pompoms and pipe cleaners. They did a great job and have created some Fabulous trees!

Image of Nursery Nativity
11 Dec

Nursery Nativity

A huge well done to our Nursery superstars who have worked so hard on their nativity. They acted out the Nativity story and sang sone Christmas songs.

Image of Pre School - North and South Pole
8 Dec

Pre School - North and South Pole

This week in Understanding the world, we learnt about the North and South pole and what we would find there. We discovered lots of ice and different animals to what we would see in Darwen. We put the polar bears and reindeer in the North pole and whales and penguins in the south pole. The children then explored ice and what happens to the ice when it starts to get warm.

Image of Reception - RE - Diwali
6 Dec

Reception - RE - Diwali

In R.E this week we have been looking at Diwali, the Hindu festival of light! We spoke about the victory of light over darkness and good over evil. Even the smallest light cannot be dimmed by the darkness. We used glow sticks and torches to test this theory, the result was beautiful and the children thoroughly enjoyed our own mini festival of light.

Image of Nursery - Decorating the Tree
1 Dec

Nursery - Decorating the Tree

We have had so much fun today decorating our Christmas trees! We decorated one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The children learnt lots of skills including turn taking and teamwork. They developed their fine motor skills hanging up the baubles. I think you will agree that they both look amazing!

Image of Reception - Scavenger Sort
30 Nov

Reception - Scavenger Sort

Yesterday we went on a scavenger hunt around the school grounds to see what we could find in nature! The children found an array of items including leaves, berries and ice. The children sorted all of the objects into groups before we took a look at our haul! We spoke about why the leaves were on the ground instead of in the trees. What animals may need the berries as a food source. How the ice was formed. Why it is important to put our rubbish in the bin. Reception class did a great job working scientifically and they had lots of ideas and comments about what we had found.

Image of 2’s Room - Dinosaur Art
28 Nov

2’s Room - Dinosaur Art

We have been very creative today making big dinosaurs together, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. We used natural materials to create our dinosaurs.

Image of Nursery PE - Throwing and Passing
24 Nov

Nursery PE - Throwing and Passing

This week in P.E the children have been developing their throwing and catching skills, passing the bean bags to each other and developing our core strength.

Image of 2’s Room - Exploring Ice
22 Nov

2’s Room - Exploring Ice

We have had a great day exploring ice today and what happens when we put it into warm water. We were excited to find out that when the ice melted, some dinosaurs appeared! We counted the dinosaurs that we found and also talked about what colour they were.

Image of 2’s Room - Dinosaurs
21 Nov

2’s Room - Dinosaurs

We have had lots of fun today cleaning the dirty dinosaurs. We talked about being dirty and how we could get clean. We had so much fun!

Image of 2’s Room - Finger Painting
20 Nov

2’s Room - Finger Painting

The children have been using their fingers and paint to make marks on the dinosaur picture.

Image of Nursery - Children in Need
17 Nov

Nursery - Children in Need

We have had such a fun day celebrating children in Need! We even had Pudsey bear come and see us. Have a look at some of the photos of us all enjoying this special day.

Image of Pre School - Hibernation
16 Nov

Pre School - Hibernation

The children enjoyed learning all about Hibernation yesterday. We explored which animals hibernate and how they store their food for winter. We went out and collected leaves, twigs and food that the animals might need. The children then made houses for the hedgehogs to sleep in for winter.

Image of 2’s Room - Exploring Outside
15 Nov

2’s Room - Exploring Outside

We had lots of fun exploring the outdoors today! We made leaf soup in the mud kitchen and enjoyed climbing on the climbing frame. We love exploring in Autumn time with all the leaves crunching under our feet. We made sure to wrap up warm today and had so much fun!

Image of Reception Class - Phonics - Popcorn Pop
15 Nov

Reception Class - Phonics - Popcorn Pop

During our phonics lesson today the children were introduced to our phonics game 'popcorn pop'. Inside our popcorn box we have some graphemes, tricky words and some CVC words to help the children with their blending. We really enjoyed this game and we will definitely be playing it again to help us with our phonics knowledge.

