16 Feb

National Online Safety #WakeUpWednesday - WINK

A cheeky wink – or something more sinister? Explicit pictures and contact from strangers are among the #OnlineSafety risks in Wink, a networking app for the over 13s. Our #WakeUpWednesday guide tells trusted adults what they need to know

11 Feb

Nursery - The Great Outdoors

Nursery have been exploring outdoors as part of their learning through play ethos. The children had a fantastic time and burned off lots of energy!

7 Feb

Year 3 - Basketball

This term Year 3 have enjoyed learning to play basketball. They have learnt about throwing, passing, bouncing and ended the term with a competition.

4 Feb

Y4 - Science, Learning about Teeth.

In our Science lessons Y4 have been learning about teeth! We have learnt about the different types of teeth, what they are called and what they are used for. We then tried to make a model of our own teeth! Here are some of our teeth models!

3 Feb

Y4 Geography.

In Geography, Y4 have been finding facts about countries that are on the Mediterranean Sea!

2 Feb

Y1 - Printing

Year 1 have been using a range of different media to create their own print pictures.

2 Feb

Reception Class - RE.

This half term in RE Reception Class have been learning about stories Jesus heard. This week the story ws Noah's Ark. The children created their own loypop stick Arks and colourful rainbows.

1 Feb

Pre-School - Building Beanstalks.

The children have been building their own beanstalks with the blocks and we have explored what we might find at the top.

31 Jan

2's Room - Developing Fine Motor Skills

In the two’s room the children have been making marks on the chalk boards and developing their fine motor skills with dough disco activities. We have explored the what’s in the box at singing time and used the puppets to sing.

31 Jan

Y5 - Science, Collecting Data.

Year 5 have been measuring meteor craters and creating charts with the data.

31 Jan

Pre-School - Planting and Growing.

This week we are continuing with our story of Jasper’s Beanstalk. The children have planting cress today to explore how it grows and what it needs to grow. The children are so excited to see what happens next.

26 Jan

Y3 - Science, Exploring Light.

This afternoon year 3 have started their new Science topic called Light. We have been investigating how we need light in order to see and the absence of light is dark.