Image of Pre School - Counting Songs
3 Nov

Pre School - Counting Songs

In maths this week the children have been learning different counting songs. We used the blocks to touch count each object in our songs. We enjoyed singing five little ducks, five cheeky monkeys and five currant buns.

Image of Year 1 Numbers 1-10
1 Nov

Year 1 Numbers 1-10

In our Mastering Number session today we looked at how we can make our body grow a little bit as we count and say a number from 0-10. We also looked at how we can shrink back down when counting from 10-0. The children then made ‘steps’ with a partner using cubes and thought about how they look like a staircase pattern.

Image of Online Safety X
1 Nov

Online Safety X

Would you get an A for your knowledge of X? This #WakeUpWednesday, our free guide tells parents and carers about the #OnlineSafety risks – both new and familiar – to stay alert for on the platform formerly known as Twitter Download >>

Image of Wake Up Wednesday- Five Nights at Freddies
25 Oct

Wake Up Wednesday- Five Nights at Freddies

Move over Krueger, there's a new scary Freddy in town

Image of Y4 - Rules of Music.
16 Oct

Y4 - Rules of Music.

Year 4 had a busy morning in music on Monday. They listened to music and have performed The Cup Song. In their second music lesson of the day they have been learning about the rules of music... Crochet = 1 beat, Minim = 2 beats and Semibreve = 4 beats... then composing their own bars of music for their buddies to preform. Some great composing being done... Well Done!

Image of Y5 Music Day
16 Oct

Y5 Music Day

In Year 5 this afternoon, the children have been listening to different pieces of music and have been attempting to identify the beats and rhythm in the songs. The children then used an array of instruments to accurately add to the songs rhythm. We have also learnt a poem called 'the rhythm of life', we added actions to this poem and performed it together.

Image of Reception Class Name Writing
16 Oct

Reception Class Name Writing

Reception Class have been working hard on identifying and writing their names. Some of our children are self correcting their pen grip too which is great!

Image of Y3 -Science - Shadows
12 Oct

Y3 -Science - Shadows

Year 3 conducted their first outside science experiment today. They were trying to find patterns in the way that the size of shadows change, using poles and string. Throughout the afternoon they checked their experiment and recorded the change in the shadows.

Image of Y1 - Comparing Numbers
11 Oct

Y1 - Comparing Numbers

Year 1 have been comparing numbers, looking at more and fewer. We have also been looking at the vocabulary more than, less than and equals to. We spent some time today re-capping this vocabulary and used the cubes to help us.

Image of 2’s Room - Birthdays
6 Oct

2’s Room - Birthdays

We have had lots of fun this week in the 2’s room learning about birthdays and how we celebrate them. We enjoyed looking at photos of when we were babies and how much we have grown! We have enjoyed making cakes using the playdough and inserting candles into the dough and counting them. We have had another week playing with the flour, making cakes and making marks using our fingers. We have all explored the classroom and we even created a birthday cake using the interactive board. What a fun week we have had!

Image of Pre School - Bear Hunt
6 Oct

Pre School - Bear Hunt

In literacy this week we have continued exploring our story of We're Going on a Bear Hunt. We have now reached the dark forest and explored the different sounds we would hear in the forest, selecting pictures of the animals we would find. We used the sensory box to find hidden bugs and twigs. We created forest pictures, painting with twigs and leaves. We then went outside to make a bear cave, collecting twigs, leaves and recalling the story as we worked together to make the cave. I think the bear would be very happy.

Image of Y1 English - Experience Day
2 Oct

Y1 English - Experience Day

For our Experience Day today, the children explored a busy and beautiful forest. In small groups they thought about the birds movements and actions and created a list of verbs including pecking, flying, twirling, gliding... The children then moved like the birds.