Image of Reception Class - Anti Bullying Posters
14 Nov

Reception Class - Anti Bullying Posters

Today the children have been talking about how we can be a kind friend. We discussed what bullying means and what we can do if somebody is unkind to us. W then made some posters to put up in our classroom and around school.

Image of Reception Class -Maths - Parts That Make a Whole
13 Nov

Reception Class -Maths - Parts That Make a Whole

Tooday the children have been learning how to; Identify the 'whole' when shown 1 part of a familiar object identify that the parts are still visible when they are assembled to make the whole hear the language of 'whole' and 'parts'. I’ve got a basket full of different parts here. Do you think you can help me sort out a problem? In my basket I have collected some things that I found left out, and they need sorting. Do you think you can help me decide which whole thing each part belongs to? We can say that parts can join together to make a whole. 

Image of Pre School - Literacy - Where The Wild Things Are
10 Nov

Pre School - Literacy - Where The Wild Things Are

In Literacy this week we have started our new story,' Where the Wild Things Are.' The children went out in the garden to find wild things using our imagination like Max from our story. The children found bears, witches and owls in the forest and loved running away from them and hiding in different places. The children moved their bodies to the action words we have been learning, skipping and marching. We even made some magic wands.

Image of Reception Class -Acting out a Story
9 Nov

Reception Class -Acting out a Story

In Reception Class we have been acting out the story of Owl Babies. The children took on the role of different characters, repeating familiar phrases from the story.

Image of 2’s Room - Physical Development
6 Nov

2’s Room - Physical Development

The children in 2’s room have been exploring their new room, designed to promote their physical development. They are able to climb, jump, balance and develop their motor skills.

Image of Reception Class - Phonics
6 Nov

Reception Class - Phonics

Today in phonics the children have been practising their blending skills by playing Dragon's Den. The children had to read the words on the egg and decide if they thought the word was real or fake. They voted on this using our coloured fans.

Image of Pre School - Counting Songs
3 Nov

Pre School - Counting Songs

In maths this week the children have been learning different counting songs. We used the blocks to touch count each object in our songs. We enjoyed singing five little ducks, five cheeky monkeys and five currant buns.

Image of Reception Class Name Writing
16 Oct

Reception Class Name Writing

Reception Class have been working hard on identifying and writing their names. Some of our children are self correcting their pen grip too which is great!

Image of 2’s Room - Birthdays
6 Oct

2’s Room - Birthdays

We have had lots of fun this week in the 2’s room learning about birthdays and how we celebrate them. We enjoyed looking at photos of when we were babies and how much we have grown! We have enjoyed making cakes using the playdough and inserting candles into the dough and counting them. We have had another week playing with the flour, making cakes and making marks using our fingers. We have all explored the classroom and we even created a birthday cake using the interactive board. What a fun week we have had!

Image of Pre School - Bear Hunt
6 Oct

Pre School - Bear Hunt

In literacy this week we have continued exploring our story of We're Going on a Bear Hunt. We have now reached the dark forest and explored the different sounds we would hear in the forest, selecting pictures of the animals we would find. We used the sensory box to find hidden bugs and twigs. We created forest pictures, painting with twigs and leaves. We then went outside to make a bear cave, collecting twigs, leaves and recalling the story as we worked together to make the cave. I think the bear would be very happy.

Image of Handwriting in Reception
2 Oct

Handwriting in Reception

Reception Class have been busy practicing their handwriting this afternoon. We are working on following a simple pattern on our boards, moving from left to right and holding our pen correctly.

Image of Pre School - Birthdays
29 Sep

Pre School - Birthdays

This week in Pre school we have explored birthdays and how we have celebrated birthdays before. We talked about how many candles we had on our cake, if we received birthday cards and presents and if we had birthday parties. We listened to the story of Kipper's Birthday and explored our objects on the carpet. The children then got to create their own present and wrapping paper on our workshop table.

