Image of Year 5 Science - Humans
10 Nov

Year 5 Science - Humans

In our science lesson this afternoon, we have been learning about the life cycle of a human and the gestation of animals.

Image of The BBC micro:bits Have Landed!
10 Nov

The BBC micro:bits Have Landed!

We received some new tech in school today, a set of 30 BBC micro:bits. The BBC micro:bit is packed with inputs, outputs, sensors and radio communication features. You can find put more here We can’t wait to get started with these!

Image of Pre School - Literacy - Where The Wild Things Are
10 Nov

Pre School - Literacy - Where The Wild Things Are

In Literacy this week we have started our new story,' Where the Wild Things Are.' The children went out in the garden to find wild things using our imagination like Max from our story. The children found bears, witches and owls in the forest and loved running away from them and hiding in different places. The children moved their bodies to the action words we have been learning, skipping and marching. We even made some magic wands.

Image of Football Team
9 Nov

Football Team

The football team represented Darwen St James' excellently tonight and showed great team work. They smiled and had fun from start to finish and we are very proud of them all. Well done!

Image of Y1 - DT - Pivot Mechanisms
9 Nov

Y1 - DT - Pivot Mechanisms

Year 1 have been learning how to make a pivot mechanism in Design Technology this week.

Image of Y3 Science - Rocks and Soils
9 Nov

Y3 Science - Rocks and Soils

Today Year 3 have started their new science topic learning about rocks and soils. During the lesson the children moved around the class investigating and answering questions about soils, rocks and fossils

Image of Reception Class -Acting out a Story
9 Nov

Reception Class -Acting out a Story

In Reception Class we have been acting out the story of Owl Babies. The children took on the role of different characters, repeating familiar phrases from the story.

Image of Year 3 Maths - Place Value
9 Nov

Year 3 Maths - Place Value

This week in maths Year 3 have been using place value charts and counters to spot patterns in numbers.

Image of Online Safety Microtransactions
8 Nov

Online Safety Microtransactions

Does “free to play” really mean what it says? Many hit games cost nothing to download but make their money via microtransactions – a growing #OnlineSafety concern for parents of young gamers. Our #WakeUpWednesday guide has the details.

Image of Reception Class - Phonics
6 Nov

Reception Class - Phonics

Today in phonics the children have been practising their blending skills by playing Dragon's Den. The children had to read the words on the egg and decide if they thought the word was real or fake. They voted on this using our coloured fans.

Image of Year 2 - Naming Continents
6 Nov

Year 2 - Naming Continents

Year 2 had fun naming the continents this afternoon. When they caught the globe they had to name the continent it landed on.

Image of 2’s Room - Physical Development
6 Nov

2’s Room - Physical Development

The children in 2’s room have been exploring their new room, designed to promote their physical development. They are able to climb, jump, balance and develop their motor skills.