Image of Reception -UtW - Humans
25 Sep

Reception -UtW - Humans

We will be learning all about humans in Science this term. Reception class explored their faces this week, the children took it in turns to look into our mirror and describe what they could see. The children were able to name some of their features, eyes, nose mouth etc. They looked very carefully and started to notice their differences, some children have brown eyes, some have blue. Some children have freckles while others don't. Some of our friends have long hair and some have short hair. The children really enjoyed looking at themselves and each other, noticing new things about their faces.

Image of Pre School - Literacy
22 Sep

Pre School - Literacy

In literacy the children in pre-school have been exploring our story; We're Going on a Bear Hunt. We experienced warm and cold water, damp and dripping wet clothes and listened to different sounds of dripping water and splashing. We learnt new words from Grandma Fantastic's basket.

Image of Reception - Working Scientifically- Incy Wincy Spider
5 May

Reception - Working Scientifically- Incy Wincy Spider

This morning a group of children took part in an experiment! We needed to select a good material to make a roof so that Incy-Wincy spider would stay dry and cosy in this wet and soggy weather. Firstly we inspected each material, the children had a very good look and they also felt the materials before making their predictions. They all had a good knowledge and some good ideas as to why certain materials would or would not keep Incy-Wincy dry. Then we put out predictions to the test! We worked as a team to hold the different materials tight and steady, then took turns to pour the water on top. The children really enjoyed seeing how the water moved and settled on the different materials. We found some very good materials that would definitely keep Incy-Wincy spider nice and dry!

Image of Explorers Exhibition - Reception Class Visit
29 Mar

Explorers Exhibition - Reception Class Visit

Throughout today, Reception class have been in small groups to visit our 'Explorers Exhibition' that was kindly set up by Mrs Thompson. The children have thoroughly enjoyed looking at the different items and learning about some of the more obscure objects. The children had some very good ideas and opinions about the items set out. Ask them about some of their favourite pieces of exploration equipment or memorabilia when they get home.

Image of Two’s Room Fun
26 Mar

Two’s Room Fun

In the two’s room the children have been exploring puzzles and patterns. Using the play dough to make mini beasts and using their imagination to role play in the house making tea for their friends.

26 Mar

Pre School - Spring and Mini Beasts!

This week the children have been exploring Spring and mini beasts. Today we have been planting seeds to watch them grow. The children added soil and seeds into their pots and then we discussed what the seeds will need to grow. The children were aware that they needed the sun and water to help them. We are excited to watch them grow over the next few weeks. We will keep you updated.

Image of Reception Class - Easter Cutting Activity
23 Mar

Reception Class - Easter Cutting Activity

Reception class have developing their cutting skills by creating their own Easter scenes.

Image of Nursery Stay and Play
16 Mar

Nursery Stay and Play

Nursery held a stay and play on Thursday, the children and their families had a fantastic time! Thank you to everyone who attended.

Image of Reception - French - Names of Animals
17 Jan

Reception - French - Names of Animals

In French this week, Mr Miakukila has been helping Reception class with animal names. So far have we have practised le chat, le lapin and le chien. Do you know which animals they are? Ask your little ones about these three animals when they get home, they might be able to name a few more too!

Image of Reception Class - English Experience Day
9 Jan

Reception Class - English Experience Day

This afternoon Reception watched a video of the Red Arrows as part of our experience day for Pigs Might Fly. We then explored flight by making our own paper aeroplanes and testing how well they flew.

Image of Reception Class - Creating Rockets
4 Nov

Reception Class - Creating Rockets

Reception Class have been creating rockets by cutting out 2D shapes and sticking them together.

Image of Reception - Class Worship
3 Nov

Reception - Class Worship

During class worship we have been looking at the biblical story of Ruth and Naomi. We worked together in two teams to 'stick together' as Ruth and Naomi did. Our task was to carry a balloon around the classroom without using our hands. The children came up with some very good ideas on how to transport the balloon.

Image of Nursery - Toddle Tots
3 Nov

Nursery - Toddle Tots

This morning both pre school and two’s class walked up to church to attend the playgroup. We had lots of fun meeting new friends and playing with the different toys.

Image of Reception - Colours in French
1 Nov

Reception - Colours in French

Reception have had their first French lesson of this term today and they have been learning how to say different colours! So far we have worked on rouge, bleu and jaune.

Image of Reception Class - Pompom Spiders
19 Oct

Reception Class - Pompom Spiders

We have made some pompom spiders this afternoon! The children did a great job at following the instructions. Once we had finished the children decided where they wanted to hang their spiders.

Image of Chat, Play and Read Together
14 Oct

Chat, Play and Read Together

Every chat you have with your child helps them develop their social skills, so they can make friends more easily. Here are some simple things you can try to get your child talking: #ChatPlayRead

Image of Start for Life
13 Oct

Start for Life

When you play with your child, you give their brain a boost. Get easy ideas for working more play-time into your day: #ChatPlayRead

Image of Reading with your Child
13 Oct

Reading with your Child

Kids brains are like sponges, soaking up everything around them. And when you play with them, you give their brains a boost. Get support at Start for Life #ChatPlayRead

Image of Pre School - Exploring Autumn
13 Oct

Pre School - Exploring Autumn

We have had lots of fun this week learning all about Autumn and the wonderful things that happen during this time. We have talked about what animals hibernate and then we have painted these. We have been on a leaf hunt and collected lots of leaves to then make pictures with.

Image of Story Time
10 Oct

Story Time

Each day in reception the children will be voting for the story they would like to listen to at snack time. They will choose their photo and put it into the corresponding pot. This gives the children an opportunity to listen to some new texts alongside some classic stories!

Image of Two’s Room - Motor Skills
8 Oct

Two’s Room - Motor Skills

In the two’s room this week we have been working on our fine and gross motor skills. We have been doing lots of funky fingers activities such as painting with ear buds, using the peg and peg boards, making marks in the icing sugar and many more! We have also had lots of fun exploring the outdoor area and building on our gross motor skills.

Image of Pre School - Letters to the Bear
5 Oct

Pre School - Letters to the Bear

Pre-School have been reading We’re Going on a Bear Hunt this week. Some of the children created some invitations to give to the bear because he is lonely and the children asked him to come and play at nursery. The children left the invitations in the garden and this morning we had a reply, the bear had left a note and some biscuits to share with the children.

Image of Pre School - The 3 Bears
4 Oct

Pre School - The 3 Bears

This morning in pre school the children were looking the different sizes of the bears, big, small and medium. They had to place the big, small and medium bears in size order. We created our own bears using paints and paper plates and then we explored the outdoor area.

Image of Two’s Room - Gross Motor Skills
4 Oct

Two’s Room - Gross Motor Skills

In the two’s room this morning we had so much fun exploring the outdoor area. We practiced our running, jumping and balancing skills.

Image of Two’s Room - Messy Fun!
3 Oct

Two’s Room - Messy Fun!

In the Two’s room this afternoon we have been exploring icing sugar and how gloopy it is when you add water to it! Lots of messy fun.

Image of Pre-School - Exploring Autumn
3 Oct

Pre-School - Exploring Autumn

In Pre school this afternoon we have been exploring the outdoor area and enjoying the Autumn weather. We have collected leaves to create pictures with tomorrow. We had so much fun!

Image of Reception - Phonics
26 Sep

Reception - Phonics

This afternoon in phonics Reception have been practising writing their graphemes and names, this is something they will do every day. They will be talking about print going from left to right, using the dot on our board to help them. They will also be looking at holding their pens properly.

Image of Reception - Self Portraits
22 Sep

Reception - Self Portraits

Today Reception have been creating self portraits, looking at our features in the mirror and drawing what we could see.

Image of Reception Class Phonics
21 Sep

Reception Class Phonics

This week in Reception the children have been introduced to Phonics Bug. We have started learning about different phonemes, so far we have worked on 's' and 'a' sounds.

Image of Reception Class - Picture News
14 Jul

Reception Class - Picture News

In Picture News this morning the children in Reception designed posters to stop people from flushing wet wipes down the toilet.

Image of Reception Class Transition Afternoons.
6 Jul

Reception Class Transition Afternoons.

Our new Reception children have joined us for three transition afternoons this week, and what fun we had! The children were able to explore their new environment, meet their new teachers and each other, and take part in lots of fun games and activities. We can’t wait to see you all again in September!

Image of Two’s Room - Planting Seeds
5 Jul

Two’s Room - Planting Seeds

Last week in the two’s room afternoon group, we planted some cress seeds. We talked about what the seeds needed in order for them to grow and we used a watering can to water our own seeds. We have been watching them grow and when we checked on them today, they had grown so much!

Image of Nursery - 2's Room and Pre School, Collaborative Art.
17 May

Nursery - 2's Room and Pre School, Collaborative Art.

The 2's room and Pre-School have had lots of fun today creating a collaborative piece of artwork together.

Image of Spring Time in the 2's Room!
26 Mar

Spring Time in the 2's Room!

Spring is finally here! Nursery have been making the most of the lovely weather and exploring our outdoor area. We have found lots of different bugs and some of us even held a spider!

Image of EYFS - Police Visit
11 Mar

EYFS - Police Visit

This afternoon we had a visit from PC Ros and PC Gail. They came to talk to the children about the jobs that police officers do, and how they help keep us safe.

Image of 2's Room - Minibeasts.
11 Mar

2's Room - Minibeasts.

The Two's Room have been busy exploring Mini Beasts this week. Creating caterpillars with the play dough and using Mini Mash to create a garden centre adding flowers and bugs to go.

Image of Pre School - Minibeasts
11 Mar

Pre School - Minibeasts

This week Pre-School have been exploring mini beasts and have created houses for the bugs to live in. They have discussed where they live and what they like to eat and created snails, spiders and caterpillars at the workshop table.

Image of Reception Class - Browning Apples
9 Mar

Reception Class - Browning Apples

Reception Class have been exploring change over time. They have added different liquids to apples; lemon juice, vinegar, milk, water and some apples with no liquid. The children had to predict which liquid they thought would turn the apple brown first and explain their thoughts. The children checked the apples and different liquids at regular intervals throughout the day, discussing the changes they had witnessed.

Image of Nursery - Learning Through Play
15 Nov

Nursery - Learning Through Play

The 2's room and Pre School have been learning new skills through play, including turn taking, learning new vocabulary and developing their physical skills.

Image of Nursery - People Who Help Us
15 Nov

Nursery - People Who Help Us

We have had a fantastic week in nursery. We have been learning all about people who help us. We have looked at police, doctors, postal workers and dentist. The children have had lots of fun doing different activities.

Image of Reception Class - Name Writing
9 Nov

Reception Class - Name Writing

Reception Class have been working hard to write their names, including forming their letters correctly.

Image of Blending CVC Words
20 Oct

Blending CVC Words

Today the children in Reception have been working hard with their blending skills in phonics. Great job everyone!

Image of Nursery - Exploring Autumn
19 Oct

Nursery - Exploring Autumn

Nursery have had lots of fun exploring Autumn this half term. There has been lots of outdoor learning.

Image of Nursery Places Available!
19 Oct

Nursery Places Available!

Nursery Places Available Now for 2,3 and 4 year olds. 2 year funding is available. 15 hours free education for ALL 3 and 4 year olds. 30 hours funding for 3 and 4 year olds available for working parents. High quality teaching through play in our fantastic Nursery environment. Please contact us on 01254 703260 for more information or to arrange a viewing.

Image of Reception Class Outdoor Fun!
19 Oct

Reception Class Outdoor Fun!

Today the children finally got to experience our fantastic outdoor area and what fun they had!

Image of EYFS Play Area
13 Sep

EYFS Play Area

We are delighted to have @coolcanvas with us this morning to start work on the development of our outdoor EYFS area. We are excited to watch it unfold over the next couple of weeks…. Watch this space!